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Chapter 144: Transaction Part 2

Allan shrugged and didn’t ask anymore.

After two hours, Machi woke up and panicked when she found herself bound tightly.

After calming down, she remembered what happened before.

“You’re awake.”

She turned around and saw Allan sitting, looking at her.

“Let me go, bastard!”

“Your Chief isn’t here with the money yet.

How can I let you go.”

Machi snorted coldly, and her muscle tensed, and the ropes were cut.

After gaining her freedom, Machi rushed toward the door.

In the blink of an eye, Ice surged in the room and froze Machi completely.

Allan looked at her and said: “Really I didn’t want to use this method to teat you.

Why bother running away”

He ignored Machi and looked at the time.

It had been six hours since Hisoka talked to Chrollo.

If Chrollo was close, then it was enough for him to arrive at The Heavens Arena.

After two more hours, Hisoka called him and learned that Chrollo had come in person with a Billion Jenny.

Soon after, there was a knock on the door.

Allan opened and saw Hisoka standing in front of the door, and behind him were Chrollo and Pakunoda.

“Come in.”

Allan wasn’t worried about them attacking him at all and let them inside.

Chrollo looked at Allan calmly and said: “It has been a long time.”

“it’s just a few months.” Allan shrugged.

“You seem to have changed a lot.”

“What do you mean”

“You become vicious.”

“Well, yes.

You haven’t changed much, the same for Miss Pakunoda.”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Where is Machi” Pakunoda was angry.

“Pay the money, and I will deliver her to you.” Allan smiled lightly.

Hearing this, Pakunoda handed a golden card and said: “The money is inside.

The code is six zeros.”

Allan nodded and put the card away, then carried Machi out.

“Why is her body so cold What did you do to her”

Seeing Machi’s eyes closed and her body cold made Pakunoda think that she died.

“Don’t be nervous.

She isn’t dead,” Allan said indifferently.

“She was silly, so I punished her a little.”

Pakunoda put her hand on Machi’s chest and tentatively found her heartbeats which made her relieved.

“Okay, I returned your people back.

You can leave.” Allan directly chased them out without giving them any face.

Chrollo said solemnly: “Let’s go.”

Pakunoda glared at Allan and picked Machi before following Chrollo out.

Hisoka was the last to leave as he had something to say to Allan.

“Tell Gon that I have to leave before August 30th.

If he can’t win ten times before that, then I won’t be able to fight with him.”

“Don’t worry.

He will definitively fight you before you go.” Allan said confidently.

After Allan left, Allan checked the system and found that his reward arrived.

[Ding! You successfully blackmailed the Ryodan using Machi.

Reward: Nen Ability: Holy Prayer of Light.]

[Ability Description: The Holy Prayer of Light can speed natural recovery and relieve fatigue and restore the spirit.

Using this Ability will consume too much Nen and can only be used once a day.

If the limit is exceeded, then you will be forced into a Zetsu state for 30 days.]

Allan was satisfied with the healing power of this new Ability as it can save his life or anyone close to him.

Although it can only be used once a day, this Ability gave him an advantage in critical times.

With his current strength, he doesn’t dare to set off to the dark continent, but as long as he stayed here, only a few people would be able to hurt him.

Only the old monsters were dangerous for him right now.

Therefore, the greatest use of this Ability was not healing himself but relieving fatigue.

After all, he was still human and would feel tired.

Thinking about this, Allan tried activating this New Ability, and a golden light directly emerged.

A being with a scepter and wings on his back stood in front of Allan.

“Angel” Allan’s eyes widened.

“I Greet Master.”

Allan was taken aback; he didn’t expect this angel to be self-aware and even talk to him.

“Do you have a name”

“Master, please give me a name”

Allan thought for a bit and said: “Well, since you have the ability to heal, then I will call you Raphael!”

“Thank you for giving me a name.” Raphael smiled.

“Raphael, help me relieve my fatigue,” Allan ordered immediately.

“I will do so now, Master.”

As he said this, Raphael raised his hand, and a golden brilliance fell on Allan, making him feel refreshed, and all the fatigue in his body disappeared.

“What a powerful ability.” Allan couldn’t help the smile on his face.

“Good job, Raphael.” Allan gave him a thumb up and praised him without hesitation.

“Thank you, Master! You have used Raphael’s Ability for today.

See you next time, Master!”

With that, Raphael Disappeared.


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