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Chapter 140: Target and Opponent Part 2

This made the audience who supported Gon explode in cheers.

Gon used Ren to resist Yamamaru’s attacks, who was fierce despite his look.

In terms of strength, both were equally matched, but to break the stalemate, Yamamaru directly lifted his hand and slapped Gon on his stomach.

Gon let out a painful cry, but he wasn’t sent flying or knocked down unexpectedly.

An astonishing amount of Nen emerged from Gon’s body as his anger exploded.

With this, Gon’s power skyrocketed, thrusting Yamamaru’s huge body backward before falling.

Gon actually defeated Yamamaru in terms of strength, which made the audience dumbstruck.

But the fight didn’t end, as Yamamaru, who fell out of the ring, climbed back up and quickly returned to the ring.

He was angry and couldn’t bear losing to a kid, so he decisively let loose his Nen and instantly overwhelmed Gon with his huge build.

However, Gon was scared.

Instead, he felt excited.

The stronger his opponent, the stronger he would get.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle continued as both landed hits on each other for a while.

After twenty minutes, the game finally came to an end.

Gon managed to force Yamamaru out of the ring once again and knock him out.

Gon didn’t win because he was stronger than Yamamaru, but because he was more determined and his willpower was astonishing.

After the battle, Gon was hospitalized for another week or so.

It was unavoidable since, in the battle with Yamamaru, he was exhausted and hit a few times.

As for Yamamaru, he would need half a year before he could have a rematch.

After recovering, Gon participated in the third match, and his opponent’s record was the same as his.

Two wins and zero losses.

His opponent’s name was Kenji Ichiro.

Allan took Hancock to watch the match.

As for Killua, he wanted to catch up as soon as possible, so he refused to attend and continued training.

Needless to say, as long as Gon’s opponent wasn’t stronger than him by much, he wouldn’t lose.

In the end, Allan was surprised as Gon won his match.

The battle didn’t take long.

Even though both seemed to have the same record, Gon improved the most when he was fighting, and it didn’t take him long to win the fight.

So far, Gon won three matches without losing once.

Gon was trying his best because he wanted to fight Hisoka.

Gon had five months to win ten games and challenge Hisoka.

He even put a mark on his calendar for that day.

Now, he won three games and still needs to win seven more in 4 months.

Gon didn’t feel tired or had any thought of retreating from this challenge.

He was even firmer than before.

Therefore, he soon applied for his fourth match, and unexpectedly, Killua applied for a match as well.

Killua hadn’t participated in any matches since the team battle, but now he wanted to see the result of his training.

Gon and Killua weren’t matched against each other, to the disappointment of the spectators, since they were eager to see the two of them fight.

But their matches still attracted many people at the end.

Gon won three games, and many people thought he would win his fourth, but Gon encountered a strong opponent.

His opponent was much stronger than the last three games and not at the same level at all.

When Allan saw Gon’s opponent, he couldn’t help but freeze because his opponent was actually Kastro.

Kastro was the person who challenged Hisoka and was killed in the ring.

Although Hisoka killed him, it didn’t mean that Kastro was weak.

In fact, he was quite strong.

Hisoka may have won and killed him, but his hands were cut.

Allan knew that Gon wouldn’t be able to win this match.

At this time, Kastro looked really calm.

He looked at Gon and said: “I have watched your previous games; you were very good.”

Faced with Kastro’s appreciation, Gon looked at him in the eye and said: “I’m sorry, but I want to win this match as well.”

“Quite brave,” Kastro said with a smile.

After a few seconds, the match started.

Gon discovered that both he and Kastro were enhancers, and first time, Gon felt exhausted and overwhelmed.

He used Ten, Ren, and Hatsu one after the other in quick succession just as the match started and was feeling quite tired.


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