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82 – Learning

“What a handsome guy! He’s more feminine than a woman!”

Shu Feng glanced at the group of people and saw a tall young man with fair skin, picturesque features, and a devilish charm.

Luo Feng smiled and said, “Now that everyone is here, let’s start with the introductions! If nothing unexpected happens, we’ll be not only classmates, but also good brothers living in the same house for three years.

This is fate! I’m Luo Feng from Room 101!”

The handsome young man with picturesque features and devilish charm said lightly, “I’m Lin Yao from Room 102!”

A burly, ordinary-looking young man with a confident expression uttered, “Yue Hai of Room 103! A future Martial Saint!”

A young man with glasses and the temperament of a bookworm said, “Qian Dong of Room 201! A future magician!”

An average-looking young man with a pair of spirited eyes said loudly, “Ma Jue of Room 202! A man who wants to build a harem!”

Shu Feng said, “Shu Feng of Room 203!”

The six people of Building No.

7 got acquainted with each other, and then went to a canteen to have a meal together.

The next day, Shuijing High School, Paragon Building, grade 1, class 9.

“There’s a total of 30 people in the class! 18 boys and 12 girls!”

Shu Feng quietly observed the students of class 9.

At their young age, they are already level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm powerhouses or above.

They are each a paragon of a city, a genius among geniuses.

During the next three years, they will be Shu Feng’s classmates.

Ma Jue pocked Shu Feng and uttered: “The girls in our class are really cute! Feng, which one do you like”

The 12 girls in class 9 are all really beautiful and have extraordinary temperament, not worse than Zhong Jietong, each brimming with confidence and pride.

Shu Feng pointed at a girl and whispered, “That one!”

The girl Shu Feng pointed at has long, black hair, a tall figure, slander legs, ample chest, snow-white skin, exquisite facial features, and the proud temperament of an ice queen.

The girls in class 9 are all top beauties.

However, that girl stands out among them.

She is on the same level as Ding Xiaoxue.

Ma Jue’s intelligence was really amazing: “Feng, you have a good eye! Her name is Zhao Zixin, and she is one of the top three beauties in our grade.

She is a paragon among paragons.

It is said that she is only one step away from the Spirit Master realm! She is a most powerful contender for the position of our grade’s representative!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flickered with surprise: “Spirit Master As expected of Shuijing High School’s paragon class! Sure enough, it’s full of talents!”

When placed in a tier 3 or 4 city, a Spirit Master realm expert can become the captain of a branch of Flameguard.

Zhao Zixin is only about 16 years old, yet her cultivation base has already gotten close to the Spirit Master realm.

This is simply outrageous.

At this time, Shu Feng’s spirit force has reached only about 7,000 units, which is equivalent to the level-7 Spirit Warrior realm.

“Alright, settle down! I am Ge Long, your homeroom teacher!”

A bald man with several claw marks on the face and a fierce expression strode to the platform, glanced at the students that were talking with one another, and shouted in a low voice, and a fearsome spirit pressure diffused from him and swept in all directions.

“What a powerful spirit pressure! Our homeroom teacher is really extraordinary!”

Shu Feng’s countenance changed slightly and his eyes glimmered with a dignified color.

The powerful spirit pressure stifled the flow of spirit force in his body and made his skin feel slightly numb.

The unruly paragon class students shut their mouths obediently.

“From today on, you are paragon class students! However, your position isn’t secure.

There is a big test every year.

If students of the genius and elite classes get a good score, they can climb up and take your position.

As such, you mustn’t slack off.”

“Since you have entered the Spirit Force Department, it means that you will have to fight with and even wage war against hollow demons in the future.

In a one-on-one confrontation, we humans are at a complete disadvantage against hollow demons.

Therefore, you will act in teams henceforth.

You have to make friends, make many good friends.

In the future, only when you have formed a team, only then can you proceed to Erosion Realm and other danger zones to adventure.”

“If you want to be a lone wolf, that’s also possible.

But then you will have to be strong enough! Strong enough to face any danger alone.”


“In a month, the Tree of Dreams’s Freshman Wars will start officially! The person with the worst performance will be subjected to class demotion.

The freshman representative of this year will receive five rewards, namely 50 course credits, a premium of 10 million, the Shuijing Spirit Shield Art, a Dragon Yuan Pill, and an opportunity to practice cultivation in the Dragonification Spirit Pool.”

“In the next month, you will have to try your best to cultivate and develop various combat strategies! Alright! Now introduce yourselves! Everyone has a minute.” Ge Long stated succinctly.

The students of class 9 went to the platform one by one and made a brief self-introduction.

When the self-introduction was over, Ge Long began to explain some things of note regarding Shuijing High School.

In Shuijing High School, money and course credits are currency.

Money can be used to buy daily necessities, while course credits can be used to buy secret manuals, research materials, spell models, and even skill seeds.

As for course credits, only by finishing studying math, Chinese language and literature, geography, biology, physics, etiquette, equestrianism, archery, swordsmanship, bladesmanship, gunmanship, and other courses and passing the examination, only then will you be able to obtain the corresponding course credits.

The course credits can then be used to buy more advanced bodies of knowledge.

Students who do not earn enough course credits each year will face the punishment of class demotion, grade repetition, and even expulsion.

Since Shu Feng’s cultivation base is at the level-7 Spirit Warrior realm, he can obtain 7 course credits.

In order to continue to receive course credits, he must break through and advance to the level-8 Spirit Warrior realm.

Under the pressure of the course credit system, the students are compelled to learn all kinds of bodies of knowledge to earn course credits.

As a paragon class, class 9 has a fast tempo.

In the morning, math, Chinese language and literature, geography, physics, biology, chemistry, and other courses are held.

In the afternoon, various practical courses, such as meridian erection, swordsmanship, bladesmanship, archery, hand-to-hand combat, spirit shield art, and other combat courses are held.

In the evening, it is free time that students can spend however they want.

However, no one dared to slack off.

The fifth floor of the Spirit User Library was full of paragon class students in the evening.

In the Spirit User Library, there are all kinds of extraordinary secret manuals.

According to their status, students can access secret manuals of different levels.

In the Spirit User Library, ordinary class students can access the first floor, excellent class can access the second floor, and so on.

Shu Feng saw the Advanced Meridian Erecting Method, which is worth 50 million on the extraordinary shopping center, in the Spirit User Library.


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