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Chapter 178: The World Of Tsukuyomi! Part 2

When they were about to leave, Machi looked at Allan and asked: “Can you tell me what did you do to Chief”

“Tsukuyomi,” Allan said casually.


“Yes, Chrollo’s spirit was greatly damaged.

That is the reason for his current state.” Allan explained.

“So, what will happen to him” Machi asked.

Allan shook his head: “I don’t know, if he can regain his consciousness, there wouldn’t be any problem.

He would just need ten to fifteen days of rest, and he will be fine.

But if he doesn’t wake up, he may stay in a coma for the rest of his life.

Because of his damaged spirit, the coma is actually a self-protection mechanism from his body.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Machi was worried.

They quickly left the temporary base with the unconscious Chrollo.

Right now, only Neon and Allan were left inside the building.

Fortunately, Chrollo didn’t do anything to Neon.

“Hey, wake up.” Allan poked Neon’s head to wake her up.

Neon opened her eyes quickly and was confused when she saw Allan.

“Who are you”

“Don’t you recognize me” Allan asked her.

“Should I know you” Neon asked innocently.

“Of course, I’m your bodyguard after all,” Allan said.

“My bodyguard, are you….” Neon stared at Allan carefully before she said: “Are you, Allan”

Allan nodded: “That’s me.”

“Eh, Eh… Eeeeh” Neon was extremely surprised: “Why do you look so young and handsome”

“This is how I normally look, as I just changed my appearance with a disguise technique,” Allan explained.

Neon nodded, then asked: “Right, where are those people Where did they go”

Allan knew that she was asking about the Ryodan and said: “I drove them away.”

“Mm.” Neon didn’t doubt his words.

“Then, let’s go back now,” Allan said.

“Can you carry me back” Neon said while blushing slightly.

“Why” Allan asked puzzledly.

“Because I’m sleepy, I don’t have any strength left to walk anymore.” Neon said.

“You don’t have any energy”

“Well, those guys made me tell their fortune one after the other, so I feel really sleepy right now, and I have no strength left.” Neon explained.

Allan hesitated for a moment before he nodded and said: “Well, don’t say that I took advantage of you later.”

“I won’t.

You saved me after all.

And thank you, even if it is late.” Neon blushed and leaned her head on Allan’s back.

And just like that, Allan and Neon returned to the hotel.

Allan didn’t want the others to see him as he was, especially Kurapika.

So when he returned, he used the disguise technique again.

After that, Allan returned to the villa and told Dalzollene about the situation as the latter was the captain.

Dalzollene’s heart finally calmed down as he heard that Neon was safe and said: “Thanks, Allan.

If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have found Miss Neon right now.”

Allan waved his hand as if it was nothing because it was his job in the first place.

“By the way, Allan, how did you rescue Miss Neon from the Gen’ei Ryodan” Dalzollene asked curiously.

“It’s very simple.

I fought their leader, I won, so they let Neon go.” Allan said in a relaxed tone.

“Although I don’t know how strong their leader is, I know that he was stronger than any of us can imagine since even the Shadow beasts weren’t a match for them.

You’re incredibly strong.”

“so my Bodyguard job should be over now, right If your evaluation of my job is good, then please send the rest of the money to my card.” Allan said.

“No problem, I will report to the boss immediately,” Dalzollene said.

At this moment, Kurapika came over and said: “Allan, can I ask you something.”

“Ask away.” Allan knew what Kurapika wanted to ask.

“Have you seen the Ryodan’s members”

“Yes.” Allan nodded.

“Where are they now” Kurapika asked impatiently.

“They should have already left Yorknew city,” Allan replied.

Hearing this, Kurapika couldn’t believe this: “Why did they leave How do you know”

“Their leader is injured,” Allan replied.

“Injured Did you fight against the leader of the Ryodan” Kurapika asked in surprise.

“Um.” Allan nodded.

“Can you tell me what their leader looks like” Kurapika asked.

“Very young.” Allan only said this.

“What about the other members”

“Sorry, I don’t remember them very well.

Although I know they are your enemies, I can’t help you much.”

Hearing this, Kurapika nodded and didn’t ask anymore.

A day later, Allan received 300 million Jenny for protecting Neon, and with this, his contract came to an end.

Before leaving, Allan went to say goodbye to Neon specifically.

Neon didn’t want him to go, but she knew that she couldn’t do anything about it.

After leaving the Nostrade Family, Allan used his money to play for a few days in Yorknew city and bought an apartment worth 200 million Jenny.

After that, Allan contacted Zeno.

Zeno once again gave Allan a contract.

The contract was very simple, and all Allan had to do was kill a certain someone who had a bounty on his head.

Allan was bored, so he took the job, and after a week in Yorknew city, he set off.

The name of this criminal is Martin.

He is suspected of killing 42 important people, and is classified as a dangerous criminal, and is wanted by many countries.

As long as anyone can kill him, they can get 500 million Jenny.

However, it wasn’t easy to find him, and it wasn’t easy to kill him, even if you manage to find him.

Since he had a first-degree bounty on his head, it means that he is strong.

After half a month of investigation, Allan finally found Martin’s whereabout and directly took an airship to his location.

After two days, Allan arrived at a small country, and according to his investigation, Martin was hiding here.


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