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Chapter 4644: Provocation

All eyes fell upon Jadedragon Monarch and True Immortal Spirit.

For this battle competition, two conquerors and Speargrasp had arrived.

The three behemoths clearly coveted the secretive treasure.

“Is the item really worth all the trouble” An old expert wondered.

These behemoths had incalculable wealth accumulated from many eras.

This was especially true for True Immortal since it had seven dao lords.

Many believed that it was the richest lineage in the world.

In other words, few treasures in history were worthy of True Immortal risking its reputation to seize.

Now, the presence of True Immortal Young Emperor showed the treasures importance to the sect.

“Dont we all know the answer There is a reason why everyone is here for the so-called marriage proposal.” Another said softly.

Golden Gate was strong but not to the point where everyone coveted this arrangement.

They only wanted the peerless treasure.

“It must be a wondrous artifact or even something left behind by a legendary immortal.

Some sources say that Golden Fist Emperor obtained the item with the help of Golden God Fist.” A big shot murmured.

This revelation stirred the crowd.

Nonetheless, they found it plausible since only the seven forbidden zones would have items of this level.

Even the three behemoths couldnt help joining the competition.

“Jadedragon, since youre already here, beat him up and win the beauty.

The peerless treasure shall be yours as well.” Tian Feng laughed and resumed the conversation.

“Okay, dont bother thinking about this peerless treasure or winning the beauty.

The story ends here for you all, scurry back home now.” Li Qiye joined in as well, speaking to everyone present.

Everyone stared at him right away.

“Those are fighting words, they all belong to you then” One expert sneered.

“Miss Ye is engaged with Jian Ming, Golden Gate shall have an alliance with the Jian.

As for the treasure, stop daydreaming about it.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What!” Jian Ming became the main focus instantly.

“Senior Mad Fist, what is the meaning of this” Someone from a great power shouted.

Mad Fist was lost as well since this was his first time hearing this.

“Theres no such thing, an outsider cant decide...” Mad Fist denied.

“My decision is final, Miss Ye will marry the brat.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

“So youre in charge here, Fellow Daoist” The young emperor of True Immortal asked with a smile.

“Thats right.

If youre not convinced and try to oppose me, the outcome will be death.” Li Qiye responded.

Others took a deep breath after hearing this since Li Qiye just directly aimed the statement at the young emperor.

“The audacity of this man.” An expert murmured.

“Is he not afraid of the young emperor killing him” A fan of the young emperor asked.

“Young Emperor, kill him and spare us from further arrogance and stupidity.” One youth shouted.

“Kill him!” It didnt take long before a chant started.

“How crazy, I like it.” Tian Feng started warming up after hearing the challenge.

His battle intent ignited again and shut the crowd up.

Li Qiye smiled and added: “I dont mind all of you coming together, I can finish all of you in one go then.”

“What!” This astounded the geniuses and the rest of the crowd.

Just challenging any of these geniuses was insane and suicidal enough.

Now, he wanted to go against all of them

“What the hell is wrong with him” One spectator asked.

“I didnt think that there is someone crazier than I am, how amusing.” Tian Feng laughed heartily.

The young emperor, on the other hand, gazed intensely at Li Qiye.

He wanted to see some clues.

“Youre not worthy to be running your mouth toward my senior brother!” True Immortal Spirit shouted.

This guy had insulted True Immortal time and time again, going as far as challenging their pride - the young emperor.

He could stand this no longer.

“A loser who cant reach the apex.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his hand dismissively.

True Immortal Spirit turned red and trembled from anger.

Since this was a public humiliation, he must kill Li Qiye in order to save his face and his sects reputation.

“Very well, come, today will be your last!” He uttered coldly.

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