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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 3 - I Transmigrated

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"Who are you Where am I"

"Mr. Matsuda I'm Dr. Harold and you're in Helping Hands Hospital. Don't you remember what happened" The man spoke, but nothing he said made sense to Fade.

"Mr. Matsuda, Helping Hands Hospital What are you talking about" Fade was no longer acting and was genuinely confused.

"The patient seems to be exhibiting some memory loss. Nurse, can you contact the patient's family." Once the nurse left the room, the man looked at fade with a look of pity on his face.

"Loki Matsuda, that's your name, do you remember"


"You've been in a terrible accident, you got hit by a bus."

When Fade heard what the man said a memory flashed in his mind. It was him running away from some people and getting hit by a huge moving metal carriage.

'That must be the bus they keep on talking about... What is this memory, it's obviously not mine. Also, this guy keeps on calling me Matsuda, seriously what's going on'

Seeing the confused and silent Fade the man wearing a white coat who called himself Doctor Harold sighed. Loki who had memories that he didn't know where they came from was feeling uneasy.

"You called me Loki Matsuda right"

"Yes, that is your name."

"Do you know of someone called Fade"

"Fade Who is that, is that someone famous, an actor" When Fade heard the doctor's response to his question the uneasy feeling he had grew.

"Then what kingdom are we in"

"Kingdom... Are you talking about the Soira Empire This isn't the empire Mr. Matsuda this is the democratic country of Zothril."

'Zothril and the Soira Empire I don't know either of these places. Damnt it were the f*ck am I' The more Fade heard the less he understood. Still, he continued to remain calm and ask his questions.

"Can you tell me more about who I am I'm still having difficulty remembering."

"That's alright, you are like I said, Loki Matsuda. Age, twenty-five years old, you have two siblings, and you work as a librarian at the nearby private school. Is that helping you recall some of your memories"

'Same age, but a librarian'

"Sorry, I can't really remember. Can you please leave, for now I just need some time for myself."

"Yes, of course, I understand, you can just continue to rest and try to recover your strength." After saying that the doctor left the room. Once the doctor was gone Fade started to frown.

'That guy wasn't lying, well he thinks he was telling the truth. The way he talked the tone of his voice, his eyes, and subtle body movement does tell me that he truly believed every word he said. I could be wrong, and he just might be very good at lying. Still, if he was telling the truth, then what does this all mean Not to mention these memories that I have that aren't mine.'

'Were these memories implanted into me, but by whom I have too little information to go by and so many questions that need answering. So what are my options here' Fade once again tried to circulate mana into his body, but it was too little for him to be able to do anything.

'With my body feeling too weak and my mana not circulating properly escaping seems to be out of the picture for now. Taking a hostage could be an option, but with an unknown enemy like this it might prove ineffective.'

As Fade was thinking about how he could get through this situation he noticed something. He raised his hands and saw that these hands of his didn't look like his own. The various wounds he acquired during his training were no longer there. He didn't notice this at first since there was too much happening. Yet now that he saw it, Fade removed the blanket that was covering him and looked at his body. What he saw surprised him more than any of the other things that were happening.

Fade's trained body that he got from training and being in countless life and death situations was gone. What he had now was a relatively thin, rather weak-looking body. As he was trying to comprehend the new information he had received someone came into the room.

"Big brother!"

Fade looked at the newcomer and his mind froze. The person in front of him was someone that should no longer exist. Beautiful long black hair that cascade down her shoulders, deep dark eyes with a face shaped like a diamond.

"Shera! Is that you Shera!" For the first time in a decade, Fade had finally lost his composure as the little sister that died in his very hands suddenly appeared before him. Fade no longer bothered about other things as he tried to stand up.

"Big Brother, please calm down." The supposed little sister rushed towards Fade's side trying to stop him. Being hugged by his little sister, feeling her warmth once again made Fade unable to hold it in and started to cry.

"Shera, I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to protect you."

"Big brother please calm down, and who's this Shera" When Fade heard that he looked at the person who was hugging him.

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"Are... Are you not Shera"

"Seriously what's happening to you big brother My name's not Shera, it's Alisa." When Fade heard Alisa's name a torrent of memories started to flood his brain. It was memories of him and this person who was called Alisa. When Fade saw these pieces of memory, even as his head was hurting he came to a conclusion that even he couldn't believe.

'I transmigrated.'



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