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Chapter 112: Glacier Dragon

“Hahaha, Sly brat, are you hiding again”

After destroying the Ice Mirror on the ceiling, Netero knew that he didn’t hit Allana as the latter must’ve hidden in another Mirror.

“Those really can really make me dizzy!”

As he said this, Netero sent a palm strike toward the Mirrors on the wall while controlling his strength to not destroy the wall.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Ice Mirrors covering the walls shattered within two seconds, but the wall remained intact.

This was Netero’s control that reached an extreme height.

Soon the Ice Mirrors that were destroyed recombined into new Ice Mirrors.

The most annoying aspect of the Ice Mirror is that as long as there is Ice, the Mirrors can be rebuilt indefinitely.

Therefore, this technique can be called: Ice Mirror Reassemble!

Netero looked at the Ice mirror that was reassembled and froze for a second before he said: “This ability is really troublesome.”

He didn’t bother destroying them again because he could tell that no matter how much he destroys them, they will just appear again.

It was a waste of energy.

Therefore, his only choice was to look for Allan’s real body and strike.

But Allan didn’t appear again since the last attack.

Netero knew that Allan was still inside the room if the Ice Mirrors were any indication.

The room was quiet, and Netero could even hear his heartbeat.

Netero’s hearing was very sensitive.

He could hear the jumps clearly.

Allan was changing location from time to time to avoid being detected by Netero, and because he is moving in the form of Ice, Netero couldn’t see him.

Allan also knew that even if he made a small movement, Netero would be on him in no time.

Therefore, Allan didn’t rush.

Instead, he waited for opportunities in Guerrilla warfare.

In a head-on battle, the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva was too fast, and Allan couldn’t avoid them even with all of his skills.

After a few minutes, Allan noticed Netero relaxing slightly and decisively attacked him.

Suddenly, the cold air hit Netero’s body and instantly froze him.

Netero won’t take long before he breaks free again, at most, three seconds.

No one second was enough.

Netero needed some effort to get out of the Ice, and in that time, Allan adjusted his breath and recovered his strength.

He knew that the best way to fight Netero is by persisting as he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Netero currently.

In short, as long as Netero can’t hit him, he won’t be defeated.

So, he needed to prolong the fight until one of them is beaten, or Netero stops the fight.

At this time, Allan’s face changed slightly as he looked at the Frozen Netero.

Netero squinted his eyes, and then cracks formed from inside the Ice till it completely broke.

As soon as the Ice fell, Netero jumped out.

“That’s really cold.

I thought I would freeze to death.” Netero moved his arms and neck as the cold made his blood boil.

At this time, his face changed as he looked up, only to see a huge pyramid of Ice above his head.

The point of the Pyramid was facing his direction as it dropped down.

In the distance, Allan waved his hand down as he controlled the Ice to slam Netero directly.

(T/L: For the first time, our long-lost friend made its appearance in our novels!!)

It was as if Mount Tai was pressing down on Netero!

Netero’s eyes flashed as he stretched his hands toward the Ice Pyramid.

The veins in his hand bulged directly.

He caught the Pyramid with both hands and said: “Back to you.”

Netero directly threw the Pyramid at Allan, who jumped up and punched it with Haki.

The Pyramid broke apart, and at this time, Allan felt a huge pressure released from Netero.

Looking up, Allan saw the huge statue of 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva behind Netero.

Allan’s face became serious.


Allan’s Observation Haki was stressed to the extreme as he almost foresaw Netero’s strike.

Sure enough, Netero’s attack came in the next second.

The Huge 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva statue followed his hand gesture and attacked Allan.

The Golden Palm carried an extremely fierce momentum.


However, Allan managed to dodge the strike at the last instant.

“What a quick reaction!! Did he manage to notice my attack” Netero’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Only a few people can avoid his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva strike, and he can count them on one hand.

Unless he foresaw this attack, it’s almost impossible to avoid it.

But Allan did it, which shows his great ability to predict his opponent’s moves and his great reflexes.

Otherwise, even if he managed to predict the attack, his body won’t keep up with his mind.

Netero greatly appreciates Allan, and that’s why he must finish the fight.

“Next will be a serious attack.” Netero folded his hands together, and then each hand-formed an orchid.”

(T/L: This gesture is performed by pressing the tip of the thumb against the tip of the middle finger to form an oval and raising the other fingers slightly, so they are curved above the middle finger in a manner that resembles the petals of an orchid.)

Then, the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva behind Netero moved.

Each palm of the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva was different.

No matter how fast Allan’s reaction was, Netero didn’t think that Allan can escape.

Netero raised his fingers one after another as the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva behind released a bright golden light.

In the next instant, a golden wave of energy destroyed all of the mirrors in the room.

Without the mirrors, Allan didn’t have anywhere to hide.

After pushing Allan out, Netero decisively launched a fierce attack.

Although Allan was aware of the danger due to his Observation Haki, he had no time to dodge, and with a bang, he was bombarded and sent flying and finally the wall.

However, Allan was surprised to find that his Elementalization can’t make him immune to the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva attack.

At this moment, Netero sent another attack, and the golden hand slapped Allan.


The was sunk before it blasted to pieces.


After this palm strike, Netero looked uncertain because he couldn’t find Allan.

“Did I miss”

“No, it should’ve hit him.

He couldn’t have avoided it.”


Netero’s face suddenly changed as Allan’s figure reformed from the Ice.

“This is…”

Netero looked at this with astonishment.

Just at the moment he was about to get hit, Allan decided to try something.

Since his body can’t change into Ice when he is hit, can he be immune if he turned himself willingly!

He wasn’t sure why his body doesn’t react on its own against the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, but when he turned into Ice, the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva didn’t hurt him.

Maybe it was because Nen is life energy, Allan was sure.

Netero suddenly said: “Allan, your ability is really convenient.

Not only can you make Ice, but your body can turn into Ice as well.

It seems like I have to show my real skills.”

“Come on then, Chairman.” Allan was also prepared to do his best.

Glacier Dragon.

Suddenly, an imposing Dragon made of Ice emerged out and charged out toward Netero.

At this time, the Golden Light of the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva brightened as Netero waved his hand toward the Glacier Dragon like a knife.

The Glacier Dragon was directly hit by the Golden hand, and a loud bang resounded all over.


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