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Allan couldnt believe his luck.

He rubbed his eyes repeatedly, but the boy was still there.

He just met Gon.

“Im on Whale Island, then” Allan whispered to himself.

In the Original plot, Gons Home island was called Whale Island.

The residents of this island lived on fishing, and aside from Gon, most people living in his home town were older people.

[Ding! The host has encountered the Protagonist of the plot; please make a Choice!]

[1: Go forward and Talk to Gon and become his friend: Reward: Lucky Treasure chest x1]

[2: Ignore Gon completely and leave Whale Island: Reward: Ten Million Jenny!]

[Ding! Please make your choice in the next 60 seconds!]

Allan: “So I have to choose again!!”

He must choose one of the two options, or else he wont be getting a reward.

Allan hesitated a little before choosing the first option even though the second would help him more.

He didnt have money, and a sum of ten million isnt small for someone like him.

However, looking at the long run, the first option should be better and that without mentioning the Reward, just befriending Gon would help him greatly in the future.

‘you cant be enticed by the immediate wealth.

You should look far ahead and make the best out of every situation. Allan thought to himself, trying to divert his attention from the money.

Moreover, the Reward for the first choice depended on his luck, which he concluded from the name.

Everyone has that adventurous side, being pulled toward the unknown and taking gambles that depended on luck, and Allan was the same.

Compared to ten million jenny, a treasure chest that could contain many wonders made him excited.

He may even be able to get theOne piece out of this box.

Allan smiled widely as he walked toward Gon.

Just as he raised his hand and was about to greet Gon, a bear rushed toward him.

Seeing this, Allan instantly paled and took off running away as if his life depended on it, which is was the case right now.

‘What kind of joke is this Am I going to die to a bear just after crossing to this world Aaaaah

“Stop! Dont hurt him!”

The Bear directly stopped attacking as soon as he heard this voice.

Allan heard this as well and continued running until he felt safe before he looked back while panting.

He saw Gon who jumped down from the tree stopping the Bear, and in doing so, saved his life.

Gon was patting the Bear and calming it down.

The aura around Gon was calming.

He radiated innocence and kindness that would make any wild animal feel safe around him.

Allan breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head, gesturing that everything is alright.

As someone who crossed from another world, he should have more courage.

But if Gon didnt interfere, he would be dead.

“By the way, I didnt see you here before, are you a tourist”

Gon asked Allan curiously.

After asking, Gon seemed to realize something and touched the back of his head with an innocent smile: “Ah, sorry, because its been a long time since I saw someone my age, I was a little excited.”

Allan nodded, expressing his understanding.

Whale island didnt have many teenagers, as most of them would go to big cities looking for either work or adventure, so most people that remained here are old.

Gon is almost the only teen on this island, which explains his current happiness.

“Just call me Allan, as you can see, this is my first time here, and yeah, I can be considered a tourist.”

‘as I just crossed to this world Allan thought to himself while faintly smiling at Gon.

“Oh, where are you from”


Allan was speechless.

He didnt prepare for such a question yet and didnt expect Gon to ask like a curious child.

“Mm… Well, from a very distant place.”

Allan could only be as vague as possible.

He didnt want to sayHey, I just come from another world where this world is just a show on TV that I liked. Allan started thinking about a background story.

“A faraway place…” Gon nodded thoughtfully before started firing question: “Then why are you here Did you come here by boat alone Why are you alone Why did you choose Whale Island for your tour”

Allan sweatdropped.

He helplessly replied: “I will tell you these things in the future.

Well, you kept asking me, but I dont even know your name.”Although I already know it.

The most significant trouble while talking to a Character from the Original show is to pretend not to know them.

Otherwise, it would be too suspicious if Allan just went ahead and said: “Hey, youre Gon.”

“Ahh, I still didnt introduce myself yet!” Gon rubbed the back of his head and grinned: “My Name is Gon Freecss, just call me Gon.”

Allan nodded and stretched out a hand as a sign of friendship: “Its nice to meet you, Gon.”

Gon grasped Allans hand and said with an innocent smile: “Me too, Im glad to meet you, Allan.”

Suddenly, Allan heard the Systems notification in his head.

[Ding! You have successfully befriended Gon.

You obtained a Lucky Treasure chest x1!]

Allan didnt expect Gon to consider him a friend as soon as they met.

He was too naïve.

However, his innocence made the cold-blooded Killua, who was born in a family full of assassins, became his friend.


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