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She was as good as Gon or slightly better in terms of progress.

Allan looked at her with admiration.

Originally, he thought that she was just an ordinary beautiful woman, but he didnt expect her talent to be not only good but maybe even better than Gon.

“Allan, thanks for your guidance in the past half a month.” Mito looked at him with sincerity.

She was just an ordinary woman, but now, she had realized how magical Nen was.

Nen can easily make her stronger.

Now, she wont have trouble fighting a few big guys alone.

Allan smiled mysteriously as Mito thanked him and replied: “It wasnt hard at all.

This is what I should do.”

Allan was already rewarded by the System as he taught Mito, and now, his Ice was even stronger than before.

It meant that his ability to make Ice is now even stronger than it was previously.

Mito didnt know what Allan was thinking, but she looked at him and blushed again: “Well, you dont need to be polite now, I did promise you anything if you teach me, so I have to keep my end of the deal.”

“Well, in that case, let me think for a bit.” Allan thought for a while, making Mito nervous.

“Have you decided” Mito asked, and without knowing why she was slightly nervous about his request.

Allan glanced up and down, sizing Mito up deliberately, and said: “Well, Generally speaking, there are two ways to thank me.”

“Which are”

“The first one is a verbal thanks, which is almost meaningless.”

“What about the other one”

Allan looked at Mito and said: “Well, its simple.

You will have to agree to the previous matter.”

Mito Blushed with a puff of smoke above her head.

Allan couldnt contain himself any longer and burst out laughing: “Haha, just kidding.

Im not a scum who would take advantage of others like that.”

Mito immediately looked at Allan fiercely.

This wasnt his first time teasing her, after all.

There is nothing to do on the island except for training, and he got happy each time he teased Mito and seeing her blush.

Fortunately for him, Mito wasnt angry.

She suddenly remembered something and became seriously: “By the way, Allan, can I ask you to do me a favor”

“Okay.” Allan said readily: “What is it”

Mito hesitated for a moment before she said: “Allan, can I ask you to go with Gon to the Hunter Exam”

“Why” Allan was taken aback.

To be honest, he wasnt interested in the Hunter exam.

Mito explained: “Gon grew up here where I could watch him, he is a child with a simple heart, and the outside world would most likely be really dangerous.

I dont want Gon to do anything he shouldnt do, so I hoped that you could accompany him.

If you are with him, I will be relieved.”

“Well, that right.

Gon is too naïve and easy to deceive.” Mito was really worried about Gon.

Allan couldnt help smiling when he heard this, because thats quite possible.

With Gon single-cell brain, he would definitively be deceived.

At this moment, the System gave Allan a choice.

[1: Accept Mitos request and participate in the Hunter Exam.

Reward: Marines Rokushiki, Geppo (Moon walk)]

[2: Reject Mitos request and let Gon fend for himself.

Reward: Marines Rokushiko, Soru.]

Allan was shocked.

The reward this time was from another world entirely.

It was from One Piece, the Rokushiki (Six powers of the Marine).

This was a rare ability for Allan and quite helpful as well.

As far as he knows, the Rokushiki are, Soru, Geppo, Tekkai, Shigan, Rankyaku, and Kami-e.

Soru and Geppo (Moon walk) are movement techniques, and Allan was more inclined to learn Geppo.

Soru is a high-speed movement technique that requires steeping on the ground a dozen times in less than a second, generating enough speed to disappear instantly and appear at the targeted location.

But this can be achieved normally in Hunter X Hunter world by concentrating Nen in the legs to increase speed.

But Geppo was different because stepping on the air isnt possible with just a bit of training in this world.

Being able to fly wasnt something normal Nen users are able to do.

And once Geppo is mastered, it would be like being gaining supremacy in the air.

In a battle, gaining supremacy over the air is an overwhelming advantage.

Even if he couldnt win, he would be able to run away without any trouble.

Therefore, Allan directly chose the first option.

He raised his head and patted his chest: “Dont worry, I will go with Gon to the Exam, leave Gon to me.”

“Allan, Thank you.” Mito was very grateful.

Allan helped her more than anyone else in her life.

“No problem.” Allan waved his hand.

He looked calm, but he was about to jump from joy.

Because just now, the System gave him his reward.

[Ding! You obtained Geppo (Moon Walk), from the Marines Rokushiki.]


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