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Chapter 145: Allan’s Challenge

A few days later, Gon and Killua finally mastered Gyo and could use it in battle.

Although they weren’t very skilled, it was enough for a normal battle.

Everything else depends on their experience.

Ten days later, Gon finally won his tenth match, with a record of ten wins and three losses.

Gon spent 130 days to win ten matches which were less than five months.

Fortunately, the time didn’t exceed five months, or else Allan would’ve lost the bet.

“Unexpectedly, I underestimated the kid.

He really progressed quickly.” Hisoka stood in the hallway to give Allan the money of the bet.

They bet one hundred million Jenny each, and since Allan won, Hisoka came to finish the deal.

“Well, Since you lost the bet, you should pay, don’t forget to put the money in my account, Hisoka,” Allan said earnestly.

Hisoka was somewhat depressed and complained: “Allan, this is the second time I bet against you and lost, which is really unpleasant.”

Allan patted his shoulder and said: “It’s okay, keep working hard, and maybe one day you will win a bet against me.”

“Can I ask you not to be excessive in the match Just show Gon your serious side and fight seriously but don’t injure him gravely.

He earned that much.

After all, he worked really hard to fight you.”

“Is this a request” Hisoka asked.

Allan shrugged: “Well, it’s still within the favor you owe anyways.”

“I see.” Hisoka nodded and left.

So, the day of the anticipated fight arrived.

The battle is held on the 220th floor of The Heavens Arena on August 25th at 3 o’clock.

Tens of thousands of spectators were eager to see the match as Gon’s performance in the past three months gained appreciation from many people.

Today, his opponent was the Magician, Hisoka.

Such a grand occasion attracted the attention of a large audience.

Allan and Hancock attended the game, and Of course, Killua is here as well.

There was also Zushi and Wing here, along with many Floor masters.

As the game started, Gon directly charged at Hisoka fiercely, and the latter retaliated.

There was a lot of energy in that small body, and Hisoka, who intended to play around for a bit, turned serious as Gon continued to attack.

Once, Twice, Thrice…

Gon was knocked down by Hisoka many times, but each time he would stand up again before the ten-second count ends.

This perseverance made many regards Allan highly, and even Hisoka looked at Gon in a new light.

Finally, Gon seized an opportunity and punched Hisoka in the face.

This punch almost knocked Hisoka down, and as a reward, Hisoka punched back heavily.

Even though Gon’s body was strong, such a punch made him fall down and lose consciousness.

Gon’s defeat meant that he failed to get the Floor Master position, but for Hisoka, Allan, and Killua, this proved Gon’s power.

After Gon and Hisoka’s match, another eye-catching match was about to begin on the second day.

The participant in this match was Hisoka, who fought two days ago, and Allan.

This match attracted even more audience than Gon’s since Allan’s record was ten wins without any loss.

Because Hisoka is a Floor Master, Allan was the challenger, but only Gon and the others knew that it was actually Hisoka challenging Allan.

“Finally, we are about to fight.” On the stage, Hisoka said excitedly on the ring.

“Hisoka, you seem confident.”

Allan flexed his muscle, and to be honest.

He wasn’t excited about this fight.

After fighting with Netero and Zeno, those two monsters, Allan’s power improved greatly, and it was difficult for most people to actually make him excited about a fight.

“Hisoka, I will fight against you, grab your position, and sit down after,” Allan said calmly.

“If you have the ability, then come,” Hisoka said with squinted eyes and no trace of the usual smile.

As the match started, Allan attacked first and shot two icicles toward Hisoka.

The white Icicle wasn’t hard, but they seemed like water.

Anything that touches those icicles will freeze instantly.

The Icicles were fast, but Hisoka was on guard and jumped away and stuck to the ceiling using his Bungee Gum.

The Icicles didn’t stop and continued toward the audience, and the unlucky person was hit and froze instantly.

Allan wasn’t surprised because if that kind of attack was enough for Hisoka, he wouldn’t be the Hisoka he knew.

“Try this next.”

Allan stretched his hand forward like a bow, and an arrow condensed from thin air.


Allan aimed at Hisoka, who was still stuck to the ceiling.

Hisoka directly released his Bungee Gum and fell down on the ring, and as soon as he landed, a shadow approached him.

Hisoka responded quickly and blocked Allan’s attack.

“Oh Good reaction.”

Allan sneered, and Hisoka sensed danger.

Just when he was about to move away, his legs were frozen, and he couldn’t move.

Taking advantage of this, Allan resolutely used Leaf Strong whirlwind and landing a heavy blow on Hisoka.

Although Hisoka used Nen to protect his arms and block the kick, it still sent him down.

As Hisoka stabilized himself, Allan flashed using Flash Steps and punched Hisoka’s left cheek violently, knocking him down again.

Two seconds passed from the first attack till Hisoka was punched.

“Clean Hit! 1 point to Allan.” Under the ring, the referee in charge of the score decisively gave 1 point to Allan.

A clean hit can get one point!

“It hurts.”

Hisoka spat a mouthful of blood.

This punch was way stronger than Gon’s punch from two days ago.

Even though he felt pain on his face, it just made him even more excited.


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