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Chapter 134: Testing Shusui

After two days, Allan decided to go for the 200th Floor, which means he had to win on the 190th Floor.

Since there were only 10 floors between the two, the contestant there weren’t average.

The foes from that point on are stronger than others and any challenger requires significant power to defeat them.

Allan was already in place on top of the ring.

Looking around, he could see the stand full of people waiting to see an amazing fight.

Amongst the spectators, he could see Gon, Killua, and Hancock.

There was also Zushi and Wing, and even Hisoka was there.

This game will determine if Allan could advance to the 200th Floor, which those who knew his power knew that he could get there easily.

The audience voted for the most likely person to win, and 40% of the votes were in Allan’s favor, while the remaining 60% were against him.

“It seems that most people here think that I’d lose.”

Although Allan was surprised that he only had 40% of the votes, this caused his curiosity to be piqued.

‘Having 60% of the vote in favor of him winning, it seems like my opponent is strong.’

Allan directly glanced at his foe on the other side and saw a man wearing a purple Yukata, a large saber on his waist, and an X-shaped scar on his face.

This guy’s name was Kentaro, and he is Allan’s opponent in this match.

According to the Heavens Arena’s rules, contestants were prohibited from using weapons below the 200th Floor.

After reaching that Floor, the rules become relaxed, allowing weapons.

Kentaro held the blade’s sheath with his left hand while his right hand was on the hilt, ready to draw his sword at any second.

“It looks like a good sword.”

Allan’s gaze fell on the sword on Kentaro’s waist and commented.

“I will end this match with one blow,” Kentaro said in a deep voice.

“You seem confident.” Allan smiled and said: “Well, since you are going to use a sword, then I will fight with a sword as well.”

Kentaro frowned at Allan as the latter wasn’t carrying any weapon.

“The sword is here.”

Allan said before the storage ring on Allan’s finger gleamed strangely.

In the next instant, Shusui appeared in Allan’s hand.

Allan looked at Shusui apologetically since he didn’t use it for a long time now.

It was an excellent opportunity to use it now.

Kentaro stared at Shusui in Allan’s hand, and he could tell that it wasn’t an ordinary sword.

As for how the sword appeared in Allan’s hand, Kentaro didn’t care.

“This sword is Shusui, and it didn’t taste blood for a while; no, yours is the first in a long time.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Kentaro snorted coldly.

“Arrogant fellow, you will swallow your words later.”

The referee used his hand to gesture the beginning of the match, and instantly Kentaro drew his sword out and slashed at Allan.

Allan directly lounged at him with Shusui.

In a flash of light, the two passed each other in a second.

Blood dripped down on the ground from Shusui as Allan turned around and looked at Kentaro.

At this time, Kentaro wasn’t moving at all, and suddenly the sword in his hand snapped in two.

Blood dripped from Kentaro’s body, and soon it formed a large patch on the ground.

Silence filled the stands.

They couldn’t see how the fight began or how It ended.

They only saw the result of the battle.

Allan wasn’t affected by the silence and directly looked at the referee: “You can call the match.”

Allan glanced at Kentaro, then at the referee.

After coming out of his stunned silence, the referee directly entered the ring to talk with Kentaro.

“Kentaro, can you continue the fight” but Kentaro didn’t respond as he remained motionless.

The referee realized something and touched Kentaro’s shoulder.


Kentaro directly fell in the pool of his blood.

His eyes widened, and his expression bewildered, the referee exclaimed: “Dead, Dead”

Not only the referee but even the spectators were taken aback.

Kentaro was dead.

He died after a single moment by Allan’s sword.

When Kentaro’s sword was broken, his life was taken as well.

A swordsman didn’t fear death since the path of a sword was filled with death.

But Kentaro’s expression showed shock, fear, and regret.

He couldn’t believe that he would die by Allan’s hand.

Instantly, the referee announced the winner, and Allan advanced to the 200th Floor.

Walking out of the ring, Gon, Killua, and the others gathered around Allan.

Gon directly said: “Allan, you’re cruel.”

Killua disagreed with Gon and said: “It was a good strike.

Gon, you’re native.”

“I’m Naïve”

“Well, you probably don’t know Kentaro, but he wanted to kill Allan in this match.”


“It’s just that he wasn’t as strong as Allan, so he was killed.

If he were stronger, Allan would be the one dead.”

Gon nodded without saying anything as if he understood something.

“But then again, Allan, I didn’t expect you to be so good with words.

How many things are you hiding” Killua asked curiously.

“Swordsmanship is just a hobby.” Allan laughed.

After chatting for a bit, Allan and Hancock went away, which Hancock took the chance to ask Allan: “I seem to know the sword that you have.”

Allan shrugged and said: “You have good eyes.

This is Shusui, one of the O Wazamono series.

It’s a product from your world.”

“No wonder it looks familiar.” Hancock nodded and didn’t question Allan from where he got it because she knew he wouldn’t answer.


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