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Chapter 123: Duel

Soon after, Gon woke up, and as he saw Killua, he was delighted.

Killua was Gon’s first true friend, in a sense.

They were about the same age, and their personalities complimented each other.

Killua was happy as well and wanted to play with Gon here for several days.

At some point, Killua brought Gon to the courtyard to talk with him.

But suddenly Gon said: “Killua, the last time we fought, you surrendered and gave up your chance to be a hunter directly, that makes me very concerned.”

Killua didn’t expect Gon to talk so suddenly and replied: “That’s because you won’t admit defeat no matter what.

I had to surrender to reserve my strength.

And it doesn’t matter now, since I also got Hunter’s License after that.”

“No, it’s not about that.” Gon shook his head: “It’s because you think I’m not strong enough, and you didn’t want to hurt me.”

“So, what do you want now, Gon” Killua said seriously.

“I want to fight again, Killua.” Gon looked at Killua with determination.

“Are you serious” Killua asked.

“Of course, I come here to look for you and have a fight with you as well.”

Killua lowered his head and thought for a bit.

“Killua, I have gone through special training with Allan.

Now I’m stronger than I was in the hunter exam.”

Killua looked up at Gon and said: “So, you want to say that you can beat me now”

“Yes!” Gon said confidently.

Killua replied: “Idiot, how can you defeat me when you didn’t finish your training”

“Although I didn’t finish my training, I have something that I mastered before Killua, and I’m a step ahead in it.”


Killua frowned as he was thinking about something before his eyes widened as he asked: “Are you talking about Nen”

Gon nodded: “Yes, I can use Nen to mend the gap between our strength.”

Hearing this, Killua looked down.

He experienced Nen before, and it’s undeniable a magical power that greatly enhances the user’s power.

Now since Gon mastered Nen before him, he was indeed strong enough to fight equally with him.

After thinking for a while, Killua finally said: “Okay, Gon, since you really want to fight me that much, we will have a match.

Let me see how much you improved in the past few months.”

“I won’t let you down, Killua.” Gon’s eyes were shining.

Gon was a very competitive person, so even if Killua is his friend, he wouldn’t go easy.

The news about Gon and Killua’s match reached Zeno and Allan.

Soon everyone who is in the Zoldyck villa knew about it.

For a little while, the Zoldyck villa became lively.

After all, Killua was a candidate for the seat of the patriarch of the Zoldyck Family.

Although he was young, his assassination technique has reached a professional level, and his future potential was immeasurable.

And now, Gon, an outsider, wanted to fight with Killua, which made most people think that Gon was ignorant.

Killua and Gon found Zeno and Allan, respectively, and had the two be witnesses of their fight.

Allan naturally had no problem, and in fact, he knew this would’ve happened sooner or later.

But Zeno looked surprised.

He didn’t understand why Gon and Killua will fight even though they were friends.

However, he still agreed to the battle between the two.

In a huge arena, both Gon and Killua started their battle.

Their witnesses were Allana and Zeno, who respectively supported Gon and Killua.

Allan glanced at Zeno and asked: “Master Zeno, who do you think is stronger, Gon or Killua”

Zeno pondered for a bit before he said: “Well… There is a good chance that Killua will win.”

“What’s your reason for saying that”

“Killua was trained to be a killer, and now he is a competent assassin.

Even his techniques are first rated.

Whether it is speed or skills, he is outstanding.

And the most important point is that Killua is only twelve this year, and there is a lot of room for growth.

His future potential is unfathomable.

I’m not the only one who thinks like this, but most of the family is the same.”

Allan nodded: “Killua does indeed have great potential, but I think Gon isn’t worse.” Hearing this, Zeno nodded in agreement unexpectedly.

As a superb Assassin, his eyes can see many things, and he could see how extraordinary Gon’s body was.

Even more, Gon released an extraordinary amount of Nen, which really surprised Zeno.

“To master Nen to such a degree at such a young age, his future is indeed boundless.”

Allan coughed and said: “I was the one who taught him.

But Gon’s talent is indeed high.

His talent won’t lose to Killua.”

Zeno said: “It seems that Killua made a good friend.”

“Exactly.” Allan smiled.

At this time, a big fat man with a white shirt walked to their side and holding a bag of chips in his hands.

He was stuffing chips while watching the fight.

Allan glanced at him and recognized him instantly.

It was Milluki.

Although this big guy wasn’t good at fighting, he is a technology genius and was very good at handling guns and other things.

Of course, since he is a Zoldyck, he does have decent proficiency in assassination techniques.

But because he has such a large body, he can’t be flexible like Killua.

“Grandpa, that little kid named Gon is quite powerful.

Killua won’t win easily.” Milluki said.

“Hmph, Milluki, you should have some confidence in your cousin.”

Cold sweat leaked from Milluki’s forehead as he said: “Grandpa, of course, I have confidence in Killua.

But that kid is really extraordinary.

Judging from Killua’s appearance, it’s not an easy fight.”

At this time, Allan said: “The final victor might not be Killua.”

Hearing this, Milluki looked at Allan and walked beside him: “In that case, do you want to make a bet”

Allan glanced at him and asked: “What are you betting”

“We will bet 100 million Jenny if Gon wins, you win, and if Killua wins, I win.”

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Agree to Milluki’s bet.

Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Points.]

[2: Reject Milluki.

Reward: Increase Nen by 1,000 Points.]

[3: Agree to the bet and win.

Reward: Golden Treasure Chest x1]

After thinking about the benefit of the three options, Allan smiled and said: “Then I will bet on Gon and win.”

“Okay, I will bet on Killua then,” Milluki said.

“I will definitively win.”

“Not necessarily.”

At this time, the fight between Gon and Killua entered a stalemate.

Gon relied on Nen to increase his power, speed, and defense.

On the other hand, Killua relied on his techniques and speed.

“Well, it’s good to master Nen at such a young age.” Zeno appreciated Gon’s talent.


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