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Thunder roared, and rain fell heavily on the ship.

The sea started raging, making the ship sway from side to side as waves slapped from each side.

The candidates were immediately struggling with seasickness, and others were unable to keep their balancing and fell.

Only a few werent affected by the storm.

On the first floor of the cabin, the long hedgehog-haired Uvogin looked at the groaning candidates with a grin and sneered: “What a bunch of weaklings.

You dare participate in the exam, and you cant even withstand this.” In contrast, Pakunoda and Chrollo kept quiet.

On the second floor, the same situation was occurring.

All the candidates were whining, and only Gon and Allan werent affected.

After a storm this strong, only a few out of the 700 candidates were allegeable to continue the exam.

Only five candidates retained their consciousness and werent affected by the storm.

When Allan and Gon went out toward the deck, they passed by Chrollo and the others walking out of the first floor.

Allan already expected them to be alright after the storm, so he just glanced at them before retracting his gaze.

He just accompanied Gon to the hunter exam to help him.

He didnt want to deal with dangerous people like the Genei Ryodan.

So he didnt say anything, but Gon didnt as usual, did the stupidest thing, and waved at them: “Youre all amazing.

It seems that the storm didnt affect you at all.”

Allan almost facepalmed as he looked at Gon and shook his head.

This kid doesnt know that those three are cold-blooded demons who killed without remorse.

Fortunately, Chrollo ignored Gon and went straight to the deck.

Uvogin walked behind Chrollo and unexpectedly said: “I thought that except for the three of us, the others weakling on this ship wouldnt make it.

I didnt expect two out of all the trash to be somewhat decent.”

Chrollo calmly said: “There are too many people participating, and two slightly stronger candidates are normal.”

Pakunoda said: “That kid with green clothes was cute.

I couldnt help responding to him just now.”

Allan directly reached the deck and waved to Gon not far away.

“Whats the matter, Allan”

“Gon, listen closely, dont mess with them, okay”

Allan reminded, which puzzled Gon: “Mess with them No, I just said hello to them, but they just ignored me.”

“Anyway, dont talk to them,” Allan said seriously.

He knew Gons character very well.

He was just too innocent for his own good.

He also had the kind of personality that let him befriend people the same age and even much older than him.

In case he befriended the Genei Ryodan, Gon would either be affected by them or become a dark Gon.

If the persons heart was innocent, it could be tainted by darkness really quickly.

Allan didnt want Gon going astray.

He was his friend, after all.

He didnt want him to go make friends with such dangerous people.

And he did promise Mito to take care of Gon.

So Allan was determined to prevent Gon from contacting the Genei Ryodan.

At this time, the long-lost Systems voice echoed in Rojas brain with two choices for him to choose from.

[Ding! Please Make the following Choices.]

[1: Prevent Gon from contacting the Genei Ryodan.

Reward: Kenbunshoku (Observation) Haki (Novice).]

[2: Help Gon contact the Genei Ryodan.

Reward: Busoshoku (Armament) Haki (Novice).]

Allan scratched his head as he was in front of a difficult choice.

Whether it was Armament or Observation Haki, he loved both techniques.

They were some of his favorite skills.

But at this stage, Allan is more inclined to get observation Haki as it was more useful to him.

His reason was very simple.

Armament Haki was the ability to enhance both offensive and defensive physical attacks.

That was all, and with Nen, he can use Ten, Shu, and Ken to get the same effect as Armament Haki.

But Observation Haki was different.

It enhances ones five senses greatly and detects threats as well as reads the enemys movement.

It was a great perception skill.

Therefore, Allan immediately chose the first option, and even without the System, Allan would prevent Gon from contacting them anyway.

Allan once again was in a daze, and Gon could only wait patiently as always.

Gon looked at Allan and sighed: “Allan is really a weird person.

He was clearly talking to me, then he suddenly stops and become dazed.”

As Allan returned to his senses, he saw Gon looking at him with a helpless expression and smiled: “Ah, Im sorry, Gon, I was lost in thoughts again.”

“Its okay.

Im already used to it.” Gon looked at him as if nothing was strange about Allan anymore.

Allan sighed helplessly.

Every time the System gives him a choice, he would look as if he was dazed.

He was doing a multiple-choice question, so can you blame him!

“By the way, Gon, do you remember what I told you Dont talk or mess with those three.” Allan glanced at them and said with a low voice.

“Why” Gon was puzzled.

“Well, they are bad people.

Do you understand” Allan seemed as if he was coaxing a child.

Gon scratched his head before glancing at Chrollo and the others and said: “Allan, how do you know that they are bad people Do you know them”

‘Of course, its not possible for me to tell you that I do know them very well Allan shook his head and said: “I dont, but its just my instinct.”

“Instinct” Gon looked confused.

Allan sighed and said: “For example, some peoples appearance may be fierce, but they are kind-hearted, while other people looked kind, but they are really dangerous and scary.”

Gon suddenly understood and said: “In other words, you think those three people are dangerous, right”

Allan nodded and smiled: “You really can understand!!”

“Well, Aunt Mito told me to listen to you when we are outside.

Since you dont want me to talk to them, then I wont.”

Allan nodded and was extremely happy with Gons obedience, which made him more at ease.

[Ding! You successfully prevented Gon from Contacting the Genei Ryodan.

Reward has been claimed: Observation Haki (Novice).]


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