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After the last fight, Allan and Gon constantly sparred in the forest.

They could be found sparring fiercely even now.


Explosions filled the place from time to time as the two of them got even stronger, and the last one was due to Allans kick that sent Gon flying.

Even though Gon seemed tattered, his determination never faltered and diminished in the slightest.

“Enough, for now, Gon.” Allan raised his hand to stop the spar.

In the past six months, Gons growth was astonishing, to say the least.

But Allan grew at the same rate as well.

His talent wasnt bad.

Both of them had the potential to become top-notch Nen users.

Allan constantly trained himself with that thought in mind.

Allans Nens reserves skyrocketed.

In terms of Nen reserve, Allans was at least three times Gons Nen.

At this time, Gon sighed and said: “I still cant beat you.”

Allan encouraged Gon: “Nonetheless, you are way stronger than half a year ago.”

Gon himself could tell how much stronger he was after training for half a year.

He was also close to mastering the Nen of the flame.

“Although you still cant beat me, you are now ready to start learning the advanced application of Nen.

I will start teaching you tomorrow.”

Hearing this, Gon smiled widely, but then he declines: “Im happy to get that opportunity, but you can teach me another time.”


“January 7th is the day when the Hunter Exam begins.

Now there is more than a month before that, and I need to catch the Master of the Swamp before I can leave.”

Allan nodded, knowing that Mito wont let Gon leave.

He didnt catch the Master of the swamp: “If thats the case, I will teach you later.

During this time, you can go and start fishing peacefully.”


Gon said before he left with his fishing rod looking very optimistic.

Allan stayed behind and continued his training.

After mastering the Nen techniques, he could now further develop his Nen.

Allan now had the reward from his system, which was the special ability, Grims Hand, which can reap the luck of others.

He didnt use this ability before, not even once.

But what he didnt expect was actually forming a real friendship with Gon during his stay here.

Allan wasnt a selfish person.

He didnt want to be one as well, so he didnt use that ability on Gon even though he considered doing so at first.

If Gons luck was reaped by Allan, he wouldnt be able to catch the Master of the swamp, and he wont be participating in the Hunter Exam as a result.

In addition to this ability, Allan wanted to develop his own ability.

Before doing so, he first needs to check his specialty.

There were two ways to know what your Nen type was.

Allan brought a glass of water and put a leaf on top of it.

He will be using Water Divination, which was very simple.

You just had to surround the glass of water that has a leaf floating atop of the water with both hands and channel your Nen toward the glass.

According to the change in the water, you can distinguish which type you are.

If the volume of the water changes, then the user is an Enhancer.

If the taste of the water changes, then the user is a Transmuter.

If impurities appear in the water, then the user is a Conjurer.

If the color of the water changes, then the user is an Emitter.

If the leaf moves on the waters surface, then the user is a Manipulator.

If a completely different change appears, then the user is a Specialist.

After preparing everything, Allan placed his hands beside it and channeled his Nen.

As his Nen poured toward the glass, nothing changed in any way.

The volume of the water didnt change, which meant he wasnt an enhancer.

The color didnt change, which meant he wasnt an Emitter… Allan excluded four types already.

Allan almost guessed what type of Nen he had.

He immediately stretched his finger and dipped into the water before putting it in his mouth.


The waters taste was sweat.

This change showed that Allan was a Transmuter.

Allan already guessed this, so no surprise was shown on his face.

This didnt change anything to Allan.

It only showed him the path to his future development.

The Transmutation was a relatively wide-ranged Nen type compared to other ones.

A transmuter can change the shape and nature of his Nen.

Just as Allan was thinking about his options, the system interrupted him like always and presented six choices from which he had to pick.

[Ding! Please make your choice!]

[1: Change your Nen nature into Lightning: Reward: Double the Nens Nature Change.]

[2: Change your Nen nature into Rubber: Reward: Double the Nens Nature Change.]

[3: Change your Nen nature into Fire: Reward: Double the Nens Nature Change.]

[4: Change your Nen nature into Ice: Reward: Double the Nens Nature Change.]

[5: Change your Nen nature into Light: Reward: Double the Nens Nature Change.]


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