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Chapter 194: Chimera Ants

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The Republic of East Gorteau, also known as Neo-Green Life (NGL) Autonomous Region.

It was bordered by the Republic of Rokario and is a part of the Mitene Union.

It is a closed country without any relations to the outside world.

This country takes the protection of nature as its purpose and abandoned scientific researches and the like.

More than 90% of the residents come from the group of Neo-Green Life, so the country is Named NGL.

Because it’s a closed country, foreigners are generally prohibited from entering the country, even as tourists.

As a result, only a few people are eligible to enter the country, for example, Professional Hunters.

After a long journey of several days, Allan arrived at the embassy in the borders.

Allan had a Hunter License, so he was qualified to enter the country.

But even though he was qualified, he can’t enter without the inspection procedure because it’s stated that any foreigner entering the country isn’t allowed to bring weapons along with or any equipment, including phones, lighters, and other personal items.

In the end, except for his clothes and cash, all of Allan’s belongings were left in the embassy.

Although Allan felt a little uncomfortable with this, he didn’t say anything.

After all, he was on someone else’s turf, so he should abide by some rules.

After passing the checkpoint, Allan officially entered NGL.

In front of him, a vast plain appeared with towering hillsides and dense forest.

The air was quite fresh since nature was protected well in this country.

Because he didn’t have his cell phone, Allan could only search for Gon and Killua slowly.

After walking for a while, Allan saw a farm nearby.

They were renting horses on that farm.

Since NGL is a closed country, their main means of transportation were horses.

The farm owner said that renting a horse for a day costs 15,000 Jenny, and if the horse is damaged or died during the rental period, the compensation is 5 million Jenny.

Allan didn’t have much cash on him, but he has more than enough money to rent a horse.


John, have you seen two little kids here One is wearing all green and has an urchin’s hairstyle, while the other has silver hair.

Both are about twelve to thirteen years old.”

Hearing this, the owner, Mr.

John, nodded: “Yes, since there are only a few people in this country, I remember every customer.

They are called Gon and Killua, right”

“Yes, those two.”

The owner said: “Gon and Killua rented a horse previously, and there is another person with them named Kite.

After they rented the horses, they set off along the coastline while saying they would survey the biological lifeforms there.

You can look in the villages along the coastline.

You will find them.”

“How long since they left” Allan asked.

“About a day.”

“Thank you.”

Knowing the direction where Gon and Killua left, Allan immediately rode his horse and set off.

Allan naturally knew Kite, who is Ging Freecss’s student and a professional Hunter.

Originally, Killua, Gon, and Kite were investigating the Chimera Ant.

But, unfortunately, they were attacked by Neferpitou.

In order to save Gon and Killua, Kite stayed behind to fight with the Catwoman.

However, in the end, he lost and was killed.

“I must find them quickly.

Otherwise, I will be too late.”

Allan sped up and activated his Heaven’s Eye ability to search for Gon and Killua.

In a village ten of kilometers away from Allan, the three Hunters discovered that a farmer disappeared strangely.

When Allan arrived in the village, Killua, Kite, and Gon already set off to the next one.

However, Allan noticed the clue left behind by Killua for him.

Through the clue, Allan learned that they were going to the next village and planned to go deeper into the NGL.

Allan didn’t stop and directly set off toward the next village.

As for the disappearing Villagers, Allan could only think of the Chimera Ants hunting them for the Queen to enjoy.

“It means that the Ant King Meruem wasn’t born yet.” Allan guessed.


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