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 Chapter 195: Storm Greatsword!

Just as when Allan set off toward the next village, he saw something in the sky flapping its wings and blocking the sun.

Allan glanced and saw hundreds of them, they were similar in size to humans, but their appearance was different as they have weird shapes.

Allan took a close look and found they were Chimera Ants.

At this time, the Chimera Ants captured dozens of villagers and planned on returning to the Nest.

When Allan saw this, he planned on killing them.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Eliminate those Chimera Ants.

Reward: The Vampire Scythe.]

[2: Follow the Chimera Ants to their Nest.

Reward: The Great Sword of Storm.]

Seeing this, Allan thought for a while before deciding to follow the Chimera Ants to their Nest.

Since Allan can use Zetsu while also using his Rokushiki techniques, he can use Moon Walk to follow behind them quietly.

After two hours, when it was getting dark, the Chimera Ants landed on a mountain peak.

Allan saw a huge cave in the mountain.

The chimera ants grabbed the villagers and directly entered the cave.

After some time, the system gave Allan his reward.

[Ding! You successfully found the Nest of the Chimera Ants.

You got The Great Sword of Storm.]

Allan noticed four soldiers in front of the cave acting as guards.

When Allan appeared in front of them, they became vigilant.

Those ants were low ranked, or known as cannon fodders, with a very low IQ.

They can’t even speak, but they were aggressive toward humans.

“Well, I will try the new sword’s power.”

Seeing the four Ants rushing toward him, Allan took out the Great Sword of Storm and waved it casually.


Suddenly, violent wind swept out from it, forming a storm and imprisoning the ants inside.

“It’s quite powerful.” Allan smiled in satisfaction.

“Those Chimera Ants are the lowest-ranked ones here, and their power is just a little stronger than ordinary humans.

This sword can kill them in a second, but I don’t know about stronger ones.

Allan knew that among the Chimera ants, other than the lowest soldiers, there are division commanders.

The higher their level, the stronger they are.

However, there are some exceptions.

There are a few smart ones or ones with special abilities in the higher ranks, but they don’t have much combat power.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Leave the Nest and avoid any more conflict.

Reward: Mobility Boots.]

[2: Destroy the Nest of the Chimera Ants.

Reward: Jungle Dagger.]

Since he has already arrived at their Nest, he planned on wiping them up in one fell swoop.

It was natural to choose the second option.

Furthermore, Allan already had the Fast Walker boot, and he didn’t need another boot with similar attributes.

“Then, let’s begin.”

Taking a deep breath, Allan walked into the Nest of the Chimera Ants with the storm sword in his hand.

The inside of the Nest was very spacious, with three main corridors.

Allan stood in front of the three passages and used his Observation Haki and noticed that many Chimera Ants gathered in the middle passage.

There are some Chimera Ants in the right and left passages but only in small numbers.

Allan thrust his giant sword on the ground and raised both his hands.

Ice Age!

The cold air spread from his hands and sealed both channels, and he continued forward to freeze the Chimera ants inside.

After freezing both rights and left passages, Allan picked his sword and walked in the passage in the middle.

If Allan really wanted, he could’ve used Ice Age to cover all the Nests in Ice directly, which will make it impossible for the Chimera Ants inside to Escape.

However, considering that there are villagers inside as well, he didn’t want to kill them along with the Ants.

Although Allan wasn’t a good person, he won’t kill the innocents without a valid reason.

He still could feel that there are some people alive inside the Nest with his Observation Haki.


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