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Everyone landed under the water through the tunnel that was hundreds of feet deep and looked ahead.

They did not expect that they were only in the middle of the ice mountain.

Further ahead was a deeper glacier that was deeply inserted into the seawater.

Under their feet, a dazzling palace flickered with dazzling light in the center of the dark sea, attracting the fish and prawns to surge into the palace.

The four of them slowly surrounded the palace with the footsteps of the fish and prawns.

Not long after, they arrived at the periphery of the magnificent palace.

This palace looked to be more than ten kilometers long.

At the highest point was a rod that reached the sky.

On the top of the rod was a dazzling pearl.

Most of the light bloomed from the pearl.

The light emitted by this pearl illuminated the entire palace.

This night pearl was really a rare thing.

In front of a passageway outside the palace, there were some half-human, half-demon fellows.

Those fellows were all little demons.

They were holding invitation cards in their hands and had generous congratulatory gifts.

They were waiting outside and queuing to enter the palace.

“Master, what happened here It looks like someone is getting married”

“So many little demons came with gifts.

I think the people in the Dragon Palace are really good at plundering.”

Hu Qian could tell at a glance that those people were holding gifts and knew what they were going to do.

Liu Wen covered his mouth and smiled.

“All you demons are good at this rule, right”

“That was the demon race in the past.

It has nothing to do with the current demon race.”

Hu Qians answer was neither servile nor overbearing, causing Liu Wen to secretly eat it all.

Initially, Liu Wen wanted to be proud of himself, but he did not expect her to not take it to heart at all.

Liu Wen coughed lightly and said self-deprecatingly, “Thats true.

Now, Ping City is all about the fusion of the demons and humans.

Only these demons sealed under this glacier still abide by these rules.”

Li Yuanqing held the trident and brought the little fellows to the entrance.

Two shrimp soldiers with spears were checking the invitations one by one.

“Go in.”

“You, wheres your invitation”

He looked up and saw Li Yunqings muscular body.

Wasnt this the squadron leader who had just left

“Captain, why did you leave for so long What happened up there Who left that thing behind”

Li Yuanqing glared at him sternly and said, “Dont ask what you shouldnt ask!”

“Captain, Im sorry.

I spoke too much.

I was just asking casually just now.

Pretend you didnt hear me.”

“Hurry up and get out of the way.

Dont be a hindrance here!”

“Captain, please come in.

I didnt see you just now.

I definitely didnt mean it!”

Li Yuanqing swaggered into the palace with the three people behind him.

The two prawn soldiers looked at the three fellows behind in confusion.

Their captain did not bring anyone with him when he went up just now.

Why did he bring a few people back

However, although they were puzzled, they did not dare to ask.

If they were not careful, the squadron leader would scold them again.

Who would dare to say anything else

Li Yuanqing led the three little fellows along the corridor of the palace.

After circling around countless times, they finally heard the commotion.

The architectural style here was very similar to that of human buildings, but there were not as many edges.

Most of them were irregular circles.

In this small courtyard, there were some huge demons.

They revealed their true forms and floated in the courtyard to rest.

As Liu Wen and the others walked over, they were all surprised to see those incomparably huge demon beasts.

They had never seen such huge demon beasts in their lives.

It was too satisfying to look at them.

“Is this a shark Theres actually such a long shark.

Isnt this head too big”

As the three of them spoke, the sleeping giant shark slowly opened one eye and stared at them, scanning them carefully.

However, after scanning the area, he did not find anything unusual about them.

Everything was normal.

The shark snorted coldly.

After warning them, it slowly floated up and swam towards the center of the palace.

The fish and prawns in the sky outside the palace slowly approached the center.

They gathered at the top of the pearl and circled it.

These transparent sea creatures were like prisms under the illumination of this intense light, refracting the light very beautifully.

Such a beautiful scene in the deep sea was really unexpected.

“This place is so beautiful.

I wonder where such a huge night pearl came from”

“Its said that the bottom of the sea is rich in pearls.

All the pearls in the outside world basically come from the bottom of the sea.

Therefore, its not strange to see such a huge pearl here.”

“How good would it be if I could bring this pearl back and set it in the middle of Ping City”

As they walked, they slowly approached the deepest part of the palace.

All the demons here were gathered together.

In the periphery were some little demons with no background.

They were there to join in the fun and drink some strange wine brewed from the bottom of the sea.

The alcohol content at the bottom of the sea was very low.

There was only a faint taste of alcohol after drinking it.

It was not even easy to notice.

However, they went to drink happily.

After drinking, they felt like their bodies had changed color.

The scene was very interesting.

Li Yuanqing walked in front.

The three little fellows had gotten a few pots of wine from somewhere.

The few of them gathered together and carefully drank the wine as they walked.

Although the alcohol content was not high, it was very interesting to drink.

Suddenly, Li Yuanqing, who was walking in front, stopped.

“Inside is a place you can enter.”

The two demons guarding the door also took out their tridents and blocked Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing smiled and retreated to the side with the three little fellows.

He did not force his way in.

However, the walls here were very casual.

One could casually find a place outside and see the scene inside.

In the center of the palace was a very wide hall.

It was built with gold and jade.

In the center of the hall was the root of the towering stone pillar.

On the highest seat in the hall sat a demon man with scales all over his body and a long beard.

