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Chapter 172: Neon


The news of the annihilation of the Shadow Beasts quickly spread amongst the Mafia and the underworld’s organization.

The Shadow beasts were the most powerful guards of the ten dons, and since they can’t deal with the enemy, then the ordinary members were helpless against them as well.

Therefore, the Mafia didn’t dare move, but they still reported the matter to the ten dons.

As for the old men, they wanted to save their faces that were lost by the Shadow Beasts and directly hired the world’s top Assassins to deal with the Ryodan.

This news reached Dalzollene, and he directly informed Allan, Kurapika, and the others.

“The Shadow Beasts were lured out and were destroyed.”

“That’s expected.” Allan sneered: “I said long ago, third rate Nen users like the Shadow Beasts has nothing on the Gen’ie Ryodan.”

“Yea, but I didn’t expect them to be so strong.

Now that the Shadow beasts are destroyed, will they find us next

We are the ones who gave them the corpse of Uvogin, and if they discover that we did it, things will be troublesome.” Dalzollene frowned.

“I think they already know that Uvogin was killed by the Nostrade Family bodyguards, and they have our information as well,” Allan said lightly.

Hearing this, Dalzollene’s face changed: “What should we do If they come here, we will be in trouble, and maybe the Nostrade Family is done for.

No, I have to report this to the boss as soon as possible.”

At this moment, Allan remembered something and said: “This is bad.

Neon might be in danger.

I will go right now.”

When Allan left, Chrollo and Machi were already in the hotel where Neon was staying.

Neon was quite angry at the moment since the auction was attacked and she didn’t get any item she wanted.

Squala and Ivienkov felt quite angry, but they repressed their feelings as it was their duty to be here.

“Miss, don’t be angry.

We will accompany you to the mall tomorrow.”

“Besides, the auction festival will last till the tenth of this month, and young miss still has an opportunity to go to the auction again.”

The two attendants, Alisha, and Alemie, said to calm Neon down.

However, Squala and Ivienkov were driven out of the room.

“I don’t want to see you two, just go out and stand guard.” The two were angry as they obeyed and left the room.

In fact, they wanted to go outside for a while, and it was better than looking at this spoiled lady making trouble all day.

“What’s wrong, were you driven out by the young lady”

Baise asked Squala and Ivienkov as she returned from the bathroom.

“That stubborn wayward brat is annoying, and all she knows is mess around with money,” Squala complained.

“If you’re not happy, you can resign.

No one is stopping you.” Baise smiled.

“Resign No, even though protecting that brat is irritating, they pay us well, and I have a lot of dogs to feed, so I can’t live without this job.” Squala helplessly said.

“Well, you two will just watch over her here.

I’m hungry, so I’m out to have a meal, then come back later.” With that, Baise left.

“Remember to bring something for us, and we are hungry as well.” Squala and Ivienkov said.

Baise made an Ok gesture before taking the elevator to the first floor.

Although it was past midnight, the city was still lively, and the streets were full of people, and the shops were open.

This is the city that never sleeps.

On the other side, Allan was rushing toward the hotel, and suddenly, his cell phone rang.

Taking a glance, he saw that Baise was the one calling him.

“Hello, what’s the matter”

“The lady was taken away.” Baise was flustered.

Allan frowned and said: “What happened”

“It was a man and a woman.

They killed Squala and Ivienkov, then knocked out the lady and took her away.

They left by car.”

Allan directly asked: “Where are you now”

“At the convenience store opposite of the hotel.” Baise quickly said.

“Wait for me there, and I am close.”

A few minutes later, Allan was in front of the convenience store.

“Get in and tell me what happened.” Allan opened the door and let Baise in.

“Nothing happened to you” Allan asked.

“I was hungry and came down to have a snack, which made me escape this.

Otherwise, I would be dead like Squala and the others.” Baise blushed a little.

Allan nodded and asked: “Where are the Lady’s caretakers”

“They are fine, but they are quite frightened,” Baise said.

“So What should we do now Do we call the others and go rescue the lady” Baise asked nervously.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Rescue Neon.

Reward: Star Platinum]

[2: Call the other bodyguard and go together to rescue Neon.

Reward: (T/N: The Author didn’t write this one.)]

[3: The risk is too great.

Let nature take its course.

Reward: Increase Nen by 2,000 points.]

Allan didn’t even hesitate a second and chose the first option.

It was his job to rescue Neon, and the reward was just a bonus.

Allan glanced at Baise and asked: “Do you know which way they went”

“I remember the car’s plate number, and they were headed to the west street.

If we chase after them now, we might be able to catch up.” Baise said.

“Okay, sit tight.”

At this moment, Allan turned the car around and chased after the Ryodan quickly.

His job was Neon’s safety, and since they had taken her away, he is responsible for bringing her back unharmed.

Therefore, Allan wanted to rescue Neon as he didn’t want the blame to fall on him and hinder any further jobs he might have in the future.

Furthermore, Star Platinum is a great motivator as well.


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