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Demon King Ascension System Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: The Joy of Having A Genius Disciple

“So, you want to show me your original spell” Vera calmly asked after she succeeded in calming herself down after being surprised beyond her belief twice in the span of a few minutes.

“Sure! But I cant release the full strength of it yet since you know, my nether is still only about a quarter of its full capacity.” Blake replied while still comfortably sitting on the ground while leaning his back on the stone wall.

Hearing Blakes answer, Vera just nodded her head in understanding, but from her eyes that were practically staring at Blake and her body slightly leaning towards Blake, even Blake could tell that the demoness was actually more interested than she looked on the outside.

So with Vera anticipating his next moves, Blake took several deep breaths to prepare himself before he started drawing the runes with both of his hands instead of one. Initially, he only wanted to show her how the spell worked by only casting one marking spell before casting the myriad darkness tendrils spell, but after seeing how excited she looked, of course, Blake would want to go an extra mile and show off to her a little bit more than he intended.

So after both of his hands finished drawing the marking runes, Blake threw the two runes to two completely opposite sides, one to the far right, while the other to the far left.

Vera saw the two black balls fly to both ends of the room, but seeing that the two black balls were only attaching themselves to the wall and didnt do anything else, she soon returned her eyes back to Blake and wanted to ask what did his original spell do.

But before she was able to open her mouth, she saw Blake drawing another set of runes, this time only using his right hand.


She had purposely not seeing the runes that Blake was drawing from the start as she remembered Blake said that he wanted to surprise her, and she didnt want to spoil it to him that she could already get the gist of a spell just from seeing the runes, so she purposely didnt pay any attention when Blake was drawing his marking spell earlier, however, even when she didnt try to actively recognize the runes that Blake was currently drawing this time, theres no way she wouldnt have recognized the runes as it was the exact same runes that she taught him as an example of a bad original spell.

The spell was basically useless and even possibly harmful to its own caster, even more so when they were inside a closed room like in the basement.

“Blake What are you doing! You will get yourself killed!” She quickly shouted as she prepared to draw her own runes to create a barrier for both Blake and herself.

But before she started drawing the runes, she heard Blakes voice saying,

“Trust me, Vera, I know what Im doing.” He said with a calm smile on his face.

Vera had lived her whole life trusting herself more than anyone, it wasnt because she was born like that, but the environment that she grew up in made her like that. There were few people that she could trust, but in the end, she was the one who had the last say in everything.

And now that someone had cast a self-destructive spell that could injure her in her current condition, she would have definitely not listened to anyones words and trusted her own judgment, and in this case, cast a barrier spell.

However, this time, after hearing Blakes firm yet calming tone and seeing the relaxed smile on his face, Vera decided to keep her hands to her side and just watch Blake continue what he was currently doing.

She didnt know whether it was from the fact that Blake was a genius that she had recognized to be even brighter than herself, or the fact that she started to think of Blake as the little sibling that she never got before, in the end, she decided to trust him and follow his judgment.

So even when Blake completed the runes to a spell that summoned countless uncontrollable darkness tendrils, Vera just stood there and watched the scene unfold without doing anything despite the fact she could get injured herself if so many darkness tendrils were to pierce her current body.

The moment the runes flashed and disappeared into thin air, just like Vera had guessed, about a hundred darkness tendrils had been summoned.

She knew that it should have been more, but she guessed that Blake purposely adjusted the amount of nether that he used so that he wont be spending too much to drain himself even more, which was actually a great feat for someone who had only learned to cast spells for about a week.

However, the main reason that once again amazed Vera was how those hundred darkness tendrils that Blake had cast didnt go haywire and destroy everything in sight.

Instead, those hundred darkness tendrils split themselves in much or less equal numbers before the two groups moved on their own to two complete opposite sides.

At first, Vera didnt know why the darkness tendrils behaved like that, but after following the movement of the darkness tendrils and seeing where they stopped moving, Vera visibly gasped as she finally understood what Blake had done.

Thebad original spell was certainly a strong one as it was able to summon much more darkness tendrils using about the same amount of nether as the other darkness tendril spells, but the destructiveness and its uncontrollable nature made it very harmful to everyone including the caster, which why she had categorized it as a bad spell.

However, what Blake had done totally amazed her as she didnt think about using the spell this way. Blake made the spell usable by creating a separate spell to be used as the mark that controlled the countless darkness tendrils and maximized the potential of the supposedlybad yet very strong spell.

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She silently watched as the darkness tendrils threw themselves towards the black balls that Blake had thrown earlier and none of the darkness tendrils showed up anywhere besides the two balls location.

“I usually throw one of the marking spells to one enemy each before activating the second spell with considerably more nether and summon hundreds more darkness tendrils, but this is the best I can do without feeling drained once again,” Blake spoke as he saw no more darkness tendrils came out of the ground.

Vera nodded her head and looked at Blakes first original spell proudly as if it was her own.

Having a genius disciple is surely nice... She thought to herself,But they sure do make you question your ability. She continued after she remembered how long she had actually taught him about the runes.

She then shook her head and released a small sigh before speaking,

“Well, it definitely wont be long for you to go to the next realm and possibly go back to your own world to get your revenge.”



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