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Chapter 187: Evil Eye


Allan, what should we do now” Seeing those people surrounding them, Elena asked.

“Hehe, what else can we do We met the target we are looking for so soon, so of course, we will ask the whereabouts of their leader.”

Looking at the soldiers of the Reverse Crusader, Allan gave them a chilling smile.

Elena suddenly felt that Allan was more terrifying than the people from the Reverse Crusader.

“Grab them both.”

The leader gave his orders and the ‘soldiers’ rushed toward Elena and Allan.


Allan kicked out using Rankyaku and directly cleaved the soldiers rushing toward him.

No one was spared.

The only one who remained alive was the leader who gave orders previously.

He is a captain under the Reverse Crusader’s banner and was ordered to plunder the resources from this town.

However, they were out of luck since they encountered Allan this time.

“Damn it!”

Seeing all his men die with one attack from Allan, the captain directly took his pistol and pointed at Allan, then shot.


The bullet flew and hit Allan directly.

The captain was taken aback by surprise as he actually landed the shot.

Elena was also surprised as she didn’t expect that Allan would get shot.


Allan, are you okay”

After asking this, Elena was surprised to find that Allan was actually intact.

The captain noticed this as well and shot again.

Bang! Bang!

He pulled the trigger again, and although the bullets hit Allan, the hole they made quickly healed or more like reform with ice and disappeared.

“This is… Ice” Elena looked with wide eyes.

The captain had the same reaction as Elena.

In this world, there are actually monsters who aren’t afraid of bullets!!

“Haha, don’t be surprised.

This is my ability.” Allan glanced at Elena and spoke.

Elena nodded, but she was still surprised.

She knew that Allan was strong, but she discovered that he still had many secrets.

“You monster!!” The captain screamed in horror and started running away.

Allan sneered, and the running captain fell down.

“No, don’t kill me.” Feeling that his life is about to end, the captain begged for mercy.

“Elena, this person is a bit useful.

You can interrogate him.” Allan said.

Elena nodded and went toward the captain, asking: “Where did you come from”

“We are from York town.” The captain replied truthfully.

“Yorktown How many people do you have there”

“About three hundred soldiers.”

“Where is Helphes”

“He is no longer in Yorktown.”

“Where is he”

“I don’t know.

I’m too low ranked to knew where master Helphes is.”

“Who is the leader of Yorktown”

“It’s the Lord Evil eye.”

“Evil eye”

“Yes, Lord Evil eye is one of the cadres of the Reverse Crusader, and Master Helphes’ right-hand man, he should know where Master Helphes is.”

“Ok, you can die.”

After finishing her interrogation, Elena took a pistol a shot the captain.

Allan glanced at Elena in surprise as he didn’t think she would act so quickly.


Allan, let’s go to Yorktown and find this Evil Eye first,” Elena suggested.

Allan nodded: “Ok, let go.”

Since this is the first time for both of them to come to this country, they had to use a map to get to Yorktown.

They rode on their camels and proceeded slowly toward Yorktown.


Allan, it’s getting dark.

I guess we won’t make it today.

Let me find a place to spend the night.”

Allan nodded.

Although he doesn’t mind rushing at night, Elena couldn’t.

It was logical to find a place to rest, but it wasn’t easy finding somewhere suitable to rest in the desert.

Fortunately, they were lucky enough to find a small oasis.

It’s wasn’t right to call it an oasis, but it is more like a grassland less than a kilometer long.

After sleeping for the night, Elena and Allan continued their journey in the morning.

After nearly half a day, the two finally came close to Yorktown.


Allan, Yorktown is right ahead.”

Allan nodded and asked: “This is the territory of the Reverse Crusader.

Are you afraid”

“I’m not afraid with Mr.

Allan here.”

Allan was quite shocked as he didn’t expect Elena to say that.

He smiled and said: “Let’s go!”


Allan, what are you going to do” Elena asked.

Allan thought for a bit and said: “Although our target is only Helphes, his organization is also quite evil, so I will eradicate them on the way.

After all, I’m a professional hunter.

I have to occasionally do something to punish evil to be worthy of my identity.”

Hearing this, Elena’s expression was strange: “Mr.

Allan, I sometimes don’t understand you, but I support you on this matter.

I think the people of this kingdom are oppressed by the Reverse Crusaders.

But please be careful and don’t underestimate them.”

“Well, don’t worry.” Allan also understood Elena’s concern.

He was quite confident in his strength, but Elena didn’t know his full power yet.

Soon, the two of them rode their camels to the gate of Yorktown.

The said gate was just two huge stone pillars with no door.

It was probably due to the wars that the gate got destroyed.

The Reverse Crusader’s soldiers were stationed by the gate and quickly discovered Elena and Allan, and dozens of soldiers stopped them.

“Hey, some guys aren’t afraid of death and came here.

They probably don’t know that Yorktown is now the territory of the Reverse Crusader.”

The soldiers looked at Allana and Elena before continuing: “The woman is not bad.

She looks beautiful.

Let’s take her and offer her to Lord Evil Eye.”

“As for that man, just kill him.”

Allan snorted and released his ice, freezing them one after the other.

Seeing this scene, Elena sighed in amazement.

Let’s go.

After killing the soldiers quickly, Allan walked into the town with Elena.


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