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Chapter 171: Message


In a hotel room, Phinks Magcub quickly found all the information about the Nostrade family on the internet.

“Chief, the leader of the Nostrade Family, is called Light Nostrade and one of the cadres of the Ritz family.

I think I should mention that the reason Light Nostrade was able to climb his way up is because of the Nen ability of his daughter.”

Chrollo frowned: “His daughter’s ability Can his daughter use Nen”

“This lady is called Neon Nostrade and was born with a divination ability in the form of a poem.

She can predict good and bad fortune that would happen to someone in a month.” Phinks Magcub explained.

“Oh” Even the well-informed Chrollo didn’t know about this ability which slightly surprised him.

“That’s really interesting.”

“Because of this ability, many people would seek her out to look into their future.

When there is something bad, as long as you obey the warnings, you can escape a catastrophe.

Light Nostrade quickly climbed to his current position relying on this ability.

However, this caused many people to target his daughter, and he hired a group of bodyguards to protect her from anything.”

“Can you find the information about those bodyguards” Chrollo frowned.

“Yes, give me a moment.”

After ten minutes, Phinks Magcub found every information he can about the bodyguards of the Nostrade family.

“The captain of the guards is called Dalzollene, and the bodyguards are called Basho, Melody, Baise, Allan….”


Hearing this, Chrollo was startled and said: “Phinks, is there a picture of the bodyguard named Allan Show it to me.”

“Yea, each of them has a photo on the website.”

Phinks Magcub opened the picture, and as Chrollo saw it, he breathed a sigh of relief and said: “It seems like just a name.”

Just now, when he heard the name Allan, he thought it was the Allan he knew.

Fortunately, it was another person.

If it was the Allan he knew, it would’ve been tricky since he knew Allan’s power and how quickly he can progress.

He had no doubt that Allan can kill Uvogin.

However, he didn’t rule out the possibility of appearance changing ability.

Speaking of which, there is a grudge between Uvogin and Allan.

Uvogin’s death might really be related to Allan.

Chrollo frowned and said: “Phinks, let me see the pictures of all the bodyguards.”

Since they could kill Uvogin, then they are not so simple.

As he looked at the pictures, Chrollo’s expression changed slightly: “Wait, this person is….”

“Chief, do you know him” Phinks Magcub asked.

“Zoom in on the photo of Kurapika.”

After seeing him, Chrollo said: “I can’t be wrong.

It’s really him.”

“Chief, you know this Kuapika” Phinks Magcub was curious.

Chrollo nodded and said: “This Kurapika participated in the Hunter exam with me, Pakunoda, and Uvogin.”

Pakunoda walked and took a look, then nodded and said: “I’ve seen him.”

Chrollo said in a deep voice: “You know, Pakunoda, he passed the exam like me in the end and got a license.”

Phinks frowned and said: “This means he is a professional Hunter This can be tricky.”

“He isn’t an ordinary one as well.

This guy has a background linked to us.” Chrollo said.

“Who is he, Chief” Everyone was curious now.

“He is a survivor of the kurta clan.”

When Chrollo said this, Phinks and the others were surprised.

“The kurta clan, isn’t that the red-eyed tribe we wiped out a few years ago”

“Yes, Kurapika is a survivor of that clan,” Chrollo said.

“It makes sense then that Uvogin died.

That Kurapika guy is probably want to avenge his clan.”

Phinks Magcub made a guess, and Chrollo nodded and said: “I think so as well.”

“What’s the matter with the kurta clan Who are they” Shizuku asked.

Machi looked at Shizuku and said: “Don’t you know Oh, you joined us later and didn’t participate in that event.”

“The eyes of the Kurta clan are hailed as one of the seven beauties of the world.

A few years ago, the Chief led us, and we destroyed them and took their eyes.

Thus, Kurapika is after us to avenge his clan.

In other words, he hates the Ryodan more than anything in the world.” Machi explained.

“Mm.” Shizuku nodded and then mattered: “In that case, it shouldn’t matter to me because I wasn’t a member then.”

“Well, you are a member now, and that guy wants to get his revenge from all of the Ryodan, whether you participated in the massacre or not,” Machi said.

“So, what should we do now” Asked Shizuku.

Everyone looked at Chrollo, who said solemnly: “Phinks, help us find the property of the Nostrade Family in Yorknew City and investigate them one by one.

First, tell me the whereabouts of Neon Nostrade.”

“Chief, are you going to take her Divination” Pakunoda asked.

Chrollo nodded: “We can’t act recklessly in this matter.

If I go after Kurapika now, I think an accident is bound to happen.

So we will find Neon and use her fortune telling to make our plan.”

Half an hour later, Phinks said: “Chief, I found the hotel that she is staying in.”

Chrollo nodded and said: “Well, you guys stay here.

For the time being, I will go with Machi.”

“Be careful, Chief,” Pakunoda said.

“Don’t worry.

I will be okay.” Chrollo smiled.


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