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Chapter 168: Worm

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“Do you have anything to say before you die” Kurapika asked coldly.

“Heh, you want revenge You’re just killing yourself; my companions will come and kill you shortly.”

Facing Uvogin’s threat, Kurapika just raised his hand, and his chain extended before piercing Uvogin’s heart ending his life.

Allan glanced at Uvogin and felt a little pity.

If he used Yatsufusa, he could get stronger easily.

“I wonder how much Nen I will get using Predator from Uvogin’s corpse”

He glanced at Kurapika and could see that he wasn’t happy even though he killed a Spider.

“Kurapika, what do you plan to do with the body” Allan asked.

“I can only bury it,” Kurapika said.

“Then, I have a suggestion.” Allan thought for a bit before he said.

“What do you suggest” Kurapika looked at him.

“You want to find out who is this guy’s partner, right” Allan pointed at Uvogin and said.

Kurapika nodded: “Yes, I have a personal grievance with them.”

“Then, instead of burying him, it would be better to hand him over to the Ten Dons.

They would inform the world that they already captured one of the attackers, which his partners would definitively see and come looking for the one who captured him.”

Kurapika thought about it before looking at Dalzollene and said: “Captain, I will trouble you to hand over this body to the auction organizers.”

“Well, leave it to me,” Dalzollene said.

Handing over Uvogin’s body on behalf of the Nostrade family can gain them some favors from the ten Dons, which made Dalzollene happy.

“I have contacted the Ten Dons through the boss, and I will get his body to them,” Dalzollene said.

“In that case, I will go with you,” Allan said.

“But, isn’t your duty to protect Miss Neon It would be better to go back to the hotel.” Dalzollene said.

“Miss Neon is fine as long as she stays in the hotel, and Baise is with her.”

Allan then smiled: “The point is that if you, the captain, were to be caught by this guy’s partners while transporting his body, do you think you can escape alone”

Dalzollene felt embarrassed, and after thinking about it, he nodded: “Ok then, please go with me.

I will feel more at ease with you along.”

Although he was the captain, Dalzollene knew that Allan was stronger than he is, and he agreed with his logic.

“In that case, I’ll go too.” Kurapika also stepped up when Allan was about to go.

Dalzollene looked at Allan for his confirmation, and Allan nodded: “Kurapika caught him and is qualified to go with us.”

“Then, Melody, you and Basho will stay in the villa,” Dalzollene said.

“Captain, let me go as well,” Melody said after some hesitation.

She could feel Kurapika’s heartbeat and mental state were unstable, and the only thing she could do is calm him down with her flute.

“Let her follow, don’t underestimate her, Captain,” Allan said.

Since even Allan has spoken, Dalzollene naturally didn’t argue.

The group of four set off with Uvogin’s body in the trunk of the car.

An hour later, they reached their destination.

“The Dons are coming.

Let’s wait.” Dalzollene said after making a call.

After waiting for a few minutes, Allan noticed strange movement on the ground, and the presence was getting closer and closer.

Dalzollene and Kurapika became alert, seeing Allan alert.

Allan stared at the ground under his feet, and then something flushed out.

“Don’t be nervous.

I’m warm, one of the Shadow Beasts.” The monster said.

“Shadow beast The direct escort of the Dons I didn’t think there will be some heavyweights here.” Dalzollene said in shock.

Allan looked at warm and remembered him to be one of the small fries that attacked Uvogin and can travel freely underground.

“You’re the bodyguards of the Nostrade family” Warm asked.

They nodded

“You are the ones who contacted us and said you caught one of the attackers of the auction, right”

“Yes,” Dalzollene said respectfully.

“So, where is he” warm asked.

“In the trunk of the car.” Dalzollene opened the trunk.

“Is he dead” Seeing Uvogin lying down motionlessly, warm frowned.

“Ues, he was killed during the fight.” Dalzollene didn’t mention Kurapika killing him.

“Although he is dead, I can feel that he is very strong.” Warm stared at Uvogin’s body and said, then he looked at Kurapika and said: “Did you kill him What’s your name”


“Well, Kurapika, you need to provide details of the battle.

We will follow up based on the information provided.” Warm asked.

“This person is a member of the Genie Ryodan, and his name is Uvogin,” Kurapika said.

Warm was a little surprised: “So, the spiders were after the attack No wonder.”

“Warm, do you know how many of them there are” Kurapika asked.

“I don’t know; there may have dozens of people.”

“Actually, this is the first time I encountered a spider.”

“By the way, I heard that everyone from the Ryodan has a spider tattoo on their back.

I want to check.”

After confirming that Uvogin was a spider, Worm said: “Thank you for your assistance.

This is a great piece of information.

We are now certain that the Ryodan was behind the attack.”

After that, Warm took out a phone from somewhere and reported what he found to the Dons.

The Dons immediately started tracing the whereabouts of the spiders and offered a bounty for them.

Regardless of whether you live or die, if you kill a spider, you can get from 500 million to a billion.

“Okay, this corpse is no longer useful.

I will trouble you to deal with it.

I’m now going to join the Shadow beasts to pursue the Ryodan.

If there is a need, we will contact you.”

After saying this, Warm burrowed into the ground and disappeared.

“Is the Shadow Beast gone” Dalzollene asked as he looked at Allan.

“Well, he is gone,” Allan said as he felt Warm move away.

“With the Shadow beasts dispatched, the Gen’ie Ryodan organization are so dead,” Dalzollene said.

Allan shook his head: “No, you think too little of them.”

Kurapika agreed with Allan’s words: “Yes, although this Warm person looks good, he is not as strong as Uvogin.”

Dalzollene was surprised: “Is the Ryodan stronger than the Shadow Beasts The latter is a unit under the direct order of the Ten Dons, and each member is a famous killer.”

Kurapika didn’t reply, and Allan said: “Anyway, it’s the Shadow beast’s problem.

Let’s just see what happens.”

“By the way, how will you deal with the body” Dalzollene asked.

“Please help me bury the corpse,” Kurapika said tiredly.

The side effect of his previous battle took place, and he needed to rest.

“Leave it to me,” Allan said.

“Okay, I will trouble you,” Kurapika replied.

Dalzollene and Kurapika moved away, and Allan using his Predator ability and started absorbing Uvogin’s Nen.

After ten minutes, Allan’s Nen increased by 20,000 points.

“Now, I have about 100,000 Points in my normal state, and if I use all of my strength, I can reach 130,000 points.” Allan estimated.

“Well, I no longer have a use for you.”

Allan raised his hand and froze Uvogin, and he shattered it completely.

After this, Allan returned to the Villa.


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