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Chapter 368: It’s Noon! It exploded and slaughtered it (Part 1)

“Hold the grass, the big guys have formed a group”

“This, this lineup, isn’t it too scary”

“It’s the first time I saw the big guys join forces, I’m in heaven!”

Many players exclaimed in surprise!

At this moment, many players suddenly recalled a scene they had seen before!

Players in the first test had a decisive battle at the peak of the beast tide before the second test.

The scene of the 88 first-test bosses besieging the Deep Sea demon beasts together!

At this moment, all players were excited!

“Seven Demon Spears!!!” Indomitable Bear gave a slight smile, leaped into the air, raised his hand to be the Seven Demon Spears, and deliberately attacked the position of the broken wings of the Red-Eyed Black Dragon.

This attack naturally couldn’t hurt the red-eyed black dragon of the Rank Five beast, but being deliberately attacked his sore spot, naturally completely angered the red-eyed black dragon!


The red-eyed black dragon opened its mouth, and spat a black dragon flame!

“Martial intent, insight into all things!

“Bullet time!!!”

Indomitable Bear suddenly launched a Major Achievement martial intent, and the speed of the black dragon flame that spewed out suddenly slowed down!

Indomitable Bear firmly seized the only gap in the dragon flame, launched a super speed, and avoided this fatal blow!

“Come and hit me! Scumbag!

“The collar you’re wearing is pretty good, where did you buy it

“Since you’re called the Red-Eyed Black Dragon, why don’t you have any wings”

While continuously attacking the broken wing of the Red-Eyed Black Dragon.

At the same time, the Red-Eyed Black Dragon’s mouth cannon kept on firing.

As a Rank Five demon beast, it could understand human language even though it could not speak the language of the human race!

This made the red-eyed black dragon even more angry, completely disregarding other human races and staring at Indomitable Bear.

It kept attacking wildly!

Boom boom boom!

Accompanied by the onslaught of several consecutive breaths of the red-eyed black dragon!

Indomitable Bear was covered in blood, and blood slowly spilled out of the seven holes, but he was never hit by the front!

“The hatred is stable! Emperor Zoro, break the defense!!!” Star gave an order!

“One Sword Technique, three thousand world!!!” Emperor Zoro gave up his large-scale attack, and instead turned the power of slashing into a whirlwind and rushed forward!


This blow really worked, piercing a huge bloody hole several meters in the left leg of the red-eyed black dragon!


The red-eyed black dragon was in pain, and as soon as it turned its head, the seven magic spears directly hit the dragon’s eye!

It’s a pity that the power of the seven magic spears was too weak, even if it hit the dragon’s eye, it only made the red-eyed black dragon feel pain.

But the red-eyed black dragon quickly locked on Indomitable Bear and continued to attack!

“Now!!! Brother Ice, Brother Pillar!” Star roared!

“I can’t kill you, I can’t even hurt you, but if I can’t even freeze a leg of your already broken defense, then I’m just a fart!”

After First Iceman’s aura exploded to the extreme, the great ice swords that filled the sky fell from.

All of them were locked in a circle and blasted towards the wound on the left leg of the red-eyed black dragon who was injured!

Kacha, Kacha, Kacha!

The powerful cold air and the power of Major Achievement-level aura exploded directly, instantly freezing the wound into a large piece of frost!

The powerful power of artistic conception in the extreme cold domain has suppressed the powerful regeneration ability of the red-eyed black dragon!

“Wood tecnique, Infinite Divine Wood!”

Thousand Hand Old Pillar thought, and the wooden vines in the sky erupted.

At the same time, they were also dyed with colored arm, like chains, locking the left leg of the true red-eyed black dragon.

It did not give it a chance to move!

“It’s noon! All units, open attack! Do it!!!” Star gave an order and suddenly roared!


Wang Lufei, Emperor Zoro, Handsome Sanji, Strongest Fire Spell and others all smiled.

They all used second gear!


The big group broke out together, and the terrifying atmosphere burst out, instantly attracting the attention of all the demon beasts and players!

“Martial Intent of Death!!! Infinite Fist! Ola Ola Ola!” Wang Lufei wrapped his fists with colored arm, and punched together with the giant behind him, turning into a rain of fists that covered the sky, towards the red-eyed black dragon’s wounded leg.

“Exploding Fire Dragon King Bomb!!!” Strongest Fire Spell urged the blessing of the ten Explosive Fire Rings in his hand, urging the power of the Exploding Fire Dragon’s blood to the extreme, and then spat a few meters in size, condensing the huge dragon Fire missiles!

“One-shot, Fusion!!!” Emperor Zoro raised his Blood Feud, and used the fourth-style Fusion of the Bright Sword Art, which incorporated the power of his martial intent, and turned it into a sword that pierced the sky.

He stabbed straight at the wound of the Red-Eyed Black Dragon!

“Devil’s Foot!”

“Turtle School Qigong!”

“Scatter, Senbonzakura! ”


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