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81 – Building No.


There was a flash of excitement in Zhuo Qianlei’s beautiful eyes: “Awesome! Shu Feng is really awesome!”

Zhong Jietong’s beautiful eyes flashed with a peculiar shade.

You Meng glared at Shu Feng fiercely and shouted: “I lost! Little bastard, why haven’t you gotten off from me yet Are you trying to take advantage of me”

Shu Feng smiled faintly, released You Meng’s right arm, and got off from her.

You Meng stood up and gazed at Shu Feng with complicated emotions, “Shu Feng, you have already surpassed me in terms of strength!”

When Shu Feng awakened as a spirit user, he only possessed 1 unit of spirit force, which is regarded as the worst cultivation aptitude.

Now Shu Feng has not only become a Spirit Warrior, bu has also defeated You Meng.

He’s clearly hiding a big secret and can be regarded as a genius.

Shu Feng is so strong already.

When he enters Shuijing Spirit City for further education, who knows how strong he’ll become.

Shu Feng replied, “It was just a stroke of luck!”

You Meng uttered with a faint smile: “In the future, when you become a big shot, don’t forget me!”

“Don’t worry! There’s no way I could forget you, older sister You Meng!”

Shu Feng smiled and took his seat.

Zhuo Qianlei leaned over and asked, “Shu Feng, when are you going to Shuijing Spirit City”

Zhong Jietong pricked up her ears.

Shu Feng’s eyes shimmered with longing, “I will go in three days.”

Shuijing Spirit City is one of the three official spirit user nurturing institutions of Qianyuan Republic.

In addition to Shuijing Spirit City, the other two official spirit user nurturing institutions are Qinglong Spirit City and Xuanwei Spirit City.

In addition, there are other places where rich, aristocratic, and magnus families as well as various spirit user forces cultivate their spirit users.

But on the surface, there are only three spirit user nurturing institutions, namely the ones established by Qianyuan Republic.

More than 90% of the big shots in Qianyuan Republic come from the three spirit cities.

Zhuo Qianlei asked, “Then why don’t we go together”

Shu Feng responded with a smile, “Okay!”

Liu Zhen came over and asked, “Shu Feng, can I join you, as well”

Shu Feng answered, “No problem!”

Zhong Jietong hesitated, and then greeted her pearl-white teeth and uttered, “I want to go with you guys, as well!”

Shu Feng said with a smile, “Then let’s all go together!”

Three days later, the four boarded a train to Shuijing Spirit City.

Ding Xiaoxue left Leijiang City shortly after the Parasitic Spider Demon incident.

When they walked out of Shuijing Spirit City’s train station, Shu Feng and company saw many students who came to meet the freshmen.

Shuijing Spirit City, Qinglong Spirit City, and Xuanwei Spirit City are not only cities tasked with nurturing extraordinary beings, but are also great educational cities that gather numerous top educational institutions.

Qinglong Spirit City is the capital of Qianyuan Republic, Shuijing Spirit City is the center of the republic’s southern region, while Xuanwei Spirit City is the center of the republic’s northwestern region.

“Hello, I am Zhang Fan, a student of Shuijing High School.

Are you freshmen of Shuijing High School”

When he saw Shu Feng and company, the eyes of an ordinary-looking male student in a silver uniform, who seems quite confident and capable, lit up, and he quickly came forward and introduced himself.

Zhuo Qianlei smiled brightly and said, “Hello, senior Zhang Fan! We are all freshmen of Shuijing High School.

My name is Zhuo Qianlei.”

“Shu Feng!”

“Liu Zhen!”

“Zhong Jietong!”

Zhang Fan took another look at Zhong Jietong, and then led the four to a luxury bus, a light smile on his face: “Follow me!”

There are already twenty young men and women sitting in the luxury bus, each of whom is a prodigy from a certain region of Qianyuan Republic.

With her cheerful and enthusiastic disposition, Zhuo Qianlei soon began chatting with several young men and women around her.

Shortly after, the bus was full and headed for Shuijing High School.

“So this is Shuijing High School! How imposing!”

Liu Zhen couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw Shuijing High School.

The place where Shuijing High School is located is really wide, covering an area larger than that of many universities.

Outside Shuijing High School, the street is spacious and lined with trees.

There are no other buildings around.

When the bus entered Shuijing High School, many shops and young men and women wearing the school’s uniform could be seen everywhere.

Shuijing High School is like a city within a city.

“Hello, everyone! I am Fang Mengmeng! Juniors of the Spirit Force Department, please come with me!”

A beautiful, petite girl wearing Shuijing High School’s uniform, with delicate features and a pleasant appearance, smiled and spoke to the freshmen that alighted the bus.

In addition to spirit users, Shuijing High School also recruits talents of Qianyuan Republic from other fields.

Because of this, Shuijing High School is divided into two departments, namely the General Department and Spirit Force Department.

At the same time, the school has two campuses.

Shu Feng’s group together with another ten young men and women followed Fang Mengmeng to the Spirit Force Department to handle a series of admission procedures, and then proceeded to different dormitories.

“Shu Feng, this is your dormitory – Building No.


Fang Mengmeng took Shu Feng to a building with refined and luxurious decorations and said with a light smile, a look of envy in her pretty eyes, “Take care of this senior in the future!”

Building No.

7 has only two floors, with three rooms per floor.

The six rooms are all individual rooms.

This is the treatment that only paragon class talents can enjoy.

Paragon class students live in individual rooms, genius class students live in double rooms, elite class students live in quadruple rooms, excellent class students live in octuple rooms, and ordinary class students live in sexdecuple rooms.

In Shuijing High School’s Spirit Force Department, treatment improves with strength.

The sole equality in the department is that if a student works hard, they will have a chance to rise.

Shu Feng smiled and said, “Okay!”

Fang Mengmeng waved her hand, and then turned around and left.

Shu Feng took out a room card and entered Room 203 of his dormitory.

“How nice!”

Shu Feng gazed at Room 203, a satisfied look in his eyes.

Room 203 has a surface area of about 70 square meters and is equipped with air conditioner, television, sofa, refrigerator, and other modern household appliances.

Although the interior decoration isn’t luxurious, but it is elegant.

Shu Feng took a bath, and then reclined on the sofa and turned on the TV.

Ding dong!

A bell rang.

When Shu Feng opened the door, he saw a tall, square-faced young man with a heroic temperament.

The young man smiled and introduced himself, “I am Luo Feng from Room 101.

Nice to meet you.”

Shu Feng smiled and said in reply, “I am Shu Feng.

Nice to meet you, too.”

Luo Feng said, “The students of Building No.

7 have all arrived.

Since we’ll be all in the same class, then why don’t we have dinner together Everyone else has already agreed! Only you’re left!”

Shu Feng replied, “Sounds good! Let me just change clothes.”

After changing clothes, Shu Feng went downstairs.

There are five people sitting in a small pavilion downstairs.

They are the other five paragons of Building No.



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