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It actually gave out the Ice Ice Fruit!

Allans eyes lip up after seeing the Reward of the third option.

He confirmed a few times that its really the Ice Ice Fruit and directly chose the third option excitedly.

He truly didnt expect such a reward.

Although he will wrong Hancock with his choice, he didnt regret it.

After all, Hancock belonged to him for an entire year, and for the sake of his favorite fruit, he will do it.

So even if he temporarily wronged her by calling her his fiancée and making her kiss him, she cant disagree or resist.

Almost everyone here was curious about the Empress identity.

Although she claimed to be the Empress of Amazon Lily, somewhere no one here knew about except Allana and Hancock herself, they still didnt believe her completely.

However, with her power, everyone got curious about her and her relationship with Allan.

Allan immediately faced Pariston and said: “Well, shes my fiancée.”

A simple sentence, but it caused a massive reaction from everyone hearing it.

Everyone looked at Allan in surprise.

They never imagined that Allan would have such a beautiful fiancée at such a young age.

Netero smiled: “Hehe, I didnt think that you would already have a fiancée when youre so young, and its actually such a beautiful woman as well.

I really envy you.”

“Yeah, Im lucky.” Allan smiled with satisfaction.

At this time, Boa Hancock almost cried in her heart.

“Damn, man! What is he talking about When did I become his fiancée”

If it werent for the contract, Hancock wouldve already attacked Allan.

But she wasnt as impulsive as before.

She didnt want to experience that punishment again.

Therefore, although she was unhappy, Hancock didnt say anything to refute Allan.

Pariston could see the abnormality in Hancocks face and looked at Allan, saying: “Allan, you said that she is your fiancée, is there any evidence”

Hearing this, Allan glanced at Pariston and frowned.

As someone who watched the show, he was clear about Paristons personality.

He may seem friendly and polite, but under his smile is a sharp knife.

He is a black-bellied guy.

Therefore, he didnt have a good impression of Pariston, and since h questioned his relationship with Hancock, it made Allan a little unhappy.

Allan looked at Pariston, and his tone no longer polite: “Vice Chairman, even Chairman Netero didnt question my relationship with Hancock, so what Qualification do you have to do so as a Vice-Chairman”

Allans sudden outburst stunned Pariston.

He was stunned because Allan always seemed gentle and polite, but now he seemed fierce and ignored him as the vice Chairman.

The other members of the Twelve Zodiacs present were happy to see someone put Pariston in his place.

As they often worked together, they were clear about Parsitones personality.

After being stunned for a while, Pariston smiled and said: “Allan, I dont want to question you, but Im the Vice Chairman of the Association and responsible for things like this.

The Empress beside you is powerful, but we arent sure if she is your fiancée or not, and if she really isnt, she cannot stay here.”

After this, Pariston glanced at Netero and said: “Am I wrong, Chairman”

Netero nodded: “Well, thats right, if the Empress is your fiancée, then please prove it.

Otherwise, she has to leave.”

“Okay, then.” Allan shrugged.

Since Netero himself asked, he would have to show some evidence.

After saying this, Allan opened his arm and put it on Hancocks waist, pulling her closer to him.

Boa Hancock didnt expect this as she felt Allans strong arm around her waist, pulling her closer to his body.

She was shocked by the intimate situation that she never felt before.

She wanted to get rid of Allan right now.

However, as soon as a thought of resistance appeared in her mind, Hancock couldnt act on it and could only give up.

At this time, Allan gave Hancock and order to show affection.

“Hancock, cooperate with me in front of everyone, and kiss me.”

This order was directly transmitted into Hancocks mind, and Hancock could only say in desperation.

“This Empress… It is true that this Empress is his fiancée.

No doubt about it.”

After saying this, Hancock took the initiative to kiss Allan on the cheek.

Suddenly, a pale pink lip print appeared on Allans cheek.

This scene attracted the envy of most guys in the room.

Pariston could say nothing else.

