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You Are Being…Way Too Fierce To Me~

Eventually, Xia Bohe did not let Luo Tianlin carry her back to the room.

The Luo family manor was extremely large. The main residence alone seemed to be bigger than a thousand square meters.

The manor was three-stories high, with a small garden and a swimming pool; on the rooftop were a terrace and some fruit trees.

To give the couple some privacy, Luo Tianlins room was on the second floor and not on the first floor where the elderlies rooms were located.

Upon entering the bedroom and realizing that it was larger than the two-bedroom flat that she had saved so hard to buy in her past life, Xia Bohe could only cry out in anger in her heart that it was too much to be filthy rich!

This room seemed to be modeled according to Luo Tianlins personal preferences. Tones of black, grey, and blue dominated the design color palettes, treating the room to a sense of coldness and dullness.

It might be more fitting to call it a suite instead of a bedroom.

As they entered the room, an orderly row of lights lit up automatically. At the same time, the curtains gradually moved apart. On the right were a gym and a small study room, whereas on the left were the bedroom with dark color wallpapers, attached toilet and bathroom, and a walk-in closet.

Standing on the soft wool carpet, Xia Bohe could not help but felt like she was dreaming.

Would she be able to buy a property like this after a lifetimes worth of hard work

This was only a small part of the manor!

Standing in front of the glass window by the bedroom, she has a clear view of the swimming pool below, which was surrounded by flower beds. Her heart constricted in awe.

Ah, the joy of being wealthy.

“According to our agreement, you would only need to say what you are supposed to say. Do not do anything extra.”

Luo Tianlins low and raspy voice resonated by the sides of her ears.

Given his prickly personality, he tended to drive others away from him. When he gave a warning, he came across much more commanding and domineering.

The bubbles of happiness in Xia Bohes heart burst instantly.

“You just have to be the perfect granddaughter-in-law in front of my grandfather,” Luo Tianlin said. Luo Tianlin approached her and looked down at her from above, his tall figure casting a shadow upon her. The afternoon sunshine seemed to have blurred out.

Xia Bohes height merely reached the front of his chest. As he approached her, she got pushed against the wall.

This man was so insensitive and fierce!

She was grimacing inside when a notification rang out in her ear.

[The Goddess Roulette Wheel will expire in five minutes. Please use it as soon as possible.]

Caught by surprise, Xia Bohe paid no attention to the mans warnings and responded in her heart immediately.

Use it!

It would be a shame if she wasted it.

A large and colorful roulette wheel appeared before her once she gave her response.

[Weeping Beauty *1]

[Glancing Back Prettily *1]

[High and Mighty Martial Arts Technique *1]

There was a line of name on every section of the roulette wheel.

Xia Bohes eyes shone as she scanned the words briefly. She felt even more excited compared to when she first saw this luxurious manor!

These skills were really useful. They were all much-needed skills for an actress.

However, the roulette wheel turned rapidly before she could finish reading it.

The silver pointer in the middle stopped moving all of a sudden!

She took in a deep breath when she saw the name below the pointer. She was speechless.

[Congratulations Host, you have received Delicately Lovable Halo *1]

First, it was Endearingly Pitiful, now there was Delicately Lovable…

This system was invincible. Was it attempting to transform her into a total queen b*tch

[Delicately Lovable (Level 1): This skill is only effective toward family and relatives. It can be activated three times a day. Upon activation, this skill will last for an hour.]

[A girl that is obedient, adorable, innocent, and kind will stimulate a mans desire to be protective of her.]

[This skill is a must during arguments in family trips.]

Xia Bohe complained internally. Nevertheless, she quickly understood the information presented to her.

She was rather surprised after reading and understanding it.

So it was effective toward ones family

She moved her gaze onto Luo Tianlin, who was looking down at her with a frown.

Her husband was considered her family, right

“Young Master Luo, what did you just say”

Xia Bohe blinked her eyes. She then activatedDelicately Lovable immediately.

“You are being…way too fierce to me~”

Her soft and silky voice lingered in the air.

Luo Tianlin furrowed his brows hearing what she said.

He was talking to her. How could she get distracted

If this was his subordinate…


As he was lost in thought, he raised his eyes and caught sight of Xia Bohes doe-like, almond-shaped eyes. The watery glint of her eyes gave out a strong sense of innocence and obedience.

It seemed that her behavior downstairs was unintentional. He must have assumed wrongly.

A gentleman should never get mad at a girl who had not done anything wrong.

Luo Tianlin clenched his left fist and moved it up to cover his mouth. He then coughed lightly and took a step backward. “I have a meeting to attend. You should take a rest first,” he said.

Looking closely at his handsome face, there was a hint of embarrassment and a slight trace of regret for blaming the innocent girl.

Xia Bohe bit her lips without realizing.

She could not stand it any longer. She was about to burst out into laughter!

This skill was way too useful!



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