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Chapter 2343 – Like a God!

The white dragon had astonishment in its eyes, and it flashed over 1km away!

Snowy was stunned when she saw it retreat, and she hurriedly chased after it.

The white dragon was at a loss for words.

A short while later, Yang Ye appeared in front of Snowy and stopped her.

She blinked, and then pointed at the white dragon.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Drag it into the pagoda, alright”

Snowy blinked and quickly nodded.

Yang Ye moved aside and Snowy flew over to the white dragon.

This time, she didnt absorb the white dragons spirit energy and just waved her claw at it before pointing at herself.

Obviously, she was telling it to go with her.

The white dragon gazed at Snowy with extreme vigilance.

It was quite afraid after Snowy absorbed its spirit energy earlier.

Snowy glanced at Yang Ye when the white dragon didnt respond, and the latter shrugged to display that he couldnt do anything about it.

Snowy gazed at the white dragon, and an ethereal axe appeared in her grasp.

The white dragon moved 300m back again while the vigilance in its eyes deepened.

Snowy suddenly charged at the white dragon with the ethereal axe in her grasp, and the powerful force of the charge caused her hair to stand on end.

Obviously, since being nice didnt work, she planned to use force.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Snowys tail.

Snowy turned around and saw Tian Xiu holding her.

Tian Xiu rubbed Snowys little head, and then she looked up at the white dragon, “Do you have anywhere else to go”

The white dragon glanced at her, and then it looked down at the Immortal Estate below.

At this moment, the estate had ceased to exist.

The white dragon fell silent for a moment and shook its head.

Tian Xiu continued, “Then why dont you go with her.

Your spirit energy may be good, but its quite far away when compared to Primordial Violet Energy.

If you get to absorb Primordial Violet Energy, itll be a good thing for you, right”

The white dragon glanced at Snowy and said, “Shes very dangerous!”

Snowy hurriedly put the axe away, and then she shook her head repeatedly to display that she wasnt dangerous.

The white dragon was still hesitant.

Obviously, it really feared Snowy.

Because Snowy had harmed its foundation just now!

Tian Xiu suddenly stretched out her right hand.

In an instant, a wave of powerful dark light enveloped the white dragon.

At this moment, it couldnt move at all!

It was horrified!

Tian Xiu walked over to the white dragon with Snowy in her arms and said, “Youll like it there.”

She waved her right hand, and a ray of dark light instantly brought the white dragon into the Primordial Pagoda.

Snowys eyes lit up when she saw Tian Xiu throw it into the Primordial Pagoda, and then she hurriedly went inside.

The Primordial Pagoda was her territory.

Yang Ye gazed at Tian Xiu, “Tian Xiu, wont using force arouse aversion in it”

“It wont, nor would it dare to!” Tian Xiu replied indifferently, “Its lucky to be able to be with Snowy.” She closed her eyes slowly.

Snowy was different!

She was knowledgeable, so she naturally knew how extraordinary Snowy was.

Actually, she was very surprised too.

Because she hadnt expected Snowy to become a Sprite Progenitor.

Even she had never seen a Sprite Progenitor in her life and had only heard about them.

But Snowy had actually started transforming upon arriving at Eternal Border.

Of course, it was a good thing for Snowy, but it was probably not a good thing for Yang Ye!

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Tian Xiu, lets go!”

“What” She closed her eyes slowly, “We cant leave for now!”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this, and then he suddenly looked up.

There was a speck of light in the sky, and it was growing larger and larger.

In an instant, it appeared in the sky above the Immortal Estate.

It dispersed to reveal the figure of a middle aged man.

“The Immortal Estates Master, Ye Xuan!” Someone spoke softly in the shadows, “Hes finally back… Unfortunately, the Immortal Estate is gone!”

Ye Xuan!

Many years ago, the name Ye Xuan could be described as being renowned throughout Eternal Border, and it had been ranked at the 2nd position on the Divine Martial Rankings then.

However, for some reason, he suddenly vanished.

Not just Ye Xuan, many other experts from that time vanished mysteriously, including the Nanli Clans Nanli Meng.

While theyd vanished, their reputation hadnt vanished with them!

Ye Xuan glanced at the ruins of the Immortal Estate, and then he looked up at Yang Ye and Tian Xiu, “Even my founding ancestors clone wasnt able to stop this calamity.

Looks like the heavens willed the destruction of my Immortal Estate.”

He gazed at Tian Xiu when he spoke up to this point, “I know most of the experts in Eternal Border, but Ive never seen you.”

Tian Xiu raised her palm, “Five breaths of time.

