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Chapter 151: Yorknew City’s Auction Festival Part 1

On the 1st of September, the auction festival started, which attracted countless tourists.

The festival will stay for ten days, within which there are thousands of auctions all across the city.

On average, there will be more than a thousand auctions a day.

Therefore, Yorknew City will be quite lively.

In addition to regular auctions, there will be auctions held by underground gangs and various organizations from across the world.

“Hey, take me out to play!”

Early in the morning, Neon, the Daughter of Light Nostrade, came to Allan’s room and started causing a ruckus.

“Miss, my job is to protect you, not be your tour guide.”

“I don’t care.

Dalzollene appointed you to protect me.

So you should listen to me.

Otherwise, you will lose your job.”

Unexpectedly, the little girl tried to threaten him.

Unfortunately for her, she was threatening the wrong person as Allan wasn’t afraid of losing his job.

Seeing Allan’s indifference, Neon was very angry.

“Hmph, you don’t want to take me Then I will go out alone.

If bad guys kidnap me, then let’s see how my father fires you.”

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Take Neon out, do your best as a bodyguard, and protect her.

Reward: Silver Treasure Chest.]

[2: Wait there to be fired.

Reward: Bronze Treasure chest.]

Both rewards were treasure chests, but anyone who played games before knows that Silver was a level higher than bronze.

For the sake of the Treasure Chest, Allan reluctantly said to Neon: “Well, I will take you out to play, but I’m only responsible for protecting you, so I won’t be your guide.”

Hearing this, Neon nodded proudly.

Allan didn’t expect this young Miss to be so casual about what happened last night and actually wake up early as nothing happened.

Allan sighed as he didn’t know whether this girl was brave or just lacked a brain.

There were two attendants along with Neon accompanying her.

These two were only a few years older than Neon.

They were under 20 and quite outstanding.

One was called Alisha, and the other one is Alimei.

They were similar in appearance, which meant they were twins.

In Allan’s eyes, those two were like Neon’s big sisters.

The twins were taking care of their wayward sister.

It was that simple.

“Where are we going” At the entrance of the Hotel, Neon crouched and asked.

“I already told you that I’m only here to protect you, not to be your tour guide.

Don’t ask me where you want to go.

You should decide on that yourself.” Allan said in a cold voice without any emotion.

Neon didn’t say anything when she saw Allan’s cold face.

The group of four started wandering around, shopping wherever they went with no apparent purpose.

But this is the fun of coming to play.

If they had a purpose, it wouldn’t have been fun.

Neon apparently found this kind of fun and took Allan all around.

The streets of Yorknew city were full of people who are here to visit the auction.

The Auction festival attracted a lot of tourists, and amongst the most popular locations are the major auctions.

Unconsciously, Allan and his group entered a local auction.

This auction was full of tourists and vendors with various commodities.

Everything here can’t be obtained normally.

The only way to get anything is through an auction.

Each product has a 24 hours auction time, during which everyone can place a bid.

Of course, each bird should be higher than the previous and so on.

When the 24 hours are over, the highest bidder will take the Item.

Unlike ordinary girls, Neon was interested in different things compared to what is provided here.

She has a quirk in which would make anyone’s scalp go numb.

She loves to collect all kinds of human parts, from tissues to eyeballs to bones and mummies.

She is what they call a human collector.

Obviously, this ordinary auction market cannot satisfy Neon’s quirks.

However, she is a girl, and like every girl, she has a thing for shopping.

Although the auction doesn’t have what she wants, there are quite a few weird items.

Allan, who is idle and bored, but suddenly an item grabbed his attention.

“Alisha, Alimei, I will leave for a bit.”


Although both were puzzled, they still nodded.

Allan went to a shop and saw hundreds of displayed items, one of those items was a painting that caught Allan’s attention.

On the surface, it was a portrait of a woman, but Allan noticed the Aura around it when he used Gyo.

There were some possibilities for an item to have an Aura around them.

The first possibility is the painter injected his Nen into the painting or unintentionally did so.

There is another possibility that this was a product of Nen in itself.

Allan took a look and noticed no one had made a bid on this Item.

In fact, in addition to the Aura around the painting, Allan could feel that it might contain some secrets.

Allan decisively bid for the painting.

The lowerest price was 5,000 Jenny, but he directly bid 50,000 Jenny.

If no one notices this painting, then it will be his.

After taking a look at the address of the shop, Allan left.

“Where have you been”

Seeing Allan coming back, Alisha asked.

“I took an interest in an item.” Allan didn’t explain too much.

After looking around, he didn’t see Neon.

“Where is your sister”

“Miss and Alimie went to the store in front to buy some clothes.

I was afraid that you would come back and won’t find us, so I stayed here waiting for you.” Alisha said.

Allan nodded.

He didn’t want to get involved with them buying clothes, so he stayed outside.

Seeing that Alisha was still outside waiting, Allan, who was bored, started a conversation: “Miss Alisha, are you married”

“Why, why did you ask so suddenly Of course, I’m not.”

Alisha was slightly flustered from the sudden question.

Obviously, it was the first time someone asked such a strange question.

Allan didn’t think she was that shy.

After replying with an ‘Oh,’ he asked again: “Do you have a target”

“No.” Alisha shook her head lightly.

Allan nodded as he knew that she was taking of Neon and didn’t have the time considering that wayward Miss.

“What about you” Seeing that Allan didn’t speak after a while, Alisha asked.

“I’m a golden bachelor (This means he is old and still single or a rich man who wants to be married).” Allan teased.

“Golden Bachelor” Alisha said amusedly.

Because of his ordinary-looking face, Alisha though he is nearly forty and a complete middle-aged uncle.

He had already passed his golden age, so how could he be considered a golden Bachelor.


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