After all, they have witnessed how arrogant the Empress was and knew that she wouldnt let it go if Allan touched her, let alone kiss him herself if she wasnt his fiancée.

The show of affection made people unable to question their relationship anymore.

At the same time, a voice rang in Allans mind.

[Ding! You succeeded in making Pariston believe that Hancock is your fiancée.

Reward: Logia Ice Ice fruit.]

[Ding! The System detects that the current environment of the host isnt suitable for handing out the Reward.

Do you want to store the Reward in the Systems Inventory]

Allan was quite surprised by the Systems intelligence.

And now, it seems that there is an Inventory function as well.

Considering that everyone is here, Allan wanted to avoid their attention and directly chose to store the Reward in the Inventory.

[Ding! The Reward is given and stored in the Inventory.]

Allan breathed in relief, and at this time, Netero said: “Since it is proven that the Empress is Allans fiancée, then I announce that she can stay in the association as Allans family.”

Neteros words are equivalent to giving Hancock the right to enter and exit the association freely.

Allan glanced at Netero gratefully, while everyone else didnt have any objection.

The only one who didnt want to accept this was Kanzai since Hancock beat him, but he didnt comment.

Allan next brought Hancock and went to stand beside Kurapika.

“Allan, is she your fiancée”

Allan nodded and took Hancocks hand and said: “She is Boa Hancock, but I suggest that you dont call her as such.”

Kurapika and the other nodded as they saw her character and knew that only Allan could call her by her name.

Boa Hancock nodded arrogantly without saying anything.

She was thinking about escaping from Allans grasp while Allan pretended that he didnt know.

As long as she stayed obedient, Allan wont do anything excessive.

At most, he would hug her waist or hold her hands.

Although Hancock was very upset about this, she was helpless and could only cooperate temporarily with Allan.

Maybe if he is happy one day, he will send her back.

Of course, it was a slight possibility.

At this time, Netero on the stage said: “Okay, its time for the second round.

Lets continue the Exam.”

There are currently five contestants, Hisoka, Killua, Hanzo, Pokkle, and Bodoro.

If Hanzo doesnt face Hisoka, he will mostly pass the Exam.

While Killua is strong, Hanzo had a longer time to train and could defeat him right now.

“Then, for the first match, #44, Hisoka, against #53, Pokkle.”

Hisoka glanced at Pokkle and walked onto the stage.

Pokkle was frustrated.

He looked at Netero and said: “Chairman, I have something to say”

“Whats the matter” Netero asked.

Pokkle boldly said: “I will be blunt, but the matching is very unfair.”

“How so” Netero asked again, but everyone knew that he was pretending to be confused.

Poole pondered for a bit, then said: “Everyone can see that Hisoka is stronger, and I wont be able to fight him.

Chairman, you arranged this match unfairly.”

“Dont worry.

This isnt a duel won by knockout.

As long as you dont admit defeat, you wont lose.

And Hisoka cant kill you, or he will be eliminated.”

“It has to be me!” Pokkle said desperately as he walked onto the stage.

The match started, and Pokkle instantly took out his bow and arrows without hesitation and aimed at Hisoka.

Hisoka stretched his hand, and as the arrow flew toward him, he grabbed it with two fingers.

Then he gently twisted his fingers and snapped the arrow.

The next second, Hisoka disappeared and arrived in front of Pokkle.

Pokkle was shocked and released another arrow, only to hear Hisokas voice from behind.

“Im here.”

Hisoka said with a playful tone as Pokkle felt a chill run through his spine.

“Dont move! Be careful.

You might lose your head.” Hisoka said with a smile.

He saw Hisokas hand holding a playing card that drew some blood as it pressed against his neck.

Hisoka smiled and said: “You should know what to do now.”

Pokkle sighed and said: “Okay, I admit defeat.”

“Well, smart choice, so you dont get hurt,” Hisoka said with a smile and put away the card.

Netero announced that Hisoka is the winner and Pokkle will get another chance to fight.

“Next match, Killua against Bodoro.

Hanzo will fight in the next round.”

Netero announced.


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