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Chapter 198: Appearance


Now, Allan has two goals, and the first is to find Gon and Killua and join them.

The second one is to find the Queen and Kill her directly.

This way, he can cut off the growth of the Chimera Ants directly and would only need to eliminate the remaining ants.

But the problem is the NGL was too big, and it was by no mean an easy task to find the Queen’s Nest.

So, for now, he can only capture high-ranked ants and ask them.

Allan knew that there is a strict hierarchy within the ants’ ranks, so the higher their rank, the more knowledge they had.

The Queen was the highest authority the ants currently had.

After her, there are the guards, which he hoped were not born yet, and under them were the squadron leaders.

There is also the problem of the king who can control the entire ant colony.

In the NGL, Other than Allan, Gon and Killua killed many Ants under the leadership of Kite.

A few Kilometers away from Gon’s current location, a cave suddenly exploded.

Allan walked out of the cave after wiping out all of the ants, but he didn’t find any high-ranking ones.

Of course, he didn’t rule out the possibility that he actually wiped them out as well.

Due to the continuous extermination, some powerful ants became aware of the intruders.

In order to eliminate them, the ant’s squadron leader united and formed dozen search teams to scan the entire NGL.

Soon, Allan’s trails were discovered by the ants.

They immediately reported Allan’s location to a nearby squadron leader.

Allan, of course, could sense the ants around him easily, but he didn’t deal with them in the hope of attracting someone of a high rank.

Soon, the Chimera ants appeared around Allan and surrounded him.

Allan looked around and could see about one hundred ants.

They looked the same as the previous ones, but they felt stronger.

“Is this the harvest season” Allan sneered.

Allan sensed the strongest amongst the ants, and he could tell that he was a squadron leader from his aura.

“I will deal with you later.”

Before he dealt with the leader, he will get rid of the small fries first.

“Ice Spikes!”

Within fifty meters, a burst of Ice spikes emerged one after the other from the ground and stabbed in every direction.

Before the ants could react, they were stabbed and pierced by the Ice spikes.

One move dealt with the hundred low-level ants.

Allan’s eyes directly moved toward the Squadron leader, who was responsible for giving orders a few hundred meters away.

The Squadron leader saw his soldiers wiped out and stayed still in shock.

“That guy is terrifying.”

The Squadron leader felt Allan’s gaze on him and shivered.

He directly turned around and wanted to escape.

“You want to escape”

Although Allan rushed over as fast as he could, the squadron leader dove into the ground too fast and disappeared.

Although Allan could find him anytime, he wanted and sealed his path by freezing the ground, and he didn’t do so for now.

The squadron leader who escaped returned to the nest, and another squadron leader saw him alone and directly asked: “Zach, why are you alone Did you get rid of the intruders”

The Squadron leader named Zach replied: “Parker, it’s horrifying.

I have never seen such a terrifying human before.”

“What happened”

Zach directly explained the situation to parker and directly suggested: “Parker, let’s pack quickly and leave.

Otherwise, when that human comes here, we will die instantly.”

Hearing Zach’s words, Parker looked confident and said: “I’m not afraid, let’s see how strong that human is.”

Zack shouted angrily: “Parker, you stupid, arrogant fellow, I already told you that this human is dangerous.

I only came back here to inform you because we are twins.

Let’s run away, and we really can’t defeat him.”

Parker still insisted that he will stay here: “Zach if you are afraid, you can leave.

I will stay and meet this person.

It will be quite the catch to turn him into our soldier by offering him to the Queen.”

Zach said: “If this is the case, then you should be careful.

It’s best to find more soldiers to protect yourself.

By the way, that human can create Ice out of nowhere.”

“I see, you coward, just wait for my good news.” Parker believed that he could win no matter what human appeared here.

Upon seeing this, Zach turned around to leave and said: “Parker, you will regret not escaping now, mark my words.”


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