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Chapter 119: Mike

Seeing the reward from the system, Allan was surprised.

They were all devil fruit, and they were all Dog Dog fruit with different models.

He won’t choose the first option no matter what.

As the saying goes, only the owner can beat his dog.

Since Mike was the watchdog of the Zoldyck family, killing it was tantamount to slapping the Zolyck family in the face.

Allan didn’t want to provoke such a troublesome family, and they came here to find Killua, not to start a war.

As for the second option…

What kind of crap fruit is that A Dalmatian Dog fruit, it was such a useless fruit…

In that case, Allan picked the last option.

He was confident that he could beat Mike, but he was unsure about taming it.

At this moment, Mike felt Allan’s eyes on it, and it hostilely raised its paw to flatten Allan and the others.

Hancock and Gon directly jumped away.


The giant claw made a dull sound as they touched the ground.

“Allan!” Gon was worried as Allan didn’t avoid the claw.

Hancock on the side said: “Don’t worry, he’s fine.” As soon as she said this, Allan’s figure quickly reappeared.

The elementalization of the Ice fruit made him immune to physical attacks.

Seeing this, Mike once again attacks Allan.

Allan jumped high and appeared on top of Mike’s head.

Armament-Type: Hardening!


With a strong punch, Mike laid on the ground.


Mike roared and quickly got up.


Allan was a little surprised.

He didn’t expect Mike to resist that punch.

“Since one punch doesn’t work, then try another one.”

After avoiding Mike’s attack, Allan once again slammed a punch on Mike’s head.

Now that Mike stayed down, Allan only needed to tame it.

At this time, Mike was struggling to get up as he glared at Allan.

“Get down!”

An invisible aura radiated from Allan’s body as he looked at Mike.

Facing the Conqueror’s Haki radiating from Allan, Mika felt a terrifying pressure and, in the end, it obediently fell to the ground.

Its fierce eyes disappeared as it looked at Allan like a puppy.

[Ding! You successfully tamed Mike.

Reward: Devil fruit, Mythical Zoan, Dog-Dog Fruit model: Cerberus!]

Hearing the system’s notification, Allan opened the Inventory to check the reward.

Right now, a new Devil fruit appeared beside the Rubber Rubber fruit he already had.

In One Piece world, each fruit could get them 100 million Belly, but the concept of Devil fruit is inexistent in the Hunter X Hunter world.

So people won’t believe that this fruit can give anyone powers.

Allan was planning on holding an auction for the devil fruits that he obtains since he already ate one, and he could only eat one.

However, now that Allan obtained 100 million Jenny from Chrollo, he wasn’t short on money, so he decided to keep the devil fruits.

Moreover, he felt that the devil fruits given to him by the system might be the pure version of the fruit, and maybe he can eat two or even three of them, maybe even more.

Of course, this was just a guess made by Allan.

The system didn’t inform him of such a thing, and he had no one to ask.

At this moment, Gon and Hancock walked over, while Gon looked at Mike on the ground then at Allan with admiration: “Allan, you’re so amazing!”

Hancock glanced at Allan and said: “You used Conqueror’s Haki, right”

Allan nodded: “Well, only Conqueror’s Haki can tame fierce beasts.”

“What is Haki” Gon heard the new term and asked.

“I will tell you next time.” Allan didn’t explain much.

Instead, he looked at Mike and said: “Mike, take us to look for Killua.”

Hearing the name Killua, Mike roared.

He obviously knew Killua seeing this reaction.

Allan directly said: “Let’s go.”

With Allan taking the lead, the three of them rode on Mike’s back.

Mike didn’t seem to mind as it stood up and rushed inside the forest.

Since Mike was too fast, the trio on its back could only hold tightly so they won’t be thrown off.

At this time, the butler of the Zoldyck family was looking at the screen.

He saw everything unfold and couldn’t help wonder: “That guy defeated Mike and even tamed it.

Who is he”

This man was Gotoh, who was responsible for taking care of Killua.

Hearing the mutter of Gotoh, the butler next to him replied: “A few minutes ago, the guard at the Testing gate informed us of them.

These three are not here to make trouble but to see Master Killua.”

“Looking for Master Killua” Gotoh frowned.

“Yes, they claimed to be Master Killua’s friends.

According to the guard at the Testing gate, the young man who defeated Mike is Allan, and he opened the fourth gate without any trouble.”

“What” Hearing this, Gotoh stared at Allan in disbelief.

“Unexpectedly, he can open the fourth gate in a second.

It seems like he is quite strong.

No wonder he was able to tame Mike, just when did Master Killua make such friends”

The butler couldn’t answer Gotoh’s question.

“What should we do now”


Although he tamed Mike, he’s absolutely loyal to the Zoldyck Family.

You can go to the courtyard first, and I will report to Patriarch Silva.”


At this moment, there were dozens of butlers in the Zoldyck’s courtyard.

As for Gotoh, he headed toward the villa on top of the mountain to report about Allan and the others.


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