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Chapter 180: Holy Light’s Bearers

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A few hours later, Allan and Elena arrived at the Capital.

Although the kingdom was small, the buildings weren’t old, and their style was modern.

And since today was the day of the baptism, the city was quite lively.

In addition to tourists, the citizens filled the streets toward the cathedral of the church for the baptism.

As tourists, Allan and Elena followed the crowd toward the church that was quite big and decorated magnificently.

Inside the church, there was a huge hall like a colosseum that can hold tens of thousands of people inside.

In its center, there was a statue of a saint which was the symbol of the church.

Tens of thousands of citizens came here to receive the baptism, and only a small part of the crowd were tourists.

“Are you sure Martin will appear in this church”

Allan asked Elena, who nodded: “He is a core member of the church and one of the seven famous Holy Light Bearers here.

He will attend the baptism of light together with the other six.”

With Elena’s assurance, Allan stopped asking and waited for his prey to appear.

At this time, Elena asked Allan curiously: “Mr.

Allan, how are you going to do this”

Allan smiled: “Of course, I will do it directly.”

Hearing this, Elena was taken aback: “Does Mr.

Allan planning to attack Martin in this crowd”

“Why, I can’t” Seeing Elena’s reaction, Allan said without concern.

Elena said with a serious face: “Martin is a member of the church, and there are many supporters here.

You can even say that this entire place is on Martin’s side, and this will hinder you, Mr.


Unexpectedly, Elena was thinking about Allan, but the latter he didn’t appreciate.

He insisted on doing it his way: “I will get rid of him soon, don’t worry.”

“Martin’s Bounty is as high as 500 million Jenny.

He is an extremely dangerous guy.


Allan, even if you are a professional Hunter, if you want to catch him on his turf, it will be very difficult.”

“Then you can wait for the time to come and see for yourself.” Allan put his hands in his pockets and looked up.

He didn’t underestimate Martin.

On the contrary, he was quite vigilant with the guy since, with that kind of Bounty, it means he was strong.

Against someone he doesn’t know anything about, how could Allan look down on him.

Seeing Allan’s confidence, Elena knew that Allan’s decision wouldn’t change, but she still expressed herself: “Mr.

Allan, I think it’s better to wait till the end to make your move.”

“It’s okay.

If I can wait that long, I will attack him at the end of the event, but if I can’t wait, I will do it directly.”

Elena suddenly thought of something and asked: “If you really caught Martin, what will you do if the people of the church, along with the believers, come to attack you”

“Of course… I will hit back.” Allan laughed.

Since he dared to come here to catch someone, he wasn’t afraid of being surrounded.

At this time, something rang, and a dazzling light appeared on the platform.

The sun rays lightened the entire church with a golden light.

Some people couldn’t stand the strong rays of light and closed their eyes.

When the light disappeared, they opened their eyes again, and surprisingly, for them, seven figures appeared on the stage.

Those seven were the holy light’s bearers of the church.

Each one of them was wearing a golden cloak and a large hat.

The crowd roared and waved their hands at the seven people with admiration filling their eyes.

“Are those the Holy light’s bearers of the church” Allan looked at the seven and asked Elena.

Elena nodded and replied: “Yes, they are.”

Getting his answer, Allan looked at them sharply.

However, he frowned because none of their appearances match that of Martin’s.

“Which one is Martin” Allan wondered.

“The third one from the left is Martin,” Elena replied.

“His appearance is different from the Bounty.

Did he put a disguise” Allan asked curiously.

“To be precise, the bounty picture is the disguise.

The one standing there is what Martin really looks like.

This is why no one in the country could tell that he was a criminal.” Elena explained.

Allan nodded and looked at his target, then smiled coldly: “Okay, now, I’m going to do it.”

“What Do you really have to do it now Can’t you wait”

“There is no need to waste time, and I can get rid of him quickly.” After seeing his prey, Allan couldn’t wait.

“Well, if you fail, don’t give me away.”

Seeing that Allan decided to act, Elena said nothing else.

Allan sneered and looked at the platform and said: “My target can’t escape.

Elena, just stand there and watch.

You will see how I treat the Holy Light Bearer Politely.”


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