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80 – Queen

“Don’t worry! I’ll find a way!”

Shu Feng comforted Kamila, and then entered the base space.

Shu Feng asked the Central Analyzer, “What is the reason behind the synthesized Chromatic Bee queen’s death”

A message appeared on the Central Analyzer: “There is 95% probability that the differences in world laws have led to the death of the Chromatic Bee queen.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Is there any way for the Chromatic Bee queen to survive and reproduce in this world as well as produce Chromatic Bee honey”

If he can continuously produce Chromatic Bee honey, Shu Feng can start a huge company that will provide a steady stream of cash to equip and cultivate his synthesized soldiers.

The more than 100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, Goblin Chieftains, and other synthesized soldiers eat a lot of flesh every day.

Without enough money, Shu Feng can’t afford to raise them.

With a slight flash of light, the Central Analyzer began to deduce rapidly, and then a string of information emerged: “Should 5 units of origin force be consumed to deduce the gene sequence of Chromatic Bee queen that can survive in this world”

Shu Feng responded decisively, “Go ahead!”

The central analyzer sparkled and began to perform deductions like crazy.

An hour later, a string of information emerged.

“Chromatic Bee queen (exclusive to Blue Star).”

“Special abilities: breeding worker bees, 1,000 per day.

Chromatic Bee honey brewing.”

“Synthesis requirements: 1 unit of origin force, 300 units of soul force, 1 kilogram of flesh, … 10 grams of salt.”

“Synthesis time: 3 hours!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flickered with the color of surprise: “The synthesis still requires origin force No wonder Chromatic Bee honey is a luxury good whose is comparable to gold in terms of price!”

Shu Feng contemplated for a moment, and then ordered decisively, “Give me three queens!”

Origin force has the power to save lives.

Shu Feng must leave several units of origin force at all times.

He might need it to save his life at a critical time.

Three hours later, three Chromatic Bee queens with colorful lines on the back flew out from the Soldier Synthesis Nest.

The upgraded Chromatic Bee queens integrated into the environment this time and began to produce worker bees like crazy.

Beiling Street, the next morning in a coffee shop.

Shu Feng quietly looked at a capable-looking middle-aged man in a suit in front of him.

The middle-aged man is called Hong Nan and is a professional manager You Meng introduced to Shu Feng.

He once served as an executive in Qingjiang Brewery.

After Qingjiang Brewery went bankrupt, he became unemployed.

He has been unemployed for half a year.

He is also a spirit user.

However, he is not much stronger than ordinary people.

Hong Nan looked at Shu Feng carefully and thought to himself, “So young!”

Shu Feng uttered, “You Meng should have told you about my situation.

I need you to help me set up a liquor company.

Are you confident that you can run it well”

Hong Nan asked cautiously, “Can I have a look at the company’s product first”

Shu Feng handed a bottle of liquor to Hong Nan: “This is the product I want to launch — Chromatic Spirit Liquor! It’s a new liquor formed by blending Chromatic Bee honey into Baijiu [1].”

Hong Nan poured himself a small cup and took a sip.

A fresh and sweet taste filled his mouth.

Hong Nan exclaimed, “Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! So this is the taste of Chromatic Bee honey! It’s really wonderful! This liquor will surely sell well!”

Chromatic Bee honey is a top luxury good whose value even exceeds that of gold.

It is sold on the extraordinary shopping center, as well.

However, in order to buy it, you not only require money, but also contribution points.

It is a rare good that is hard to purchase even if you have money.

In addition, there is a limit of how much Chromatic Bee honey you can buy on the extraordinary shopping center.

That’s because it’s an imported luxury good.

Hong Nan tasted Chromatic Bee honey for the first time.

Hong Nan went right to the point, “The most important ingredient of Chromatic Spirit Liquor is Chromatic Bee honey.

Can you provide enough Chromatic Bee honey”

There are many top liquors in Qianyuan Republic, and the competition is stiff.

In order to stand out from among the many liquors, Chromatic Bee honey must not be out of stock.

After all, if Chromatic Bee honey, the primary material of Chromatic Spirit Liquor, is out of stock, Hong Nan doesn’t have the confidence to be able to carve out a piece of the market for themselves.

Shu Feng replied with a light smile, “I can provide some Chromatic Bee honey to brew Chromatic Spirit Liquor every year.”

Hong Nan’s eyes lit up, and he promptly made a decision and said, “Please let me join your company!”

Once Chromatic Spirit Liquor is launched, it will definitely set off a storm in the market and will sell like hotcakes.

This company has great potential.

Shu Feng stated, “You have two choices regarding your salary.

One is an annual salary of 2 million, while the other is an annual salary of 500,000 plus 0.1% of the dividend.”

Hong Nan replied full of satisfaction, “I choose the annual salary of 500,000 plus 0.1% of the dividend!”

Qingjiang Brewery was just a small brewery with poor economic performance.

As such, Hong Han’s annual salary was only about 300,000.

The salary offered by Shu Feng has exceeded the one Hong Nan had in mind by far.

Once Hong Nan joined Shu Feng’s command, he quickly began to set up a company.

A month later, the Phantasia Liquor inc.

was established and Chromatic Spirit Liquor hit the market.

After Ma Jin, Zhou Yang, and You Meng released the news in their respective circles, Chromatic Spirit Liquor spread rapidly like a virus.

Chromatic Spirit Liquor became a popular product that couldn’t match the demand.

Beiling Street, at the martial arts hall.

“Okay, that’s enough!”

When You Meng spoke, Zhuo Qianlei and Zhong Jietong separated and sat aside.

“Shu Feng, come here! Let’s have a spar and give them a demonstration of a real combat!”

You Meng beckoned with her finger and challenged Shu Feng.

Ever since she was defeated by Shu Feng’s surprise attack, You Meng has been restraining her anger and wanted to teach him a lesson.

It’s just that Shu Feng has been elusive until now and only appeared in the martial arts hall today.

Shu Feng smiled confidently and stepped onto the mat: “Older sister You Meng, if you lose at my hands, what reward will you give me”

You Meng narrowed her eyes and asked back with a dangerous smile, “What reward do you want”

Shu Feng replied with a faint smile, “I want you to owe me a favor!”


You Meng’s slim eyebrows arched.

All of a sudden, she broke out with green light from all over her body.

She operated the spirit martial art Green Smoke Hand.

As if they have turned into green smoke, her hands became blurry and shot towards Shu Feng’s vital points.

Green Smoke Hand is an exquisite martial art.

It combines hard and soft tactics.

Even if it’s an expert whose physical constitution is far higher than that of You Meng, if they are hit by her palms, their vital energy and spirit force will be cut off, and they will lose their combat power immediately.

“Hundred Temperings Steel Body!”

Shu Feng smiled calmly and operated his secret method, and his muscles stretched taut and became as hard as steel.


You Meng’s hand slammed into Shu Feng’s pit of the stomach.

As if it had hit a piece of fine steel, a sharp pain transmitted from her fair hand.

Seizing this opportunity, Shu Feng grasped You Meng’s closes, knocked her legs from under her with a kick, and threw her on the ground, and then, like an octopus, skillfully used a ground fighting technique to immobilize You Meng’s right arm.


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