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Chapter 175: Memory Bullet

Inside the abandoned building, the atmosphere became gloomy as the poems of Neon told them that most of them are going to die.

As the leader of the group, Chrollo had to make a decision as fast as he can.

1: Leave as soon as possible and avoid death and save strength.

2: Stay here and face death.

“Chief, what do we do” Machi asked as her instinct was going high wire, and she suggested: “I think it’s better to leave this place for now.”

Chrollo thought for a bit and said: “Machi is right.

From the poems, we know that we are in danger and should leave quickly.

Those who want to leave can do it now, and I won’t block you and blame you.”

Hearing this, everyone looked around, but no one of them left.

However, at this time, Hisoka said: “In that case, I will leave first, because according to the poem, If I don’t leave this cave, I will die.

Although I want to see who is this god of death, my instincts are telling me to leave.”

Chrollo nodded: “Okay, Hisoka; you can go.”

“I hope I will see you alive soon then.” Hisoka smiled and left.

Watching Hisoka walking out, Phinks exclaimed: “Chief, you will let him go”

“Phinks, you can leave as well,” Chrollo said calmly.

“Chief, I won’t leave, not till Nobunaga, Feitan, and Franklin are back, and we avenge Uvogin.”

“Yeah, Chief, if we leave like this, I will be unfair, and if we did leave, won’t that make us afraid That’s not our style.”

The remaining members were obviously as unwilling as Phinks, but no one knows if they were thinking like that at heart.

Chrollo said seriously: “The spider is a whole body, and in danger, something it cut off a part of itself to survive.

Moreover, the purpose of divination is to allow us to avoid death.

If we chose to stay here, then there won’t be a purpose for taking the girl, right”

“At least, before leaving, let us get the guy who killed Uvogin,” Phinks suggested.

He was truly angered about Uvogin’s death.

Chrollo frowned and said: “We don’t know if Uvogin died by Kurapika’s hands.

If he did, then there is a 90% chance that that Kurapika is the person in the poem who will bring death to us.

If we seek revenge, then according to the poem, we will suffer some losses even if we managed to kill him, which won’t be worth it.”

Phinks didn’t listen: “Anyways, we should find Kurapika’s location, and even if he is the god of death, we will deal with him.”

“According to the information gathered by Shalnark, Kurapika is employed by the Nostrade Family.

It should be difficult to find his location.” Machi said.

Chrollo looked at Neon and asked: “This girl is the daughter of Light Nostrade.

She should know where Kurapika is.”

“Do you know Kurapika” Machi looked at Neon.

“I don’t know.” Neon scratched her head.

“Impossible, he is a bodyguard hired for you.

You should know him.” Machi looked fiercely at Neon.

Neon was frightened as she explained: “Our family hired many bodyguards, and I can’t remember all of them.

I only know a few….”

Hearing this, Chrollo said: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, but you should at least know where the bodyguards are staying, right”

“I…” Neon hesitated before saying: “I don’t know as well.

I only stay at the hotel.”

Chrollo turned his head and said to Pakunoda: “Forget it, Pakunoda, sue your ability to find out the memory of the last two days.”

“What are you looking for” Pakunoda asked.

“Bodyguards, the ones beside her, and anything that should matter to us currently,” Chrollo said in a deep tone.

“Okay.” Pakunoda nodded.

“What are you doing” Seeing Pakunoda walking toward her, Neon exclaimed in terror and said: “I just told you your fortune, you want to kill me now”

Pakunoda smiled and said: “Relax, I just want to get some information from you, and I won’t hurt you.”

“I can tell you whatever you want.” Neon said.

“No, I just need to ask a question and touch you to know.”

Saing this, Pakunoda put a hand on Neon’s head and activated her Nen, and said: “Psychometry!”

By touching any part of a human or an object, Pakunoda could use her ability to see the recent memories of said human or object, and she can shoot out those memories using her Memory Bomb.

The Memory bomb is a special Nen Bullet Pakunoda use with her gun to share memories.

Soon, Pakunoda could see Neon’s Memories, and her expression became serious.

“What’s wrong, Pakunoda” Seeing Pakunoda’s expression, Phinks asked.

“I will let you know through the Memory Bomb.” After this, Pakunoda formed the bullets and shot everyone in the head to share the memories.

In an instant, a lot of pictures and memories invaded every member’s brain.

In those memories, they could see Franklin and Feitan killing the guests in the auction, and taking the items.

However, an ugly guy in a suit appeared and fought Franklin fiercely before the memories ended.


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