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Chapter 179: Holy Light Church

The Kingdom’s name was the Lofi Kingdom.

It was located on a small island with about 5,000 Square meters with a population of about 100,000 citizens or less.

When Allan came to this country, he felt that it was different from usual.

It was peaceful, and the residents always seemed happy with a smile on their faces.

Along the way, Allan discovered many churches, and according to his information, the criminal, Martin, was hiding in one of the churches.

Allan didn’t know which one Martin was hiding in, but he wasn’t in a hurry.

Because before he finds Martin, he had to get the information from its provider here.

Allan bought the information online and had to meet the provider face to face to get the information.

Allan arrived at a coffee shop and waited.

Soon, a woman sat across from him.

The woman was wearing a red coat and a mesh underneath it.

You can tell that this woman was very young.

She seemed in her early twenties.

She wasn’t wearing any makeup, but her face still was very white.

She had sunglasses on, which prevented seeing her eyes, but she is most likely good-looking.

“Are you Elena” Allan asked.

The woman named Elena nodded: “Yes, you’re Allan, right”

Allan nodded.

They were meeting for the first time face to face.

They previously talked online, and he bought the information from her.

“You’re younger than I thought.” Elena looked at Allan.

Allan smiled and replied: “I didn’t expect the woman selling information to be a woman and a pretty one at that.”

Elena wasn’t happy by the praise and said: “Are you a superficial man just like everyone else”

Allan shrugged: “Every man has a superficial side to him.

Everyone likes beautiful things, and I’m not an exception.

However, I can assure you that I have no intention toward you.

That’s the difference between other men and me.”

Elena didn’t believe Allan one bit, but she didn’t refute him.

“Let’s talk business.

Are you really a professional Hunter”

Allan handed out his license to Elena and said: “That’s my license.

You can take a look.”

Elena picked it and confirmed its authenticity, then returned it and nodded: “I’m sorry because Mr.

Allan looks too young, I had to confirm.

It’s my first time seeing such a young hunter, so I was a little surprised.”

“It’s okay.” Allan didn’t mind at all as he smiled and asked: “Is there anything else”

Elena thought for a while and asked: “Why do you take such a dangerous job like a bounty hunter As a professional Hunter, you can find safer jobs easily.”

“First of all, The Hunter’s License is just a pass for me.

And secondly, there are many types of hunters around the world, music, food, relic, etc.

Being a bounty hunter is just one of them.”

Elena nodded.

She knew all this, but she was just curious about why Allan chose his path.

Of course, Allan saw her doubt, smiled, and said: “I probably chose this path because of money and interest.”

“Money Interest” Elena looked at Allan, confused.

Allan laughed: “There are many dangerous people with high bounty.

The money obtained from hunting them is much more than any other job.

So, half of the reason is money, as this profession earns a lot.

I think most bounty hunter thinks about it that way as well.”

Elena nodded and then asked: “Then, Mr.

Allan, your interest is it the interest you gain from money”

If he answered yes, then Elena would think he is too cheesy.

However, Allan denied that and replied: “Doing business isn’t all about money.

It’s about the thrill and unknown you can face hunting dangerous criminals.

I like that kind of challenge.”

Elena whispered: “because of the danger” She felt that he was crazy.

If he was doing business because of the money, she could understand.

But doing it for the thrill and danger that accompanied the job was a bit crazy.

“I’m bored.

I want to find some powerful people to fight against.

Those who had a bounty on their head, depending on how much the bounty is, could be strong.

I just want to fight someone strong.

That’s my interest.” To make Elena understand, Allan added a sentence that sounded crazier than before.

Elena couldn’t help asking: “Those guys are quite dangerous, and their hands were stained by countless human lives they’ve taken, fighting against them, aren’t you afraid of death”

“I’m afraid of that.” Allan smiled.

“Then why” Elena asked.

“Because I’m strong.

If there is a guy who can put me in such a dangerous situation, I want to see him, but unfortunately, there are only a few of them in this world.”

Elena saw the confidence radiating from Allan and only said: “Mr.

Allan is a weird guy.”

After drinking a cup of coffee, Allan asked Elena: “Are you sure that my target, Martin, is in this country”

“Yes, I am,” Elena replied confidently.

“Why are you so sure” Allan asked curiously.

“Because Martin is from this kingdom, he has nowhere to escape after many countries are after him, so he recently came back here.”

“Why do you know this”

“Because I’m an information gathering expert.

My job is to collect information and sell them.”

“I see.” Allan nodded.

Allan admired Elena’s information gathering skills, and if Martin is here, she is really good at her job.

Allan doubted that someone as good as her would be simple.

Maybe she is a professional hunter.


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