His mouth was flat and his eyes were the size of green beans.

His nose was on his cheeks, and his entire face looked very comical.

The demon man blinked twice and put down the container in his hand.

He slowly looked at the two demons kneeling below.

These two demons had fur on their bodies.

It was obvious that they were creatures of the land.

“Why did the two of you come here and say these words”

“Sir, the outside world is already in chaos.

The human race has already completely controlled the entire continent.

If you didnt take precautions early, Im afraid the human race would have attacked here one day.”

The guy who looked like a large catfish smiled coldly and looked at the many demon friends beside him in disbelief.

“If its those humans, I dont believe they can do anything to me in the extreme north.

Let them come over.

In any case, let them do whatever they want.”

As they spoke, they looked at each other and laughed.

They actually did not feel anything about the human race overthrowing the demon race.

The two demons below also realized this.

The two of them had wanted to come here to inform the others and get a position.

At least there was a place to take them in.

However, they did not expect that these lords were completely indifferent to the matters of the outside world.

The two of them had run here and even caused trouble.

“In my opinion, today is the Palace Masters big day, so lets put aside those unhappy things.

Why must you choose today to report such unpleasant things The two of you are really blind.”

A slender female demon at the side said with a sharp voice and a smile.

When the two demons heard this, they were immediately frightened and hurriedly kowtowed on the ground.

“Sir, please spare our lives.

We didnt mean to do this.

Its just that the outside world has changed drastically, so the two of us wanted to come and report it.

We definitely didnt mean to offend you!”

The scaled catfish waved his hand impatiently and looked at the two of them.

“Forget it.

I dont think the two of you meant it.

Lets end this matter here.

Since the two of you cant survive outside, I can give you a position here.

You can stay here.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Go down.

My bride will be here soon.

Dont be a wet blanket.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.

Well leave now.”

The two of them hurriedly retreated and left carefully through the small door.

After leaving, someone brought the two of them towards an area at the back of the periphery.

“So its this catfish demon who wants to marry a wife.

This guy doesnt look young either.

His scales are already white.

He still wants to have a wife.”

Liu Wen looked at the situation inside and could not help but mutter.

Yang Tianqi glared at him and warned, “Cut the crap!”

The catfish demon seemed to have heard them and immediately glanced to the side warily, but he did not notice anything.

Li Yunqing had already enveloped them all in a faint light screen.

It was as if they had disappeared from this space.

“Your Majesty, what happened”

“Why did I hear someone talking just now”

“Your Majesty is too suspicious.

Theres no one talking here.

Your Majesty, you must be wrong.”

“Really Why do I feel so suspicious recently”

“Your Majesty, dont worry too much.

The princess will be here soon.

Your Majesty, you should be happier.

You cant let others ruin your joyous occasion.”

“Yes, youre right.

Today is my wedding day.

I believe that when Meiyu marries over, it will definitely make my palace even more beautiful.”

“Your Majesty is lucky to be able to marry someone like Princess Meiyu.

If the entire Demon Realm really falls like the two of them said, wont the future be yours”

“Your Majesty, unify the Demon Realm!”

“Your Majesty, unify the Demon Realm!”

The people below echoed and waved their flags.

Their cries made the catfish demon look very happy.

The catfish demon smiled proudly and reached out to suppress their cheers.

He said very humbly, “Were just working for Lord Black Dragon.

Whoever can unify the Demon Realm is still the Black Dragon.

Lord Black Dragon has the final say.

Lets not talk nonsense here.

Lets think about how to help Lord Black Dragon recover.”

“Its just a pity that its not convenient for Lord Black Dragon to show his face now.

He has indeed encountered some trouble recently, which is why the factories there have stopped.

If it was a normal time, Im afraid those humans would not be able to be so arrogant.”

The catfish demon nodded helplessly and said, “I didnt expect these humans to be so smart.

They subverted those idiots while Lord Black Dragon was searching for a breakthrough.

However, its good that Lord Black Dragon can see whos useful and whos useless.

In the future, we can walk around outside more and not have to guard the extreme north in the cold.”

“Your Majesty is wise!”

They chatted happily and did not take the matter of the demons being subverted outside seriously at all.

Instead, they treated it as an excellent opportunity for them.

Liu Wen could not help but laugh.

The catfish demon was nervous again and struck out at the empty space.

The water wave passed through the gap with powerful force and shattered a stone tablet before stopping.

“Whats wrong, Your Majesty”

“No, I keep feeling that there are humans in the palace.

Could it be that those humans have already infiltrated this place”

“Thats impossible.

No matter how strong those humans are, its impossible for them to pass through the thousand-foot-thick ice to the palace.

Your Majesty is probably too anxious.”

“Since the two of them are here, do those humans have designs on us”

The catfish demon was quite vigilant.

He had only attacked tentatively just now.

There was nothing there, which made him feel a little relieved.

Fortunately, Li Yuanqing had moved in time and emptied the place.

That was why they were not discovered.

Seeing that the fellow was about to reach the key point, it was very important now.

Li Yuanqing did not want to be exposed so early.

The catfish demons two mustaches swayed slightly in the water.

His small eyes were narrowed to a small point.

“No matter what, we cant just watch from the sidelines.

After the wedding banquet is over, well send a team to Sea City to take a look.”


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