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Chapter 196: Rescue


Allan went deep into the passage, and from time to time, two or three Chimera Ants would appear only to die under Allan’s sword.

After that, Allan reached halfway through the passage, which seemed like a great hall.

There were two holes at the end of the hall, and each one leads to a different place.

Using [En] and Observation Haki, he could feel living humans in the small hole on the left, while on the right, there were many Chimera Ants.

Allan walked into the left passage where there are humans and frowned as he saw a horrible scene.

Human skulls and bones were scattered on the floor.

How many did the Chimera Ants kill in the past few months

The remaining people were detained in a giant-shaped iron cage.

Allan looked at them briefly and could tell that there were dozens of them here.

They were the group of villagers that were captured recently.

After seeing Allan, the villagers’ eyes brightened as they hoped that rescue was here, but soon, they become depressed again.

They already know how strong the Chimera Ants were, and a single person couldn’t save them.

The Chimera Ants that were taking care of the livestock saw Allan and were taken aback.

Obviously, they didn’t expect a human to appear here.

“Die, you bastard!”

Before they could react, Allan shouted in anger.

“Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!!”

Allan used Star Platinum, who punched the Chimera Ants.

Under Star Platinum’s attack, the Chimera Ants were beaten down and smashed into the ground.

Allan was venting his anger after witnessing all the skulls on the ground.

The villagers saw the Chimera Ants being destroyed and couldn’t help staring at him.

They realized that Allan wasn’t an ordinary person.

“Please help me!”

“Save me!”

The young and old villagers begged, looking really pitiful.

They put their hands on the cage bars hoping that Allan will save them and take them out.

“Don’t worry, and I will get you out of here.”

Allan directly waved his sword and controlled his strength to split the cages open, releasing the villagers inside.

The freed villagers directly gathered around Allan and thanked him.

“Follow behind me, don’t run around,” Allan said.

The villagers considered Allan their savior and naturally followed his orders obediently.

Allan led them to the small hole and came out to the spacious fan-shaped hall.

There was a large group of ants when they came out, probably because the villagers made loud sounds while moving.

The villagers panicked seeing the ants, while the ants moved quickly to kill them.

Allan snorted and directly waved his Sword of the Storm.


A strong current of wind-generated inside the large hall, lifting the ants before slicing them up.

Once he solved them, Allan looked at another place as he could feel the Chimera Ants there.

“Ice age!”

Ice shot out of Allan’s palm and directly sealed the large hole on the right, and froze the Chimera ants inside.

There was no sunlight in the cave, so the Ice will only melt after a few days.

By then, most low-level ants would die.

[Ding! You successfully destroyed the Chimera Ants Nest.

You got Jungle Dagger.]

After getting the reward, Allan planned on leaving after getting the villagers out, but when he was about to leave, the villagers knelt down and begged for Allan to take them back to their villages.

Considering that this place was filled with Chimera Ants, the villagers would probably die if he leaves them.

So, Allan had to escort them back to their villages, making reaching Gon, Killua, and Kite harder.

“I hope they are okay.” Allan thought to himself.

As long as the King’s guards of the Chimera Ants aren’t born yet, they won’t be in any danger with Kite’s power.

Allan didn’t know when the King’s Guards will be born, which is the problem.

However, he knew that if the King’s guards made a move, he could feel their aura and rush over if he was close, which is why he activated his Observation Haki to the max.

He also released his aura completely to attack the guards before attacking Gon, Killua, and Kite.

Allan’s Observation Haki can cover 1 kilometer around him, and within it, he could feel anything inside.

If he adds [En], Allan would perceive anything in 1,500 meters around him.

However, that won’t just consume Nen, but his stamina, so Allan only activated his Haki.

Even so, with Allan’s Stamina, he won’t be able to maintain the Observation Haki for long.


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