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Chapter 188: Freeze - TranslatinOtaku


The town was devastated by the artilleries, and most of the buildings were severely damaged.

This was once a rich town, but after the Reverse Crusader took the town, it became hell.

Most of the soldiers who were defending this town got annihilated by the Reverse Crusader, and the rest fled.

Allan and Elena rode their camels toward the center of the town slowly.

Along the way, Allan killed many members of the Reverse Crusader stationed here.

The soldiers would always notice Allan and Elena and approached them before they get killed or interrogated then killed.

Every obstacle in the way was cleared by Allan, and Elena witnessed how strong Allan was.

She even thought that he was the strongest in the world currently.

“No matter how many people come, you can’t stop this man.” Elena thought.

At this time, a soldier launched a rocket at Allan.

Allan lifted his hand indifferently, and cold air spread, generating an Ice wall.

The rocket hit the wall and exploded, but amazingly, the Ice wall remained intact.


“He actually blocked a rocket.”

On the streets, the soldiers who launched the rocket were inside an armored car.

“I’m here.”

Allan raised his hand toward the armored vehicle and said: “Freeze!’

In the next moment, the vehicle started freezing until it was encased in Ice.

“Let’s go.”

Allan looked at the dumbfounded Elena and said lightly.

“You’re really amazing, Mr.

Allan.” Elena sighed.

“It’s nothing, just some small fries.

There is no danger.”

After arriving at the center of the town, a group of people appeared in front of Allan and Elena.

They were the soldiers of the Reverse Crusader.

In front of the soldiers stood two burly men about three meters tall.

Both held a long axe in their hand and looked quite fierce.

From their look, they should have killed many people already.

The road was blocked, and Elena and Allan were surrounded.

“Where is your boss, Evil eye” Allan ignored them and asked.

“Hehehe, this kid actually wants to find Lord Evil Eye.

He certainly wants to die.”

“Sir, let’s deal with them.”

Allan was too lazy to ask again and said: “Let me send you to hell, a bunch of scumbags.”

Allan drew Shusui from its sheath and said: “Black storm!”

With a light wave, a black energy attack spread all over the place and beheaded the soldiers and cut the buildings in half.

Even the leaders of the soldiers died.

They actually realized that Allan was a monster as soon as he waved his sword, but it was too late.

The sword energy passed through several buildings and cut into a palace-like building, and instantly destroyed it.

“Damn it, you ruined my palace and killed all my men.

I will kill you!”

A thin figure stood in the distance and stared fiercely at Allan.

Although he was short, his body exuded a strong aura.

“Oh You can actually use Nen”

“He is Evil Eye!” Elena said.

Suddenly, Evil Eye saw Elena and recognized her: “I remember you! You’re Elena, the sister of Madam Alice, right”

Hearing Alice’s name, Elena became excited and asked: “Where is my sister”

“Madam Alice is, of course, with Master Helphes, she is the angel of our crusader, and except for Master Helphes, no one is above her rank.”

Elena gritted her teeth and said: “Tell me, where is Helphes I will kill him personally and rescue my sister.”

“Hehe, you won’t have a chance to see Master Helphes because today, both of you will die here.”

Evil Eye sneered, but he froze soon after as Allan appeared in front of him.

“When did he!”

Before he could activate his ability, Evil Eye saw Allan’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

To his horror, he appeared in a gray space while kneeling by the edge of a swimming pool.

“This is the world of Tsukuyomi.”

“Where is this Why did it appear here That guy’s eyes….”

Evil Eye tried to move but found out that he was bound by a rope.

“You will experience drowning in this pool for 48 hours.” Allan’s voice was like a death sentence.

Evil Eye roared: “What do you want to do Let me go.”

“Just keep struggling as you experience death by suffocation.”

After that, Allan kicked fierce Eye on the back into the swimming pool.

Evil Eye fell directly and struggled desperately to get out, but his body continued to sink down.

In the real world, Evil Eye went limp on the ground as he started vomiting and turned pale.

He drowned for 48 hours in Tsukuyomi, but it just happened in a mere second in the real world.

“What happened to Evil Eye”


Allan, what did you do to him”

Elena looked at Allan, confused.

Allan sneered: “I just made him experience death by drowning for two days.”

Elena didn’t understand this, but she didn’t continue asking.

Allan raised Evil Eye and asked him: “Okay, where is Helphes If you don’t answer, I will let you down some more.”

Evil Eye was so sacred that he quickly said: “He is in Bol city.”

“Bol City Well, thanks.”

After obtaining Helphes’ whereabout, Allan let Evil Eye go.

“Bastard, you are useless now, so go to hell.”

Elena took her pistol and shot Evil Eye between the eyes.

“I knew you wouldn’t let him go.” Allan wasn’t surprised by Elena killing Evil Eye.

“It doesn’t matter for scum like him should be killed.”

“Okay, let’s go to Bol City next and see how far it is.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Elena took out the map…


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