Ill give you five breaths of time to flee!”

Yang Ye gazed at her with astonishment and wondered if she was being a little too haughty.

Yang Ye wasnt the only one, many in the shadows were stunned as well.

Five breaths of time!

For Ye Xuan to flee

Confidence Or conceit

Ye Xuan gazed at her for a long time and chuckled, “Come, let me see how youll take my life!”


Meanwhile, a ray of dark light appeared in Tian Xius grasp.

Netherworld Destiny!


A powerful ray of dark light suddenly dispersed from it, and then Tian Xiu vanished on the spot.


Yang Ye watched with astonishment as the entire sky turned ethereal, truly ethereal.

Moreover, Yang Ye could sense that the space was dying!

Truly dying, not shattering!

Space was like a person, and it could be injured, then repaired.

However, if it dies, then it would be lost.

At this moment, the space here felt like it was dying!

It couldnt endure Tian Xius strength!

When did Tian Xiu become so strong


Suddenly, Yang Ye recalled that Tian Xiu may have always been this strong.

When she fought the patriarch of the undying race, shed instantly shattered the space there, and she hadnt been at her peak then! How strong was she at her peak In any case, hed never seen it!

Netherworld Destiny shot through the sky, and the world instantly darkened.

Moreover, a faint mist appeared in the surroundings!

Ye Xuans expression had changed when Tian Xiu attacked.

His eyes were filled with shock, “You…”

He hadnt even finished speaking when a spear had already appeared in his grasp, and then it swept toward the surroundings.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Ray after ray of spear energy rippled out incessantly from it.

In just an instant, the surroundings were covered in the spear energy.

The powerful energy they emanated even pushed Yang Ye back repeatedly!

“Void Return!” Meanwhile, Tian Xius voice resounded, and then the spear energy exploded in layers.

Not only was the spear energy exploding, even the space above the Immortal Estate was collapsing and being obliterated at this moment!

An instant later, a sharp spike pierced through everything and stabbed into Ye Xuans chest.


Ye Xuans body instantly turned ethereal!

The surroundings gradually calmed down, but the space here was still dim.

It had been completely obliterated, and if no expert was willing to repair it, then it would never be repaired!

Ye Xuans eyes were filled with disbelief, “Y-Youre only at the True World Realm, so why…”

The True World Realm!

Tian Xiu was only in the True World Realm, but Ye Xuan was a World Lord, a true World Lord! However, he was dead!

Tian Xiu placed her hands behind her back as she stood behind Ye Xuan, and then she closed her eyes slowly, “Realms of cultivation Thats a standard to judge ordinary people.

But I dont need realms of cultivation to judge my strength.


Yang Ye had quite a strange expression when he heard this, and he felt quite uncomfortable!

Meanwhile, Ye Xuan closed his eyes, “I understand.”

There were a type of people in this world, and they couldnt be judged by convention.

In the past, hed thought that he was a person like that, but the cruel facts before him were telling him that he wasnt.

Ye Xuans body gradually turned ethereal, and it didnt take long for him to vanish completely.

However, Tian Xiu stretched out her hand and grabbed, causing countless soul fragments to descend before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didnt hesitate to absorb all of them!

As far as he was concerned, they were extremely beneficial to him!

Once he was done, Yang Ye gazed at her.

He hesitated for a moment and said, “Tian Xiu, you…”

Tian Xiu asked, “Im very strong, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

Tian Xiu put Netherworld Destiny away and looked up at the sky, “During our respective primes, the undying race and my void spirit race werent weaker to any one of the clans in this Eternal Border.

The overall strength of the forces in the large universe were inferior to this place, but it wasnt that inferior.

As for me, up until now, Ive only encountered a single expert whos capable of defeating me at my prime!”

Yang Ye didnt say anything because hed guessed the persons identity.

Tian Xiu walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Do you know how I obtained Void Spirit Energy”

Yang Ye shook his head.

Tian Xiu grinned, “All those years ago, there were over a dozen who wanted it, and every one of them was much stronger than the person I just killed.

In the end, all of them died at my hands!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Tian Xiu closed her eyes slowly, “Ill be leaving very soon…”

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “Why”

She replied softly, “There are some rules in this universe, and I must follow them.

Youll understand in the future.

However, I can still do some things for you before I leave!”

She waved her hand once she finished speaking.


Netherworld Destiny shot through the air.

“AH!” A shrill cry resounded far away in the sky, and then a head descended from there.

Tian Xiu glanced coldly at the surroundings, “If anyone dares to approach him while Im still here, Ill annihilate everyone related to you!”

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