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Allan was Gons teacher, so its expected for the former to be more proficient in Nen.

Gon knew this all too well, but if he didnt accept a challenge, he wouldnt get stronger.

Now Allan allowed him to make the first attack.

Gon wont decline such an advantage.

Stepping forward, Gons feet cracked the ground as he launched himself toward Allan.

Allan didnt evade Gon, who was trying to punch him.

Instead, he covered his fist with Nen before meeting Gons fist head-on.

The two Nen covered fists collided, creating a small shock wave.

Gon didnt relent.

He directly started punching and kicking at Allan without any rest, which caused Gons stamina to drop at a fast rate as he was using Nen.

As he slowed down, Allan directly kicked him on the chest and sent him away like a cannonball.

Gon got up after hitting the ground and asked: “Can we fight again”

“Yes, of course.”

Gon Supported himself with one hand before standing up straight.

During this time, Allan surely could take him down again, but he didnt do so.

He didnt have any noble reason, but he felt it was unnecessary.

Gon rubbed his chest as it still hurt slightly.

Fortunately, his instincts helped hone his skill to follow the direction of the hit he was receiving, which reduced a great deal of damage.

Otherwise, that kick he just got would render him unconscious without any doubt.

Allan gestured for gone with a finger and said: “Come!”

Gon took a deep breath, clenched his fist, and suddenly, his Aura burst out astonishingly.

Although he was still young, he was stubborn still and didnt accept defeat no matter what.

Once again, Gon launched himself toward Allan like a wild animal as he started attacking.

One punch, two kicks, three punches…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gon attacked without stop while Allan blocked and evaded everything.

Gon didnt manage to land a hit.

Allans Nen techniques were superior to Gons as Gon only knew those basics of the Nen of Flame.

He has only a small chance to hit Allan as he was currently.

A rule is known throughout the world, the greater the difference in power, the smaller the chance of winning the weaker party had.

That rule applied to Nen users as well.

Allan wasnt in a hurry to win, after all, except for Gon, he didnt have any sparring partner in the island.

Although Gon only learned the Nens basics, he had good physical power and fitness, and too much will power.

Allan himself knew that his own will power and strength couldnt compare to Gons.

His advantage was his knowledge of Gons fighting style and also his superior skills in Nen.

With a tone full of surprise, Gon said: “I really managed to land a hit.” His face was almost splitting from smiling too widely.

But then he was stunned.

He saw that Allan almost didnt feel his punch and was shocked when he heard Allan say: “It hurts a little bit.”

“How can this…”

Gon immediately received a heavy punch, and then he was kicked by Allan.

After a while, Gon got up and felt a little embarrassed about his defeat.

“Can you still fight” Allan asked with a relaxed stance.

Whether it was the technique or amount of Nen, he was currently stronger than Gon.

So, no matter how much Gon wanted to fight, he was fine with it.

He wanted just to convince Gon, who was obviously a stone-headed kid that wasnt easily convinced.

His stubbornness was probably something he inherited from his father.

Now, Gon wasnt just unconvinced, but he was also puzzled.

A few months ago, when he asked Allan to teach him Nen, he clearly remembered that Allan said he didnt start training in Nen for too long.

He thought that since there wasnt such a huge gap in time from when both started Nen, he could catch up to him.

But after the spar just now, he could tell that he wasnt Allans opponent, and thats the source of his doubt and confusion.

Am I stupid Maybe I dont have talent Or did I not work hard enough Gon was starting to doubt himself.

Allan saw him muttering without hearing what he said and could only walk over and ask: “What are you doing”

Gon raised his head and asked: “Allan, be honest with me.

How long have you been practicing Nen”

“Longer than you have,” Allan replied calmly.

Gon didnt notice the guilt Allan hid within his tone and asked again: “How much longer”

“Two or three years.” Allan made up a time casually because he knew that Gon wouldnt let it go.

If the time he chose was below that, Gon would still doubt himself.

“Where did you learn it”

Allan shrugged and replied: “Of course its my home, the Kingdom of Alabasta.”

Gon scratched his head as he remembered Allansidentity and said: “Yes, youre a prince.

You probably had a teacher training you in Nen.”

“Yes.” Allan wanted to laugh as he wondered if the system can be considered his teacher.

“Thats why youre so powerful.” Gon Said.

“Im not that good.” Allan replied humbly.”

“Its still better than I am.” Gon sighed.

“Thats true.” Allan didnt deny the truth.

Although Gons doubts mostly vanished, after all, Allan practiced Nen for two or three years, so it was normal for him to lose.

When it comes to practice, he had to call Allan his Sensei (teacher).


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