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Chapter 200: Select Rescue

Allan stretched his hand and pullet Ponzu up, then activated his Holy Light of Pray to heal her.


Allan, what’s your order” Raphael, the Angel, appeared in front of Allan and asked.

“Raphael, my friend, is injured,” Allan said.

“Understood, I will treat her right away.”

Raphael stretched his hand toward Ponzu, and light enveloped the latter instantly.

After a while, Ponzu’s injuries were healed.

“How do you feel Are you alright” After healing Ponzu, Allan asked her in concern.

Ponzu moved a little bit, and her expression turned into surprise as she said: “I really recovered.

Allan, your ability is really amazing.”

“Haha, it’s not that great.” Allan smiled before remembering something and asked: “By the way, Ponzu, are you here for the Biological investigation There should be other people, right Are you the only one who survived”

Hearing this, Ponzu’s face changed as she said: “Allan, please hurry up and save Pokkle.”


Well, I came here along with Pokkle and a group of people to conduct a survey, and we found traces of the Chimera Ants.

We planned on capturing one and carrying it out for research, but we attracted a large number of them.

We were surrounded, and we couldn’t do anything because we don’t have any weapons.

Only Pokkle, who learned to use Nen, can fight them, but he is alone and won’t be able to survive.

He stayed behind to let all of us escape.”

“So, that’s what happened.” Allan nodded.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Rescue Pokkle.

Reward: Staff of Thunder.]

[2: Bring Ponzu and leave.

Reward: The Code of Saints.]

Without even thinking about it, Allan decisively chose the first option.

After all, he was acquainted with Pokkle, and although they weren’t friends, they participated in the exam together, and it would be too heartless to ignore his current situation.

“Let’s go, take me over,” Allan said.

“Follow me.” Ponzu nodded and was grateful for Allan’s help.

She knew that the only person who can help now is Allan.

Moreover, she believed that he could defeat the Chimera Ants easily.

On the way, Allan used Observation Haki to look around.

Soon, Allan could feel everything that is happening within a Kilometer radius.

Under Ponzu’s guidance, Allan arrived on the hillside, where the group got attacked by the Ants.

There seemed to be a mess on the hillside, Chimera ants corpses along with a few human corpses scattered on the ground.

“How could this….” Ponzu was shocked.

“It seems we are slightly late.” Allan said: “However, Pokkle shouldn’t be dead yet.”

Hearing Allan, Ponzu raised her head and said: “You mean that Pokkle was taken away by them”

“Well, they are probably heading toward their nest,” Allan said.

“Now what” Ponzu asked.

She knew that the Chimera Ants were very dangerous, and their nest should be filled with them.

She wouldn’t dare ask Allan to rescue Pokkle from there.

Allan thought for a bit before saying: “Ponzu, you should leave the NGL.

First, I will find my way into their nest and rescue Pokkle.

As long as he is alive, I will bring him back.”

Ponzu was silent for a bit before finally saying: “No, Allan, I will go with you.”

“Why” Allan was puzzled.

Ponzu said: “Pokkle could’ve escaped alone, but for my sake and the sake of our group, he didn’t hesitate to stay behind, now that he is in danger, I can’t just leave like this.

Although I’m weak, I can also help.

My Wasps can help me gather information and maybe find the Chimera Ants nest.”

Allan looked at Ponzu thoughtfully before nodding: “Well, you can use your wasps to gather information first, and we will search along the forest.”

“Okay.” Ponzu nodded and soon released her Wasps to go around.

Allan and Ponzu continued moving forward inside the NGL.

Worried that Ponzu might get attacked, Allan took a weapon from the system’s inventory and gave it to her.

“This dagger has a strong attack and can heavily damage the Chimera Ants, take it.”

Ponzu looked at the Dagger and nodded without saying anything, but deep down, she was very grateful for Allan’s kindness.


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