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Eternal Sacred King Chapter 26 - Heard about the Secret

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Chapter 26: Heard about the Secret

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This was the first meeting between Su Zimo and the City Lord of Cang Lang City.

It was very difficult to read the City Lords mind just by looking into his eyes. He was expressionless and seemingly very deep and scheming.

Luo Tianwu was also sizing up Su Zimo at the same time.

His first impression of Su Zimo was a cultured and polite man; no different from other scholars.

If he had not known in advance the many deeds of Su Zimo in Ping Yang Town, it was very hard for Luo Tianwu to imagine that such a weak and frail-looking scholar could actually subdue the two big family clans!

Immediately after, he sensed that Su Zimo was mysterious and unfathomable!

The gazes of both parties collided in mid air. Very soon after, Luo Tianwu revealed a smile first. He said in a loud and clear voice, “Ive long heard about the famous Second Young Master Su. We finally meet today. Please have a seat.”

From the side, a slouching old servant dressed in a gray robe walked over. Gray-haired, he had a gaunt face and cloudy eyes. He carried a chair and put it carefully in front of Su Zimo.

Su Zimos gaze seemed casual as it swept across the old servant. He did not decline and took the seat immediately.

Luo Tianwu was very polite to him. However, there was more to this case and it became more evident that this meeting was not so simple.

There must be something going on when things occur out of the ordinary.

What was the status, power and prestige of a City Lord

Luo Tianwu had never invited Su Zimo when the latter attained scholarly honors previously, much less his inferior status currently.

The gray-robed old servant stood beside Su Zimo and filled a cup of tea for Su Zimo respectfully.

Su Zimos thoughts were deep as he cast a profound gaze at the gray-robed old servant. With an imperceptible smile, he said, “You served me tea. This must have been hard on you.”

The gray-robed old servant paused for a moment. He placed the teapot on the table without any expression. Thereafter, he retreated to stand behind Luo Tianwu and did not utter a word.

Upon hearing this, a beam of light flashed across Luo Tianwus eyes but disappeared after a moment.

Su Zimos words seemed unintentional but others were not sure of the implied meaning.

He could be mocking himself for his inferior status or pitying the gray-robed old servant for his old age.

Of course, there was another possibility. This lad had already seen through the Qi Refinement Warrior identity of this old servant dressed in shabby and gray clothes!

“This fellow... is not easy to deal with.”

Luo Tianwu furrowed his brows secretly.

The gray-robed old servant had hid himself very well. Yet, he could not deceive the spirit perception that Su Zimo had attained via his near death experiences.

Without a word, Su Zimo raised his teacup and sipped tea in a leisurely manner.

Luo Tianwu was silent too. His fingertips were knocking on the table neither lightly nor hard.

About eight minutes passed...

The pin-drop silence in the room was frightening. Only sounds of fingertips knocking on the table were resonating. The atmosphere was stifling.

The smile on Luo Tianwus face had already disappeared.

In such a circumstance, ordinary people would not be able to withstand the pressure. They would have long spoken up to ease the atmosphere. However, right from the beginning, Su Zimos expression did not change the slightest bit. His gaze was as calm as an old monk who was meditating.

“This lad is only 18 years old and he has such a calm and mature temperament. It is very tricky to deal with him!”

Luo Tianwu muttered in his heart. He was already feeling a little restless.

In actual fact, this was a tactic of psychological pressure. Whoever could not endure the situation and spoke would inevitably be on the back foot.

Luo Tianwu had initially wanted to subdue Su Zimo in the first instance. However, he did not expect to hit him on the wrong spot. He felt very upset.

“Isnt Second Young Master Su curious about why I invited you today” Luo Tianwu asked smilingly.

Su Zimo put down his teacup in a leisurely manner and glanced sideways at Luo Tianwu. He said calmly, “May I ask City Lord to give me an explicit reason.”

“The two young masters of the Su family are both cream of the crop. Young Master Sus patience and endurance, and Second Young Master Su hiding your light under a bushel... The Five Wolf Guards under my wings and me admire you guys greatly.” Luo Tianwu praised.

Su Zimo frowned slightly and said, “City Lord, you dont need to probe further. Please come straight to the point.”

“Youre straightforward! I admire people like Second Young Master Su.”

Luo Tianwu gave a slight smile. “Your older brother has failed to assassinate the King of Yan. He is severely injured and bedridden now. I know that Second Young Master Sus heart must be filled with fury.”

Upon hearing this, Su Zimos countenance changed.

Older brother assassinated the King of Yan He was injured

Su Zimo had not returned for a year. Hence, he did not know that such a severe matter had happened to the Su family.

Why did older brother assassinate the King of Yan

Could the King of Yan be the Su familys enemy

Observing the change in Su Zimos expression, Luo Tianwu was slightly stunned. He asked, “Dont tell me that Second Young Master Su doesnt know about this”

“I am not aware.” Su Zimo shook his head and endured the urge to rush back to Ping Yang Town.

Luo Tianwu felt that he had regained some victory with this. He revealed a slight smile and said, “Actually, I still admire and respect Su Mu, Lord Wuding, the most. How powerful and prestigious were the black armored cavalry under his wings then Which of the surrounding states doesnt know the famous Su Mu It is sheer pity... ”

Su Mu!

