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Chapter 114: Great Reward

Even if there was no system reward, Allan already planned on dealing with those guys.

Watching the short and tall guys approaching him, Allan looked at them with disdain.

They weren’t worthy for him to get serious.

After all, he is someone who fought a slightly serious Netero.

“Be careful.

That guy isn’t an ordinary person.” Seeing Allan’s sneer, the short man felt panic.

He heard about Allan’s ability to freeze his opponents or make them faint without doing anything, which he just witnessed.

“Let me take the lead.

I will hold him down while you attack from behind.” The tall guy said.

“Okay, let’s do this.” The short man agreed.


Nen erupted from both of them, and their speed increased.

They were both enhancers, and both were confident in their skills.


Allan rushed up toward the Tall man and appeared next to him.

The short man’s face changed as he shouted: “Be careful!!”

However, his reminder was too late.

Armament-type: Hardening!


Allan directly punched the tall guy, rendering his internal organs into mush, killing him on the spot.

The short man’s eyes widened and directly reacted.

He realized that the person they wanted to kill was more powerful than they expected and directly tried to escape.

“Damned monster!”

The short man was scared!

“You want to run”

Allan sneered coldly.

“Let’s how far you can run.”

Allan raised his hand and pointed it at the escaping man.


An Ice Trident appeared in front of him before he launched it at the short man, who tried avoiding it but was instantly frozen.


Allan sent a quick kick toward him, directly cutting the short man in half.

The short fell down and shattered.

After killing both short and tall guys, Hancock reminded: “That guy ran away using a car.”

“Hmph! He can’t escape.”

Frozen Ice Field!

From Allan’s feet, Ice spread out rapidly along the road, freezing hundreds of meters instantly.

Soon, the road became as smooth as crystals, and Edward Wells, who drove away, was quickly overtaken by the Ice.

The sports car slid on the Ice and directly slammed into a light pole.

Edward wasn’t seriously injured as he got out of the car.

Allan flashed and appeared in front of him with his hand lifted up.

“Wait, Wait, I will give you money, just let me go, okay”

Allan snorted coldly.

Regardless of Edward’s begging, he will die tonight.

After eliminating Edward, the system handed over the reward to Allan.

[Ding! You obtained a Mysterious Treasure Chest.

Do you want to open it now”

“Open it.”

Allan wasn’t worried and directly opened it.

[Ding! You acquired Special Ability: Heaven’s Eye.]

‘Heaven’s Eye’

Allan was surprised for a second.

He didn’t expect to get another Nen ability from a treasure chest.

This was really unexpected for him.

Allan directly used Nen and tried using this ability.

As he activated it, an Eye suddenly manifested above his head and floated in the air.

Heaven’s eye wasn’t that of a human but more of a cat.

This ability shared its vision with the user, so whatever the eye sees, Allan can see in real-time transmission.

Heaven’s eye can see five-time better than normal humans, and it also didn’t have any blind spot.

In other words, I can see in a 360 degree.

Those are the most important functions of Heaven’s eye.

It can be used for spying and detecting enemies, but it needed a huge amount of concentration, or else it will disappear.

Allan concentrated and brought the eye toward the Hunter Association, wanting to see what Netero was doing.

Soon Allan spotted Netero’s figure on the 98th floor of the Association building.

He was in a meeting with Pariston.

Allan didn’t keep an eye there as he knew that Netero would definitively notice it.

Netero’s senses were insane after all.

Sure enough, Netero turned his head toward Heaven’s eyes, but fortunately, Allan already canceled the ability.

In general, this ability wasn’t useful for Allan, but it’s not completely useless.

Allan remembered that he also had the Magic Jar.

He took it outside and broke it.

[Ding! Congratulation on getting an S-class Ninjutsu Experience card.]

Allan was stunned.

“Great! I can use S class Ninjutsu!”

Allan picked up the Experience card and couldn’t wait to check it out.

The Ninjutsu in the Card was Kirin, the Lightning Ninjutsu developed and used by Sasuke Uchiha.

This Ninjutsu was quite strong since it draws its power from Nature.

Allan was really excited about getting this skill.

Right now, he had the Ice Ice Fruit, Armament Haki, and Taijutsu and movement skills.

Kirin is a great addition to his arsenal.

Although he can only use it once with the card, Allan knew that having it is the same as having a killer move.

When encountering someone he can’t defeat, Allan can use this card which can seriously injure him or even kill him.

Two days later, Allan visited Gon and found that he had basically recovered from his injuries and asked Hanzo to help him with the discharge procedure.

After leaving the Hospital, Hanzo proposed a spar with Gon and made Allan the referee.

As for why Hanzo wanted to compete with Gon, the former had two reasons.

The first one is that he has been obeying Allan’s order by accompanying Gon in the Hospital, which was quite boring, so he wanted to vent this boredom on someone, and this person happened to be Gon.

The second reason is simple.

He wanted to see how much Gon can improve when he uses Nen.

Allan knew that Hanzo was stronger than Gon initially.

But since Gon learned Nen, the gap between them wasn’t as big anymore.

Therefore, Hanzo couldn’t beat Allan instantly.

In the spar, Hanzo was very aggrieved since Gon was so stubborn that he didn’t admit defeat no matter what.

However, the spar really opened Hanzo’s eyes to the wonders of Nen.

Especially since Gon was an Enhancer, and after using Ren to defend, Hanzo couldn’t even scratch him with his sword.

This made Hanzo more determined to learn Nen.

Allan didn’t let them finish the spar since they won’t give up anytime soon, so he ended it.

After the contest, Hanzo asked Allan about his promise to teach him Nen, and Allan directly agreed and contacted Kurapika.

A day later, Kurapika arrived with Leorio and took him to the Hotel room Allan was staying in to take Nen lessons.

Allan was looking forward to the rewards he will receive from the system when he teaches them the Basics of Nen, like the Flying Slash from teaching Hanzo.

When he teaches Kurapika and Leorio, he will get 12,000 points in Nen.

This reward was already generous.

Therefore, Allan naturally didn’t spare any effort as he carefully tutored the three of them.

As for Killua, since his father wanted him to return home, Allan wasn’t able to teach him for now.


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