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Chapter 178: The World Of Tsukuyomi! Part 1

“Chrollo, no matter how much time passes in the world, it would be a second outside.

Your underlings won’t find anything strange because when they react, this technique would be over.”

Chrollo, who was tied to a pillar, was surprised.

From Allan’s description, he concluded that technique was a strong hypnotic illusion.

“In other words, I’m hypnotized, and now I’m in your spiritual world” Chrollo asked.

“Correct.” Allan smiled: “For the next 72 hours, I will use the sword in my hand to stab you without interruption.

In other words, you will suffer for 72 hours of torture.

It depends on your willpower to keep going for that long.”

Hearing this, Chrollo frowned: “What if I can’t keep going”

“You won’t die, but your spirit won’t be able to bear the torment and be on the verge of collapse.”

“In other words, this is a mental attack, right”

“Yes, Chrollo.

You’re very smart; I hope your spirit is strong.

Otherwise, you will be miserable.”

When Allan finished talking, his sword directly slashed Chrollo.

A deep wound appeared on Chrollo’s body, and blood gushed out.

Chrollo frowned due to the pain.

The pain was very real, as if his real body was cut.

However, Chrollo knew that this pain was due to the strength of Allan’s illusion.

The second slash came, and Chrollo took a breath as the pain intensified.

The third slash, the fourth, the fifth…

Chrollo felt that the 72 hours were too long.

He couldn’t remember how many times he was slashed open.

At first, he was able to keep himself awake, but later the pain swallowed his consciousness.

As far as the people outside the illusion know, Chrollo was just standing and glaring at Allan with Killing intent, and the next second, he was on his knees.

He seemed very weak and on the verge of losing consciousness.

Pakunoda, Machi, Shizuku, Kortopi, Shalnark, Bonolenov, and Phinks didn’t understand what happened.

“That’s really embarrassing, Chrollo,” Allan said with disappointment apparent in his voice.

Allan sighed as he looked at Chrollo.

He thought that Chrollo could preserve for 72 hours since Kakashi did preserve when Itachi used it on him, even if he was unconscious afterward.

Well, Tsukuyomi was the strongest Sharingan Illusion, so even if Chrollo was stronger than ordinary people, he wouldn’t be able to withstand such a technique.

“You, what did you do to Chief” Machi glared at Allan.

The other members looked at Allan with Hostility.

Although they didn’t know what happened to cause Chrollo’s sudden weakness, from Allan’s words, it seemed like he was the reason for it.

“What’s wrong with that guy’s eyes” Phinks stared at Allan’s eyes and was puzzled.

“Phinks, don’t look into his eyes,” Shalnark said seriously.

“It seems like Chief looked into in his eyes and then became like that.”

Shalnark’s words surprised phinks and the others.

Just looking at Allan’s eyes caused their leader to be in such a state

“Shalnark, you’re really smart.” Allan glanced at him with admiration: “Are you interested in joining me”


“That’s a shame.” Allan shrugged.

“You haven’t answered yet.

What did you do to Chief” Shalnark frowned.

“You can see for yourself.

Oh, I didn’t do anything, since all of you were here, did you see me move from my place at all Also, you should send him to a head specialist soon, and I’m sure he will be hospitalized for some time as is.”

All of them glared at Allan.

They didn’t see Allan make any move.

That was a fact, so they had no evidence that directly indicates that Allan caused the current state of Chrollo.

They knew that Allan was the cause, but they didn’t have any way to prove that he did it.

Of course, they weren’t detectives looking for proof.

All they were worried about was his weird ability.

Assuming that Allan did the same to one of them, they would be in a worse state than their leader because they knew that they weren’t comparable to him.

Their only advantage right now is their number.

If they attack together, they might be able to subdue Allan.

However, they didn’t attack for two reasons.

First, they didn’t know the extent of Allan’s power, and second, their Chief’s current situation.

It was the first time they saw Chrollo in his current state.

They were currently in a bad situation.

They were struggling as they didn’t know what to do right now.

Chrollo was the leader who gave them orders, and with him now unable to do so, and they couldn’t make a decision.

At this moment, Machi said: “Let take Chief and go.

I’m afraid if we don’t get him to the hospital soon, the situation will become worse.”

Most of the members didn’t object to Machi’s proposal, but they didn’t agree either.

Seeing how difficult it was for them to make a decision, Allan said: “I advise you that you don’t think about doing anything to me, or you will suffer.

Now, it’s best to follow Machi’s advice and take your leader and leave.”

Hearing this, the member of the Ryodan looked at each other.

Although they didn’t want to admit it, Allan’s power was unknown to them, but he was able to handle someone as strong as their leader.

Otherwise, Chrollo wouldn’t have been in his current state.

Shalnark, who was the smart guy in the Ryodan, said: “Well, let’s take Chief and leave.

For now, all of us will leave.”

“Damn it, and what about him then” Phinks glared at Allan.

He couldn’t bear the thought of surrendering to Allan like that and escape.

“I understand how you feel, Phinks, but there is no other choice.

Our current situation isn’t good, and we can no longer cause trouble for now.” Shalnark said.

Phinks could only snort.

Although he was unhappy, he said nothing else.


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