Upon hearing this name, for some unknown reason, Su Zimo seemingly felt pangs of pain in his heart.

Su Zimo had already sensed that this man called Su Mu was very likely his father!

He only heard Luo Tianwu continuing with his words, “16 years ago, we heard that Su Mu had been framed and schemed against by villains. The King of Yan gave orders to annihilate his entire family. At that time, I was also wringing my fists in sorrow and pain. I mourned for the loss of an outstanding hero! Fortunately, Lord Wudings bloodline is still in existent... The two young masters of the Su family escaped.”

Upon hearing this, Su Zimo already understood in his heart. He had found the answers to many of his doubts.

Without a word, Su Zimos lanky body rose and headed outside.

“Where is Second Young Master Su going” Luo Tianwu asked quickly.

Su Zimos face was solemn. He turned and look at Luo Tianwu. Visible red veins could seen in his eyes. It was extremely frightening!

Luo Tianwu was stunned.

The gray-robed old man behind him moved a step back instinctively. He slipped his hands into his chest and searched the storage bag inside.

In fact, Luo Tianwu did not know that Su Zimo was unaware of the Su familys background. He did not expect that Su Zimo would react so greatly.

Luo Tianwu calmed himself down and took a deep breath. He said in a deep voice, “I know that Second Young Master Su is keen to take revenge. I also wish to seek justice for Lord Wuding. Why dont we do this I have spies in the city where the King of Yan lives in. I can try my best to help Second Young Master Su get close to the King of Yan. With Second Young Master Sus capability, we will definitely be able to execute the King of Yan and avenge Lord Wuding if we join forces!”

Su Zimo shut his eyes. After some time, he gradually opened them. The blood color in his eyes slowly faded and his eyes regained brightness and clarity.

“This is a private vendetta of the Su family. Why should I bother the City Lord” Su Zimo asked.

Luo Tianwu smiled and said, “Lord Wuding is the person that I admire most in my life... ”

“You can only deceive children with such words.” Before Luo Tianwu could finish his words, Su Zimo interrupted him ruthlessly.

Su Zimos words were considered a great form of disrespect for the City Lord.

However, the smile on Luo Tianwus face did not lessen. He continued to say, “Second Young Master Su is a little angered. I... ”

“Youre the one who sent Chu Liang to the inn, right” Su Zimo interrupted Luo Tianwu again and said calmly.

Luo Tianwu retracted his smile. There was a flash of murderous intent in his eyes but it disappeared a moment later. He questioned back, “What makes Second Young Master Su say that”

“From the moment that I made the first move till I subdued Chu Liang, it only took a duration of ten breaths.”

Su Zimo pointed to Cao Gang at the side and added, “Guard Cao suddenly dashed in. Ha... its a little too fast. It was as if this had been prearranged.”

“I... I only happened to pass by... ” Cao Gang explained hurriedly.

Luo Tianwu waved his hands to stop Cao Gang from continuing with his words.

It was just a short interaction and Luo Tianwu realized that this kind of small tricks could not deceive the person before him. To force an explanation would only make a joke out of themselves.

Su Zimo gave a sneer and turned back. He paused his steps when he reached the doorsteps and said calmly, “If City Lord Luo is sincere in helping the Su family, I, Su Zimo, will naturally be grateful to you. However, I dont like to be made use of by others. City Lord Luo... you better watch your conduct!”

Having finished his words, Su Zimo left without even turning back.

When Su Zimos figure disappeared from the residence of the City Lord, Luo Tianwus expression turned solemn and sinister. There was already a handprint on the sandalwood table beside him!

“This green and young lad... He actually dared to be so arrogant in front of me!” Luo Tianwu was enraged. He gritted his teeth and scolded.

After some time, Luo Tianwu gave a long sigh. He turned and asked, “Sir, how do you feel about this lad”

At this moment, the gray-robed old servant straightened his back. His eyes were clear and bright. There were no signs of the earlier old and fatigued look.

When he heard Luo Tianwus question, he said in a deep voice, “Second Young Master Su is not simple. Although he is not a Qi Refinement Warrior, he could see through my identity as a Qi Refinement Warrior with one glance. This lads hands are certainly stained with a lot of fresh blood. When he was angered earlier, I could feel trepidation in my heart. He is a very dangerous man!”


Luo Tianwu raised his brows slightly. He asked again, “What will happen if you fight with him”

The gray-robed old servants expression was proud. He said, “I am a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior. How can a mortal compete with me!”

“However... ”

After pausing for a while, the gray-robed old servant changed his stance. “Given this lads temperament and ability, he has a high chance of success in assassinating the King of Yan! As to whether he could escape the capital alive... Haha... ”

The gray-robed old servant smiled but did not speak a word.

“I am not concerned whether he can escape the capital where the King of Yan lives at. As long as the King of Yan is dead, the country will become leaderless and there will certainly be chaos. It will be the best time for me to invade the city and declare myself as the king!” Luo Tianwu smiled. Everything was under his control.


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