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Chapter 18: First Time Using The Bloodline Power

I still cant figure out where all those foods went after going through her small mouth...

It has been the third time that Blake saw Vera eat something that was several times bigger than her whole body. And just like what he had planned earlier, Blake had cooked two whole boars, and mind that those boars were not any smaller than the demonic wolves that were about as big as a cow. It even had taken him hours to cook them since there were two boars this time, but just as he was surprised the first time she saw Vera had eaten one whole boar without breaking a sweat, she also did the same with two boars.

Well, he took a plate full of the boar meat for himself, but a plateful for him didnt even scratch the surface of about two demonic boars worth of meat.

“You are really amazing in so many different ways, Vera,” Blake muttered as he finished off the last bit of meat on his plate and looked at the demoness with a petite figure in front of him holding onto a cut of boar meat that was as big as her own face.

“Vera, do you know some things about the demonic beasts around the forest” Blake asked when she saw Vera had momentarily stopped eating for a while.

“I know a few general things about them, but I dont know a lot about them since I dont think there will be any benefits for me to study them.” She replied while scraping off the sweet and spicy sauce that Blake had made earlier.

“I saw two large gorillas fighting earlier and they both used their bloodline power. But why did one have full-body earth armor covering its whole body while the other only had partial earth armor The other gorilla was winning since it had better reflexes and greater strength, but just because of the partial armor that he got, he was defeated by the weaker gorilla that had better armor.”


“The answer to that is simply because the physically weaker gorilla had a higher darkness or earth elemental affinity. With a higher affinity, the bloodline power of their species worked better in one compared to the other who had a lower affinity.” Vera explained.

“So what you are saying is, although the first gorilla is much better in terms of physical strength, it still loses because it couldnt utilize the nether as well as the physically weaker one” Blake asked once again to confirm his understanding.

“Thats correct.”

Hearing Veras confirmation, Blake lightly clicked his tongue and stared at the ground thinking to himself,Well, thats not too different from the mana situation back on earth.

Just like how he was superior in a lot of things compared to other humans his age and he also had an athletic body, but still loses to others because of his lack of ability to use mana, Blake could resonate more and more with the gorillas feelings.

And it made him more certain that he would be coming for that other Gorilla who wasnt any different than the bullies that he had met throughout his entire life.

Blake was about to start thinking about how he would make the death of the bully gorilla to be as painful as possible and whether the gorilla with the lower affinity would feel happy if it saw the bully gorilla was suffering because he surely would feel that way if he saw his bullies got what they deserved when suddenly an idea struck his head.

Blake then went inside his head to see the description of his newly awakened bloodline power once more before his eyes were suddenly lit up with excitement as he thought of the possible scenario that he could create with his bloodline power.

“Vera, can I go outside again after this” Blake suddenly spoke while he was still imagining his plan to use his bloodline power for the first time ever.

“Hmm Sure, why not Youre the one who usually wants to sleep atnight time even though there is no such thing in this realm.” Vera replied before diving in a part of the boars belly into the sauce bowl.

About 15 minutes later, while Blake was washing the dishes using the water from the well, Vera came and gave him her finished plates.

“I have some clothes that you can use, Ive put them in your room,” Vera said after gently placing her plates.

Blake nodded his head at first, but after remembering what kind of clothes Vera usually wears, he quickly jerked his head towards her and asked,

“Vera, the clothes you gave me... Its not the ones like what you are wearing right now, right...”

“What You dont like the clothes I wear” Vera asked while raising one of her eyebrows and turning her body so that Blake got a full view of her attire from head to toe.

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Blake had somehow gotten used to Veras dress that she wore all the time, but if given the chance he wouldnt refuse to scan his eyes to look at her properly and appreciate the view in front of him.

But of course, Blake did it in moderation and after taking a very good look for a solid 5 seconds, Blake quickly coughed and said,

“No! Your clothes look splendid and perfect for you! Its just I dont think that I will also look good in them. And what I mean by not good is really terrible, awful in them!”

“Well, its better than wearing nothing like this, right” Vera then traced her finger through Blakes naked lower back, up onto his neck, which made him sit up straight as a rod and instantly dropped the plate that was in his hands. Fortunately, the wet dirt ground was enough to break the plates fall and no breaking sound could be heard from the fallen plate.

Vera chuckled when she saw Blakes reaction and she patted Blakes head several times before she started walking back inside the house.

Blake slapped himself in the cheek once to get him out of his traveling mind that had wandered off to a lot of places in the past two seconds and shook his head as he quickly finished washing the dishes and also went inside the house.

Blake then went into his room to the clothes that Vera had given him and heaved a sigh of relief as he saw the clothes were not a two-piece dress that Vera had usually used, but instead proper clothes that he could use.

It was a knee-long black and red coat that matched the tone of his skin and the red accent gave Blakes look more variety than just all black from top to bottom, a nice addition to that was the existence of two slits on the back of the coat that gave enough room for his wings to slip through and move around without breaking his clothes again. And along with that, Vera also gave Blake a long pair of black-colored pants that matched the coat.

After wearing his new set of clothes, Blake shouted out loud telling Vera who was back in the basement that he would be going out again and quickly stepped outside the house, then walked over to the edge of the isolated space, and went back into the demonic forest.

The moment his foot stepped onto the soil of the forest, Blake started gunning towards the direction of where he saw the two gorillas earlier.

Because it was quite a distance away from Veras home, it took Blake some time to finally arrive there, but despite his ragged breathing from running at full speed, Blake heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the wounded gorilla was still at its past location.

But he didnt get to relax just yet as he noticed that near the gorilla was another pack of wolves that had circled around the wounded gorilla, wanting to make it their prey. But from the wolves very cautious and careful movements, Blake knew that the wolves were still afraid of the gorilla and the latter could probably erase a wolf with one good punch to the wolfs head.

In order to realize the plan that he had crafted back when he was still eating the sweet and spicy fried pork, Blake needed to keep the monkey alive, so he didnt waste any time and dived right into the fight.

And with the gorilla taking most of the wolves attention, it didnt take long for Blake to mark the six of them and make a quick work of them with hundreds of darkness tendrils.

Blake then stared at the last remaining creature in the area beside himself and made sure to the system once again,

So system, I only need to pour in nether into the runes on my chest and then focus on the gorilla, correct


After getting his confirmation, Blake started making his way towards the wounded gorilla slowly to make sure that it didnt go straight into attack mode and steadily got closer and closer until Blake was only about 6 meters apart.

The distance was awfully close that the gorilla had started to forcefully raise its hand and its wounded body up to try and launch an attack towards Blake, who was only as huge as his forearm.

But before the gorillas fist could strike down on him, Blake quickly activated his bloodline power by pouring nether into the runes on his left chest before a jet black light came from the runes on his chest and hit the gorilla squarely on its body with a speed that was undodgeable for a mere 6 meters distance.

And when the jet black light finally hit the gorilla, the gorillas body came to a sudden halt, the same with Blake as the two had their eyes closed, their minds seemingly separated from their body.

Meanwhile, in a dark and empty void, two creatures were currently facing off against each other. One of them was a humanoid demon with a body as black as the void itself while the other was a gorilla that was a lot of times bigger than the humanoid creature.

“Hello.” The humanoid creature spoke as he looked at the gorillas eyes with his own eyes that didnt have a single speck of color other than black.



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