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“Its enough!”

“Its enough!”

Gao Da and Gao Jing answered one after another.

“Then what are we waiting for Lets do it, brothers!” My little uncle called out.

“Okay!” Gao Jing and Gao Da agreed, and each went to issue orders to their underlings.

Qu Hao said slowly, “Dont forget to use Jing Tians new weapon.

Keep a journal for me later.

Our people wont be here, so were relying on you.”

Jing Tian stood behind Qu Hao with his arms crossed and said indifferently, “These are my trade secrets.

Can you not talk like I dont exist”

Qu Hao didnt even turn his head.

“Gao Jing, did you hear that If you break his trade secret, your master Si will definitely reward you handsomely!”

“Okay!” Gao Jing replied hastily.

Before Jing Tian could say anything, Gao Da said, “Do you think Ill allow him to do that and risk being punished by Master Qi”

I was amused by them.

Jing Tian coughed lightly.

“Be more serious.

Theres a war going on!”

A few of them laughed.

Twenty minutes later, the gunshots gradually stopped.

Gao Jing said excitedly, “Gao Da, keep an eye on it.

Ill consolidate the data.”

Gao Da ignored him and took the walkie-talkie from his hand.

“Is everything done” I asked curiously.

I had been focused on watching the show.

Qu Hao said nonchalantly, “They were given half an hour.

However, do you think Gao Da and Gao Jing would really use half an hour”

Jing Tian lowered his head to fiddle with his computer.

I took a glance at the system.

He was hacking the drones.

His actions were swift and fierce! I stuck out my tongue.

Jing Ni, Mai Qi, and I really had a lot to learn if we wanted to surpass him.

Jing Tian suddenly said, “Dont move! Stop all your movements!”

Everyone was stunned.

Jing Tian projected the image of the computer in his hand onto a computer.

On the image was Lin Nan lying quietly on a gurney.

Grenades and bombs were hanging around the gurney.

“Long time no see, everyone!” Tong Zhuos voice suddenly appeared.

I was startled.

I looked around and realized that the voice had come from the computer.

“Little uncle, you really have good tactics.

I didnt expect to be defeated by you so quickly.

I lost again.” Tong Zhuos voice seemed to contain a hint of joy.

This madman!

The expression on the little uncles face darkened.

He snatched the microphone from Jing Tians hand and demanded sternly, “What on Earth are you trying to do”

Tong Zhuo laughed even more impudently.

“Little uncle, why are you so angry Its bad for your health to be angry.

Its not a good habit.”

“Just say what you want! I dont have time to listen to your nonsense!” The little uncle interrupted him.

Tong Zhuo was neither anxious nor annoyed.

“Little uncle, youre funny.

Arent you asking the obvious What I want has always been sister Nanxings Phoenix Blood! As long as Nanxing is willing to continue supplying me with the Phoenix Blood, then Im willing to turn over a new leaf and properly revitalize the Tong family.

After all, Im the eldest grandson of the Tong familys eldest son.

Thats a good offer, dont you think”

This person was really shameless.

My little uncle clenched his fist tightly.

I pulled him back.

This was our home.

I didnt want him to vent his anger on our furniture.

They were all quite expensive.

“Im here!” I said loudly.

Tong Zhuo was stunned.

He probably thought that I would be closely protected.

“I didnt expect you to be there.”


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