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 Chapter 176: The Meeting

Chrollo and the others saw Neon’s Memory of what happened in the auction.

“Chief, what do you think” Shalnark asked.

Chrollo said seriously: “First, that place is Feitan and Franklin’s target.

They successfully infiltrated it and killed most of the guests there, and intended to take most of the items.

As for the man in the suit that Franklin fought, he is obviously one of the guests in the auction and a bodyguard hired by the Nostrade Family, but this doesn’t stop here….”

Chrollo looked gloomy as he continued: “I can’t be wrong about this.

That guy in the suit is the Allan I knew.

Although he changed his appearance, I can’t change how he moves.

He and Uvogin fought in the Hunter exam, and he has the ability to create Ice.

Just now, as you saw in the Memory Bomb when he faced Franklin’s bullets, he used an ice wall to defend against them.”

Pakunoda also knew Allan and said: “Chief, I think it’s him.

Although he changed his appearance, I can still recognize his body shape, which is indeed similar.”

When Machi heard the word Allan, she also said: “Could it me the man who froze me in The Heaven’s arena”

“That’s him.” Chrollo nodded.

Phinks, Shalnark, and the others didn’t know Allan, but from Chrollo’s words, they could tell that he is very strong.

“Is he strong, Chief” Phinks asked.

Chrollo nodded: “Very strong, and the most important thing is besides Ice making, he has many other abilities.

For example, he can fly by stepping on the air.

He is fast and strong and can cover his fist and any part of his body with something black that makes him as strong as Uvogin.

Moreover, he is a really good Swordsman, maybe on par with Nobunaga, and has other talents.”

Phinks couldn’t believe this, but Chrollo didn’t seem to be joking around and said: “Then, I really want to see if that guy is that good.”

As soon as he said this, He heard a slightly joking voice speaking: “You want to see me, I’m here, you know.”

Phinks was surprised as well as the other members.

Even Chrollo’s usually calm face changed because he didn’t sense anyone.

A figure appeared from a dark corridor slowly.

Suddenly, Phinks, Machi, and the others were on guard.

However, without Chrollo’s orders, no one took action.

Chrollo stared at the man and said: “Although you changed your voice and shape, you can’t hide your presence.

Is that you, Allan”

“As expected of you, Chrollo, since you recognize me, I won’t bore you with pretending.”

In the next second, Allan changed back to his original appearance.

“So it’s really you:” Chrollo frowned and asked: “Allan, how did you find this place”

“A colleague of mine found out you took Neon, and I tracked your car,” Allan said.

Chrollo couldn’t believe Allan.

After all, he made Kortopi dump several copies of the car and make the illusion of all the buildings around this place.

Allan seemed to guess Chrollo’s doubt and said: “Most of the buildings outside are illusions made by Nen, and the real thing was hidden inside, so I just passed the illusion and found your base.”

“So that’s the case.

It’s no wonder you found us then.” Chrollo said with a dark voice and asked: “Then, why are you here”

Allan shrugged: “It’s very simple.

You should know that I’m employed by the Nostrade family as that miss bodyguard, and it’s my job to protect her.

You kidnapped her, which troubles me greatly.

So my purpose should be clear.

As long as you give me that miss, I will leave.”

Chrollo glanced at Neon next to him and said: “I can let her go.

She already told us our fortune, but….”

“Oh, but what” Allan asked.

“You fought against my men in the auction before, right You should know, Franklin and Feitan.” Chrollo asked.

Allan glanced at Neon and saw her frightened but not hurt.

He glanced at Pakunoda beside her and concluded that the latter used her Psychometry and shared everything with her Memory Bomb.

If that’s the case, there was no need to deny anything, so he nodded and admitted: “Yes, I did fight them.

They were good, so they are members of your group”

Hearing this, Chrollo’s heart sunk.

Allan was standing here while Franklin and Feitan didn’t return.

This shows the result of the battle.

There is a possibility that both were captured, and in the worst case, both were dead.

Chrollo couldn’t help asking: “Who won Where are they now”

Chrollo wanted to know what happened.

Allan said: “We fought and the two of them left the city.

In addition, they said they were living the Ryodan and asked me to help deliver the message to you and hope you will respect their choice.”

“You’re lying.” Chrollo said coldly: “Franklin and Feitan won’t leave without a word.

Tell me, Allan, where are they Are they alive or dead”

Allan stayed silent for a bit, then shrugged: “Well, they didn’t leave.

They are now under me.”

“Impossible.” Chrollo couldn’t believe Allan’s words at all.

“You don’t believe me” Allan sneered: “Then how about I call them out, and you see for yourself.”

After that, Allan shouted: “Franklin, Feitan, come out.

Your former Boss wants to see you.”

As the voice fell, two figures slowly walked out behind him.

One was big, and the other was small.


At this time, Chrollo couldn’t maintain his composure as he stared at Franklin and Feitan behind Allan with disbelief.

The members present were surprised as well.

“Why would franklin and Feitan join this guy That’s impossible.”

Everyone, including Chrollo, had the same thought and were full of doubt.


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