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Chapter 202: Leave!

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After walking out of the nest, Allan counted the people here, and there were 23 people, excluding Ponzu and Pokkle.

Arranging for their escort would be a headache for Allan because there were many Chimera Ants around.

If he let them go alone, they might turn to Chimera Ants food.

After thinking for a bit, Allan said: “Ponzu, you should leave the NGL with Pokkle and those villagers.

It’s best to leave as soon as possible.”

Ponzu shook her head and said: “No, I decided to stay.”

“Why” Allan was puzzled.

“Because you saved my life, and I can’t just leave after saying thank you like it is a small thing.”

Allan was dumbfounded as he didn’t expect such an answer.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Agree with Ponzu and let her stay.

Reward: Shield of courage.}

[2: Make Ponzu leave.

Reward: Gem of power.]

The Shield of Courage is an item that can increase the power of the user’s teammates, while the Gem of Power can enhance any item.

After thinking about it, Allan picked the first option.

It wasn’t about the reward entirely, but because Ponzu seemed like a good girl.

Since she wanted to stay here, this can be an opportunity for her to develop further and improve their relationship.

On the side, Pokkle couldn’t help asking: “Ponzu, are you really staying”

“Um.” Ponzu nodded and said: “Pokkle, please take the villagers out of the NGL.”

Seeing that Ponzu insisted on staying, Pokkle didn’t persuade her, but he still hesitated for a bit and said: “By the way, if I encounter Chimera ants on the way, I won’t be able to defend the villagers, I might not be able to defend myself even.”

Allan naturally understood that Pokkle alone wouldn’t survive on his way out, so he said: “In that case, I will find two people to escort you.”

“Who” Pokkle asked in doubt.

Apart from Allan, he didn’t see anyone strong enough to escort them.

Allan took out Yatsufusa and summoned Feitan and Franklin.

Since they were puppets, they wouldn’t disobey his orders, so he could entrust the villagers and Pokkle to them without worry.

“Help me escort the villagers and Pokkle out of the NGL.”


Feitan and Franklin obeyed unconditionally.

He still has another puppet in store, which is Helphes, and the three of them weren’t weaker than Hisoka.

As long as they don’t encounter the king’s guards, they can deal with everyone else.

Pokkle looked at Feitan and Franklin in doubt.

Allan directly said: “Don’t worry, both of them are as strong as Hisoka.

They can protect you till you leave.”

Hearing this, Pokkle’s face changed as he couldn’t believe that they were that strong.

After all, Pokkle lost to Hisoka, who seemed really dangerous and mighty powerful, and now there are two people who are as strong as that monster protecting him.

After overcoming his shock, Pokkle thanked Allan for his help.

“When I go back, I will call Chairman Netero and ask him to come over,” Pokkle said.

He knew how dangerous the current situation was, and if it’s not solved soon, there would be great danger.

After Pokkle and the 23 villagers left, Allan said to Ponzu: “Okay, let’s go search for Gon and Killua.”

Ponzu nodded.

“Do you regret staying here with me” Allan couldn’t help asking as he saw Ponzu lowering her head and staying silent.

Ponzu gently shook her head and said: “No, I don’t regret staying here.”

“Then why are you staying silent” Allan asked.

“Ponzu hesitated for a bit.

Then she said: “Do you think I will drag you down After all, I’m weak, and I still insisted on staying with you.”

Hearing this, Allan smiled: “So, you were worried about this Don’t worry, and I’m strong enough to protect you.

You’re not a burden.”

Hearing this, Ponzu sighed in relief: “That’s great then.

I hope I can help you.”


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