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Chapter 138: Three-way match

The rules of the matches above the 200th floor are completely different from the 190th, as the matches weren’t randomly arranged.

Each person needs to fight a match in three months, or else that person would be disqualified and drop down.

Regarding the promotion from each floor, each person needs to win ten games in total to ascend, but if they lose four games before winning ten, they will lose their qualification to continue.

Winning ten games allows anyone to challenge the floor master.

Each floor from the 220th to the 250th floor is owned by a floor master.

Floor masters can participate in Battle Olympia, where the winner gets to live on the 251st floor.

Because there is a lot of time currently, Allan intends to stay in The Heaven’s Arena for a while, so he wasn’t in a hurry to fight.

The rooms provided here are luxurious, and it saves a lot of money.

It was quite a good place for Allan since he also could watch the fights in here.

The next morning, Gon and Killua found Allan and ate breakfast together with Hancock.

“I hope you can continue teaching me, Nen.”

Killua was straightforward with his request.

“No problem!” Allan naturally agreed since he still had a mission to complete.

As for Gon, he didn’t ask for Allan’s training because he already mastered the basics and what he lacks is combat experience.

So he decided to apply for a match to improve while fighting.

At the same time, he was preparing to win ten matches and challenge Hisoka.

Allan agreed and then asked Hancock to go back first.

He accompanied Gon to the reception with Killua to apply for a match.

When they reached the reception, they found three people there.

Allan wasn’t surprised because he already noticed those three guys.

He knew they were targeting them as soon as they reached the 200th floor.

Allan looked at the three weirdly dressed guys and sneered.

They were the trio who targeted newcomers in the show.

They were Gido, Riehlvelt, and Sadaso.

They weren’t strong.

At best, they can bully newcomers.

They are aware of their weakness, so they specifically look for newcomers who don’t have much experience fighting.

Right now, Allan, Gon, And Killua were undoubtedly newcomers.

Therefore, they are eying them.

Allan remained unmoved and asked: “What’s the matter with you three”

“We are also here to apply for our matches,” Reihvelt said.

Killua heard this and glanced at them coldly and said: “You see that we are newcomers, so you think we are easy to bully Planning on applying for a match along with us so you can fight us later”

The three didn’t expect Killua to see through their ploy and say it.

Sadaso was slightly embarrassed as he said: “Hehe, now that you know about it, what will you do”

[Ding! Make A Choice.]

[1: Directly kill those three now.

Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Points.]

[2: Join Gon and Killua in a three vs.

three battle against Sadaso and the others and Kill them.

Reward: Golden Treasure Chest x1.]

Seeing the reward, Allan picked the second option without hesitation.

Compared to killing them here, killing them on stage is generous.

“Since you want to fight newcomers, let’s fight then.”

Hearing this, the trio glanced at each other and couldn’t believe their ears.

“Are you sure”

Allan nodded: “Of course, there are three of us on our side and three on your side.

Let’s have a three-vs-three match.”

“Three-vs-three match What do you mean” Sadaso asked.

“It’s team battle,” Allan replied.

“The Heavens Arena doesn’t have that type of battle, only one vs.


“As long as all of us apply for such a match, they will accept.”

Sadaso discussed this with the others for a while.

“Do you have anything to say” Allan looked at Gon and Killua and asked.

Killua was already dissatisfied with those three, so he shrugged: “No problem.”

Gon said: “I also don’t have any problem.

As long as I can fight, it doesn’t matter who my opponent is.”

“Okay, it’s decided then.”

At this moment, Allan, Gon, and Killua, with the other trio, applied for a three vs.

three match.

There was no precedent for that kind of battle in The Heavens Arena, and after some discussion between the officials of The Heavens Arena, they agreed to the match.

The officials wanted to use this opportunity to gauge the audience’s reaction to this kind of battle.

The battle will be in ten days, and in those ten days, The Heavens Arena will promote this new kind of match to attract as many spectators as possible.


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