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Allan’s opponent arrived, wearing a black cloak.

From the referee, Allan learned that his opponent’s name was Chihu.

“You will pay for your lateness!” Allan said without the slightest hint of emotion.

Hearing this, Chihu sneered and said: “Who do you think you are”

“The one who wants your life,” Allan replied.

“That depends on your ability.”

Chihu didn’t bother talking anymore, and Nen erupted from his body like a black mist.

The black fog spread across the ring, covering Allan in it.

The audience was in an uproar as this black mist prevented them from seeing anything.

When the cold black mist approached Allan, the latter was already using Kenbunshoku Haki for the first time since he came to The Heavens Arena.

Although his sight was affected, his Haki can easily locate his target.

To use this black mist to hinder his enemy’s line of sight was undoubtedly an assassination technique.

This showed Chihu’s job.

In the black mist, Chihu pulled out a dagger from his cloak and launched an Attack at Allan.

Allan sneered, facing Chihu’s attempted assassination without and didn’t do anything else.

When the black dagger approached Allan’s throat, it collided with something hard and stopped after it made a clanging sound.

Chihu was shocked.

The next moment, he was shocked to find a cold chill rush toward him.

In an instant, half of his body was frozen.

“You’re caught!” A voice like the death god’s whispered in Chihu’s ear, making him shocked, and in the next moment, he felt death.

In the black mist, when Allan caught Chihu with his Ice Ice Fruit Ability, a black sword appeared in his hand.

It was Yatsufusa, a sword that makes anyone slain by it a poppet under the sword wielder’s control.

Allan stabbed Chihu’s heart without hesitation and ended his life.

Chihu, who died, got cursed by Yatsufusa and now turned into a puppet for Allan.

Yatsufusa can control up to eight puppets, and the ability of each puppet is the same as he was alive.

The only deficiency of Yatsufusa was energy consumption.

The more controlled puppets, the larger a burden is put on its wielder.

Allan used Yatsufusa to control Chihu and ordered him to lift the mist.

No one knew what happened in the mist except for Allan.

As soon as the mist was dispersed, Allan lifted the curse from Chihu, leaving his corpse behind.

After the match, Allan went to Chihu’s body and used his Predator, gaining 5,000 Nen points.

Time flew by fast, and three months passed quickly.

At this time, four months have passed since Allan and the others came to The Heavens Arena.

In the past few months, Gon won 8 matches and lost 2, which meant he needed two wins before challenging Hisoka.

Killua performed well as he won five matches without losing.

As for Allan, he quickly won ten games and had the right to challenge a floor master.

However, Allan wasn’t in a hurry to get that position yet.

Because being a floor master was something he could get any time, and there was no need to rush.

“Gon, Killua, there is an interesting game today.

I hope you come and watch.”

Allan took out a few tickets and gave Gon and Killua one each.

Of course, he gave one to Hancock as well.

“Who is fighting” Gon asked curiously.

“You will know when you get there,” Allan said mysteriously.

After that, Allan took them to the 200th floor to watch the game.

When Allan and Gon saw the two standing on the ring, both were surprised.

It was Hisoka, facing Kastro.

“How is it You’re surprised, right” Allan asked after seeing their reactions and laughed.

“Why is Hisoka fighting with Kastro” Gon was surprised.

“It’s better to say Kastro is challenging Hisoka,” Killua said.

“I heard that Kastro lost to Hisoka when he first came here and wanted to challenge Hisoka for his revenge.

They agreed on fighting after two years, so here we are.” Allan said after recalling some of that information.

“I fought Kastro before, and I know he is strong.” Gon said.

“I think Hisoka is stronger,” Killua stated.

“Why” Gon asked and looked at Killua.

“Instinct, he doesn’t have an aura as strong as Hisoka,” Killua replied as he looked at the ring.

“So you can tell how strong someone is based on his aura” Gon asked as if he understood something.

“That Aura can oppress someone, but it doesn’t represent strength most of the time.

It can’t be used as an indicator all the time.

From experience with Nen and skills, Hisoka is better than Kastro.” Allan said.

“So, Kastro will lose” Gon asked curiously.

“Most likely,” Allan replied.

“If I can, I want to fight against Kastro again.” Gon muttered.

He was worried about his previous loss against Kastro and always thought about challenging him back to verify how much he improved.

Killua could help to hit him on the head and said: “From Hisoka’s personality, Kastro will probably die today.”

“Really Hisoka will kill Kastro” Gon’s expression changed.


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