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Chapter 107: Armament Haki Part 2

He raised his mouth slightly in a smile and said: “if that’s what you want, then I will attack.”

In the next second, Allan’s figure disappeared and reappeared behind Adolf.

Adolf reacted as fast as he can and turned around to see a black hand gleaming in the light falling on him.

The fist landed on Adolf’s chest, directly bending his breastbone.


Adolf was sent flying like a cannonball as he was knocked out.

The audience fell into silence.

They took several seconds to react and finally realized that Adolf was taken down in one punch.

The onlookers were in shock as they broke out in a heated discussion.

“He’s fast!”

“Moreover, that power isn’t something normal people can have.

He knocked Adolf into the air, even though the latter is an enhancer.”

“Is that guy a monster”

Allan wasn’t just faster than Adolf.

He was also stronger, even though the latter was an enhancer.

As for the person himself, Allan was a little surprised by the power Armament Haki had.

It was his first time using it, and he didn’t expect such strength.

[Ding! You defeated Adolf in front of Everyone and face slapped those who questioned your strength.

Reward: Magic Jar!]

[Note: The reward is transferred into the system’s Inventory, and Host can take it out anytime.]

Allan checked the Inventory and saw a black pot resembling a clay pot.

According to the description, the Magic Jar is a type of Treasure Chest.

As long as he smashes the jar, he would get a random reward.

At this time, Adolf got up from the ground as placed his hand on his chest.

Allan punch actually broke a few bones, which made Adolf look at Allan in disbelief.

He could help ask: “This is impossible, how are you stronger than me Are you an Enhancer as well”

Allan shook his head.

He didn’t use Nen at all.

He simply covered his fist with Armament Haki.

But Adolf’s suspicion is understandable since Armament Haki was so powerful, it made everyone think that Allan is an Enhancer.

Only an enhancer can have that kind of strength, but Adolf didn’t feel any Nen, which made him even more shocked.

If he isn’t an Enhancer, did he even use Nen Was that attack pure physical power Adolf was almost going crazy.

Allan didn’t say much.

He wasn’t stupid.

After all, this wasn’t an anime anymore.

He wouldn’t talk about his ability to a potential enemy.

He didn’t even use his most powerful trump card, which he originally wanted to use, but considering the surrounding, he abolished such thoughts as it may cause some risks in the future.

If others knew about his ability, people might think of a way to counter it, so he didn’t want to expose himself yet.

At this moment, Gon and Hanzo came over, and the latter directly said: “Good job.”

Gon exclaimed: “I knew that Allan would win.”

Allan smiled and said: “No one would question us now.”

It’s indeed true.

No one looked down on Allan and the others after seeing Adolf’s defeat.

Menshi came over and patted Allan’s shoulder and said: “Boy, good job.

I’ve been angry with Adolf for a long time, and your punch vented most of that anger away.”

Satotz came over and said: “Allan, have you been getting stronger You way stronger than before.”

Allan glanced at Satotz, who was extremely observant, and nodded.

After all, with the system, it wasn’t difficult to get stronger.

And the power he showed was just the tip of the Iceberg.

If he used the Ice Ice Fruit, Allan was sure that only a handful of people in the Association would be able to match him.

Someone like Adolf wasn’t enough to even enter his eyes.

If Allan was serious, he would defeat him in seconds.

Seeing Allan’s confidence, Satotz said: “Allan, you have a huge potential.

I can tell that you will be the representative of the new generation of the Hunter Association.

Work hard.

Chairman has a high expectation from you.”

Hearing the second half of the sentence, Allan was taken aback.

He looked up at Satotz and asked: “Satotz-senpai, did chairman say anything”

Satotz smiled: “The Chairman just praised you slightly in front of the Twelve Zodiacs.”

“Huh” Allan was confused.

But he still could guess.

“In other words, the Chairman is very optimistic about me and may arrange about me to be part of the Twelve Zodiacs”

Satotz nodded: “Well, I don’t rule out that possibility.”

Hearing this, Menshi patted Allan’s shoulder and said: “Wow, kid, your future is bright.”

“Ahem, what bright about it Is being a member of the Twelve Zodiacs profitable” Allan replied.

Menshi said: “Who’s talking about money Your vision is quite short.

I mean, if you enter the Twelve Zodiac, then maybe you can become the Chairman in the future.”

“You’re exaggerating, Menshi-senpai,” Allan said.

Menshi replied: “I’m not exaggerating at all.

The Twelve Zodiacs are all qualified to compete for the seat of the Chairman, if you can join them, you will have that qualification as well.”


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