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Chapter 166: Sleeping Beast



The Ryodan was a group of twelve, each one of them had a spider tattoo with a number representing the member.

Kurapika still didn’t know how many others attacked the auction aside from Uvogin.

Suddenly, Kurapika remembered a man and a woman.

“There are other two who came with you in the Hunter Exam, the blond woman, Pakunoda, and the man named Chrollo.

Where they your companions You only need to answer with yes or no.”

If Uvogin answers, Kurapika could confirm that they were indeed members of the Ryodan.

However, Uvogin sneered and said: “Kill me.

There is no way I will answer your questions.”

“I won’t kill you right away,” Kurapika said.

“You will regret that.” Uvogin sneered.

Kurapika snorted coldly and punched Uvogin in the face heavily.

“Even if you won’t answer me, I guess that Chrollo and Pakunoda are members of the Ryodan as well.

Let me tell you.

I will kill all of you, so you better hope that I won’t find the both of them.”

Hearing Kurapika’s threat, Uvogin said: “You want to get rid of the Gen’ei Ryodan by yourself You sure know how to dream.”

Kurapika was angered by Uvogin’s attitude and once again smashed his fist into the latter’s face.

He continued to punch continuously with Nen-enhanced fists.

At this moment, a melodious flute sound came from outside.

Hearing this, Kurapika calmed down.

Kurapika looked back and saw Melody standing in the distance playing her flute, which soothed his anger.

“Thank you, Melody.” Kurapika calmed down.

Without the flute music, Kurapika was sure that he would’ve killed Uvogin.

“Kurapika, are you okay” Melody stepped forward and asked.

“Well, I’m much better after listening to your flute.” Kurapika smiled.

“That’s good.” Melody breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Uvogin and asked: “This is the one who attacked the auction Is he one of the people who killed your clan”

Kurapika nodded: “This guy should have another person with him.

Let’s take him for interrogation first.

Melody, can you go get the scarlet eye fist It should still be in the auction now.”

Melody nodded and went backstage.

After getting the scarlet eyes, Kurapika said: “Okay, let’s go back.”

When they got out of the building, they saw corpses filling the place.

“It seems that there is another attack outside as well.”

Kurapika frowned, then turned toward Uvogin and said: “Your partner did this” Uvogin didn’t answer.

“How many came with you How many auctions are you after Are you the only one responsible for attacking the auctions Answer me!”

Uvogin stayed quiet.

“A$$hole, answer the damn question!”

Kurapika clenched his fist and punched Uvogin again.

Even Uvogin’s body which was as hard as steel, couldn’t defend against Kurapika’s attacks.

At this moment, he was greatly shocked because he was always confident about his body, but he felt great pain now.

“So, it’s anger and hatred that makes him stronger” Uvogin secretly thought.

“Kurapika, let’s go back before interrogating him.” Melody suggested.

Kurapika nodded and entered the car.

On the other side, Allan took Neon and left the auction place as well.

Dalzollene called Allan to ask about Neon’s safety.

After giving a brief report, Dalzollene told Allan about the attacks on the other auctions.

And Kurapika even managed to capture one of the attackers.

When they reached the hotel, Allan asked Baise, Ivienkov, and Squala to look after Neon.

“Is Miss Neon okay” Dalzollene asked immediately after they got there.

“I’m the one protecting her.

Of course, she is okay.

Now that she is here, I asked Baise and the others to protect her.” Hearing this, Dalzollene nodded.

After that, Allan followed Dalzollene to the basement.

Inside a room in the basement, Allan saw Kurapika and Melody, as well as a beaten and tied-up Uvogin.

Because Allan was disguised, Uvogin couldn’t recognize him.

But the current Uvogin had his left hand.

He had no idea which helped him from the Ryodan to get a new hand.

In any case, Uvogin was currently a trapped beast, and there is no way for him to escape.

“Kurapika, how did you catch him” Allan asked curiously.

In fact, he already guessed that he used the chains, but he still asked.

Sure enough, Kurapika answered: “I caught him with the chains.”

“Well, what do you plan on doing with him”

“I suggest that we hand him over to the ten Dons because he was responsible for the destruction of their auction.”

“No way.” Kurapika directly refused.

“I won’t hand over that person to anyone.”

“Why” Dalzollene asked in confusion.

“Because he is not only the person who attacked the auction, but also my enemy,” Kurapika said blankly.

Hearing this, Dalzollene was a little surprised.


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