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Chapter 204: Aura

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As night fell, Allan and Ponzu ate dinner and then went to a deserted village for rest.

Every single villager from this village was either killed or captured by the ants.

“Aren’t you going to rest” Ponzu looked at Allan sitting beside the door and asked.

“This place is full of Chimera Ants that can appear at any time, so I will sit here to guard.

If you’re sleepy, go ahead and sleep.”

“Alright.” Ponzu didn’t have much energy to stay awake anyway.

After some time, Allan stood up suddenly, which startled Ponzu.

“What’s wrong” Ponzu got up quickly and asked.

“We are surrounded.

There are more than a hundred Ants outside the village.

It seems like they knew we are here beforehand and gathered their troops to attack.”

Hearing this, Ponzu’s expression changed slightly: “What should we do now”

“Of course, we’re going to wipe them out,” Allan said confidently.

Ponzu couldn’t help feeling a little worried: “Can we deal with so many of them with us alone”

Allan smiled; it seemed like Ponzu didn’t know how strong he was yet.

Allan didn’t explain and just said: “You don’t need to go this time.

Stay here, and I will deal with them.”

“How can I do that What if you were injured”

Seeing Ponzu worried about him, Allan smiled and patted her head before saying: “Don’t worry, I’m very strong.”

Ponzu nodded: “Ok, be careful.”

Allan walked out and disappeared into the woods.

After a short while, screams filled the woods, and they lasted for two minutes.

Two minutes later, Allan walked out with a relaxed look.

He killed a total of 123 Ants, including the squadron leaders.

The Squadron leaders were following them for a while now, but Allan didn’t do anything and waited for them to act.

They gathered their troops and surrounded the village at night, preparing to ambush them while they least expected, but they underestimated Allan too much.

Even if another 10,000 of them appeared, he could deal with them without even consuming much energy.

It will just cause an annoyance at his current level.

Other than the Ant king and his guards, Allan didn’t think other Ants could actually give him a fight.

But it seems like the guards weren’t born yet.

Allan seemed to raise a flag because as soon as he thought of this, a terrifying aura appeared from a distance.

“Huh This Aura….”

Allan’s face changed slightly as he spread his Observation Haki.

Although he couldn’t tell how far that Aura was, he was sure that it was only a few kilometers away.

This was the most terrifying Aura Allan felt since coming to this world.

This Aura can be compared to Zeno Zoldyck and even Netero, but since Netero and Zeno didn’t go all out against Allan, the Aura he was feeling was stronger than what those monsters showed before.

Allan was sure that the source of this Aura was one of the King’s guards.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Look for the source of the Aura and meet him.

Reward: Huiyue!]

[2: Retreat.

Reward: Meito.]

Needless to say, Allan picked the first option.

After all, he came here to save Gon and Killua and fight the ants.

After Allan returned to the village, Ponzu saw Allan’s serious face and asked: “What’s the matter”

“A monster appeared,” Allan said and took a sip of water.

“Monster Aren’t the Chimera Ants monster Didn’t you deal with them Are there more”

“Well, a very powerful monster appeared, and even if Chairman Netero came here, I’m afraid he had to face it seriously.”

“What should we do then” Ponzu couldn’t help asking nervously.

If someone like Chairman Netero couldn’t handle a monster, then no one can.

Allan said: “I’m worried that this monster will look for Gon and Killua, so I’m going to look for it.”

“Are you confident in facing that monster” Ponzu asked.

“Of course.” Allan laughed without explaining much.

Without mentioning his own power that reached the peak of this world, he had a bunch of skills that could defeat the King’s Guards.

For example, his Ice Ice Fruit, Star Platinum, Mangekyo Sharingan, Eight Gates, his swordsmanship skills…

Each one of them was strong on its own, and using them together would be overkill.

With those cards up his sleeve, Allan wasn’t afraid even if the Ant’s King came.

“You should stay here; I’m going toward that monster.

Wait for me.”

He didn’t want to take Ponzu along as he didn’t want to look after her when someone as strong as the King’s Guards attacked him.

“Allan, be careful.

I will wait for you till you come back.”

Ponzu opened her hands and hugged Allan for a while before reluctantly letting go.

She felt secure with Allan around, and she needed that sense of security.

“Don’t worry.

I will be back.”

After saying this, Allan flashed quickly toward the Monstrous Aura.


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